Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Blog!

Dear all, I've finally shifted food-cookies to a new environment. Upgraded it a little, so do pay a visit to Food Cookies. Remember to change your bookmark.

See you guys there~! :)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Hard disk Corrupted

Dear all, so sorry for leaving this blog untouched for so long. Just wanted to say that my hdd got corrupted last week. I was so sad...knowing that all my food pics, friends pics, songs, and all my other files will be gone but can't do anything.

Went to Imbi Plaza to fix my hdd *fingers crossing* hoping that they could fix it...but NO! They said some files in my D drive was corrupted. So cannot safe anything from my hdd. The only choice is, to reformat it. Haih...so there goes all my pics and songs and other files.

Luckily Shujin did backup my food pics. It's a lesson to be learn from me...always backup all your things!!! =( I'll need to wait for Shujin to send me food pics before I could start back my blog. Anyway, just wanna write down this incident...so guys remember to backup your files or pics or whatever thing that's important k.

Have a nice day everyone. ;)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hong Kong Food Culture, Low Yat Plaza

Ok, I know this is a night post. I have no idea why I suddenly want to make a post tonight. I told myself not to see/read any food blog (+pics) or post anything during night time cause it will make me hungry!!! And, my parent just got back around 10pm...They're back home with...durians!!! In conclusion, I'm really starving right now....ARGH~~!!! :'(

Anyway, just wanted to tell you guys that I've always wanted to try the snacks out at this restaurant. The small snack stall is just outside Low Yat's entrance (The one near Times Square's bridge that links us to Low Yat/Sg Wang) as my friends told me that there were some snacks which were delish. So, there we were to try out some of their snacks.

There were only 3 or 4 small tables placed next to this snack stall which can merely fit about 10-12 ppl? So do prepare to wait for tables if you wanna makan the snacks there, else you can "tapao". As all the tables were crowded with customers, we thought we could sit inside the restaurant. We asked the waitress if we could order the snacks and have them inside the restaurant on Lower Ground Floor. The waitress told us that we could sit down there if only we order the restaurant's drinks or food. Hmm, but I only want to eat some snacks. So we have no choice but to wait for place and luckily we got ourselves seated in just a while.

We ordered the black pepper fish balls. At first bite, the aromatic pepper smell lingered through my nose. Then, as the biting continues I found it to be a little too soft on the texture. But, overall the taste was ok. There were some chopped onions and stuff inside the fish balls too.

Next was the Fried Calamari. They've cleansed and kept the ready-to-fry raw calamari in a big tub/container and keep in their fridge. When you want 1 they'll simply take out a portion and dip those raw calamari into batter...then "zaaaa!!!" them into the hot oil. Minutes later, you'll be served a plate of freshly deep fried calamari. I find the texture to be super crunchy. Dip them into some chilli sauce, yummy~!

This is er..'Mah Latt' fish ball I think (If I'm not mistaken). They were soaked boiled into a hot pot of 'Mah Latt' sauce. I love this. Why? Cause it's spicy and the fish balls were tasty. :)

There were also other snacks like deep fried Seafood Tofu (Bright yellow rectangular tofu with a white layer in the middle), deep fried whole small crab, and others. My another friend told me that their deep fried pork intestines were lovely too, but I didn't try them out. :(

Hong Kong Food Culture
Low Yat Plaza,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Super Easy Homemade Sushi

It's been a long time..those were the days where I was craving to make sushi on my own, those were the days when I searched on Google to get an easy recipe to make sushi, those were the days when I got my grandmother who was always craving for sushi and asked me to make for her and the family. :P Ok, enough of story telling. I've been using the same old recipe from the first day I make sushi. Perhaps it's because I'm too lazy to upgrade myself to make higher class of sushi. I'm just being very comfortable sticking to this old recipe which allows me to make simple sushi. strictly for those who wants to make easy sushi only! Tee-heee!

Well, I can't find the same recipe link that I used last time
. But, this website got the same sushi recipe as mine. Scroll down and look for "Basic Sushi Recipe Ingredients" and you'll get the recipe there.

I made this sushi where I only put in some Japanese cucumbers, crab sticks, fried egg, tuna, and with lots of mayonnaise. After rolling them, put them into freezer (around 10 minutes) for easy-to-cut sushi. I'm not sure if it's my knife prob, my own prob, or the nori sheet's prob. I just find that by putting the rolled sushi into freezer helps a lot during cutting process. When you finished cutting them, pop them into the fridge for a while more for chilled sushi...voila! There you go, easy to make sushi which my family and I personnally thinks we like it. Why we loved it? It's nothing special, it's just because it's simple and yummy..that's all. ;)

So, after making the same sushi for a while I will also put in other ingredient. I used to put in fried chicken strips inside too. :D Is it better? You try it and tell me what you think. People out there, do share with me if you guys make sushi too ya~ I wanna know what other type of sushi you all make at home, compared to my this "palia" and simple sushi.

Well, I guess that's it! It's a short post. Have a great Sunday everyone~! ^.^

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kaya Puff from Ipoh?

Hmm, I watched 8tv's HoChiak! sometimes when I have the chance to. Few weeks back they were reviewing about some delicious looking little mini kaya puff somewhere at Ipoh I guess. It's really enjoyable to see those cute kaya puff being processed. The owner even made their own kaya. When they pop those mini kaya puff (RM0.50 per piece) into their mouth..I can actually smell it! Oh my! Faint According to them, they said the kaya was very very aromatic..and the pastry...very very crunchy and not hard. Yummy yumm...

So, one day when I got home, I saw a pink box laying on the dining table. I didn't feel curious about it because the box didn't have any printing that indicates what it was. Later on, my mom told me that her friend bought us some mini kaya puffs from Ipoh. My eye turned big~!!! >.<>I ran down with joy!

Luckily Shujin left his camera at my place for a few days cause he forgotten to take them home what a coincidence! So, I took up my courage and brought his gear down to the dining room. I opened up the camera's lense...and shoot shoot shoot! Shoot like a mad person...put in different place to shoot..I remembered Shujin said find place with most lighting. I shoot and shoot until dad and mom had to stop me. :'( LOL. Well, the pictures wasn't as nice...so people, please bare with it~! :P

Ok, finally I tried the piece of mini kaya puff. I don't know why I'm so excited about it when it's actually left on my dining table for 1 night. (yeah...overnight kaya puff!) But, I'm telling you guys..if you tell me it's overnight-ed kaya puffs??? No! The pastry has very crunchy texture and it's like it having layers of the pastries all together. Crunchy enough but it's light and fluffy. The kaya filling wasn't too sweet or too plain. It's just of the right amount. Darn..I'm craving for 1 right now.

The only thing I want to know is...anyone knows the name of this kaya puff shop and where is it located in Ipoh??? @_@

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Happy 1 Year Anniversary To Food-Cookies~!

This post should have been released a week ago. On the 7th July 2007, it was Food-Cookies's 1 year anniversary~! I already wrote this a week ago but couldn't get photos on time so couldn't post it. Went for a holiday on the 8th. After holiday, went for work. Now I finally can post this. :P

Gosh, it's been a year since I had this blog. Time really flies. The first blog I wrote when I created this blog was about my 1st year anniversary with Shujin at Secret Recipe. :) I have been waiting so eagerly for this time to come. Finally, here it is...my blog's 1st year anniversary. I told myself from the beginning that when this time arrive, I'll open wine to celebrate! Ssshh, don't let my parent knows if not they're gonna kill me! LOL

This is 1 of my favourite ice wine brand, Inniskillin. My parents bought 2 types of it.

This is the silver version, Inniskillin Riesling.

This is the gold version, Inniskillin Vidal Oak Age. Both of the wine are very sweet and aromatic.

To read more about Inniskillin,
click here

Well, I know that I've not been doing well for the past many months, slacked on posting frequently and etc. I hope that I can work harder by posting more nice food on this blog. Thank you very much for those who visited my blog frequently, thank you very much for those who leave comments on this blog. I really appreciate it very much. Oh, and thank you very much to Shujin for taking lovely food pictures for my blog. I hope that I will continue review more restaurants/cafes/etc and cook more.

I'm starving already~! I want my breakfast! Have a lovely weekend everyone~! =)

Friday, July 06, 2007

Nippon Tei Two at Berjaya Times Square

Went to this Japanese restaurant some time ago in Times Square. Well, it was quite crowded during dinner time that night. We got outselves seated and looked into the menu. Shujin and I decided to order some side dishes plus the main. Normally we only order main and maybe 1 side dish.

I picked 1 and Shujin picked 1. I ordered their Ishiyaki Kanitama which was priced at RM14. It's a hot stone pot which includes crab meat, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, eggs and some special tomato sauce. I would say that this is something very nice and warm to be eaten. It is nice to be eaten just like that as well as with white rice.

Shujin ordered Tempura Moriawase which was at RM18. To be honest, their tempura wasn't really nice. The problem was with the batter. It was hard. It wasn't the type that is fluffy and crunchy. (Shujin ordered this for me cause I love tenpura) But, their sauce was quite special. They added some garlic mesh thingy inside.

For the main, Shujin ordered Ten Don priced at RM17. Again, the tempura wasn't crunchy and fluffy.

I wanted to try something different??? special so I ordered their Chicken Nanban Set at RM18. I wanted to say that I love this very much. I tell you, this is the 1 that saved me from the Tempura thingy. The chicken meat were fried in egg batter. Then accompanied with the sauce. This sauce have some sweet and sour taste with onions and carrots. I can taste some vinegar from the sauce thing too. The chicken meat was tender and a little bit crispy outside because of the egg batter..making it aromatic. They also served a big dollop of "modified" mayonnaise. You can enjoy the chicken in another way when dip them into the mayonnaise. They're good! Good but I'm so so bloated! @_@

Talking about this restaurant, the service was not bad. Only thing would be the tempura. Other than that, I would definately love to go back there. :)

Nippon Tei Two

Lot -03-93, Berjaya Times Square,
No 1, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603-2148 8177
Fax: +603-2148 8178