Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Blog!

Dear all, I've finally shifted food-cookies to a new environment. Upgraded it a little, so do pay a visit to Food Cookies. Remember to change your bookmark.

See you guys there~! :)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Hard disk Corrupted

Dear all, so sorry for leaving this blog untouched for so long. Just wanted to say that my hdd got corrupted last week. I was so sad...knowing that all my food pics, friends pics, songs, and all my other files will be gone but can't do anything.

Went to Imbi Plaza to fix my hdd *fingers crossing* hoping that they could fix it...but NO! They said some files in my D drive was corrupted. So cannot safe anything from my hdd. The only choice is, to reformat it. Haih...so there goes all my pics and songs and other files.

Luckily Shujin did backup my food pics. It's a lesson to be learn from me...always backup all your things!!! =( I'll need to wait for Shujin to send me food pics before I could start back my blog. Anyway, just wanna write down this incident...so guys remember to backup your files or pics or whatever thing that's important k.

Have a nice day everyone. ;)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hong Kong Food Culture, Low Yat Plaza

Ok, I know this is a night post. I have no idea why I suddenly want to make a post tonight. I told myself not to see/read any food blog (+pics) or post anything during night time cause it will make me hungry!!! And, my parent just got back around 10pm...They're back home with...durians!!! In conclusion, I'm really starving right now....ARGH~~!!! :'(

Anyway, just wanted to tell you guys that I've always wanted to try the snacks out at this restaurant. The small snack stall is just outside Low Yat's entrance (The one near Times Square's bridge that links us to Low Yat/Sg Wang) as my friends told me that there were some snacks which were delish. So, there we were to try out some of their snacks.

There were only 3 or 4 small tables placed next to this snack stall which can merely fit about 10-12 ppl? So do prepare to wait for tables if you wanna makan the snacks there, else you can "tapao". As all the tables were crowded with customers, we thought we could sit inside the restaurant. We asked the waitress if we could order the snacks and have them inside the restaurant on Lower Ground Floor. The waitress told us that we could sit down there if only we order the restaurant's drinks or food. Hmm, but I only want to eat some snacks. So we have no choice but to wait for place and luckily we got ourselves seated in just a while.

We ordered the black pepper fish balls. At first bite, the aromatic pepper smell lingered through my nose. Then, as the biting continues I found it to be a little too soft on the texture. But, overall the taste was ok. There were some chopped onions and stuff inside the fish balls too.

Next was the Fried Calamari. They've cleansed and kept the ready-to-fry raw calamari in a big tub/container and keep in their fridge. When you want 1 they'll simply take out a portion and dip those raw calamari into batter...then "zaaaa!!!" them into the hot oil. Minutes later, you'll be served a plate of freshly deep fried calamari. I find the texture to be super crunchy. Dip them into some chilli sauce, yummy~!

This is er..'Mah Latt' fish ball I think (If I'm not mistaken). They were soaked boiled into a hot pot of 'Mah Latt' sauce. I love this. Why? Cause it's spicy and the fish balls were tasty. :)

There were also other snacks like deep fried Seafood Tofu (Bright yellow rectangular tofu with a white layer in the middle), deep fried whole small crab, and others. My another friend told me that their deep fried pork intestines were lovely too, but I didn't try them out. :(

Hong Kong Food Culture
Low Yat Plaza,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Super Easy Homemade Sushi

It's been a long time..those were the days where I was craving to make sushi on my own, those were the days when I searched on Google to get an easy recipe to make sushi, those were the days when I got my grandmother who was always craving for sushi and asked me to make for her and the family. :P Ok, enough of story telling. I've been using the same old recipe from the first day I make sushi. Perhaps it's because I'm too lazy to upgrade myself to make higher class of sushi. I'm just being very comfortable sticking to this old recipe which allows me to make simple sushi. strictly for those who wants to make easy sushi only! Tee-heee!

Well, I can't find the same recipe link that I used last time
. But, this website got the same sushi recipe as mine. Scroll down and look for "Basic Sushi Recipe Ingredients" and you'll get the recipe there.

I made this sushi where I only put in some Japanese cucumbers, crab sticks, fried egg, tuna, and with lots of mayonnaise. After rolling them, put them into freezer (around 10 minutes) for easy-to-cut sushi. I'm not sure if it's my knife prob, my own prob, or the nori sheet's prob. I just find that by putting the rolled sushi into freezer helps a lot during cutting process. When you finished cutting them, pop them into the fridge for a while more for chilled sushi...voila! There you go, easy to make sushi which my family and I personnally thinks we like it. Why we loved it? It's nothing special, it's just because it's simple and yummy..that's all. ;)

So, after making the same sushi for a while I will also put in other ingredient. I used to put in fried chicken strips inside too. :D Is it better? You try it and tell me what you think. People out there, do share with me if you guys make sushi too ya~ I wanna know what other type of sushi you all make at home, compared to my this "palia" and simple sushi.

Well, I guess that's it! It's a short post. Have a great Sunday everyone~! ^.^

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kaya Puff from Ipoh?

Hmm, I watched 8tv's HoChiak! sometimes when I have the chance to. Few weeks back they were reviewing about some delicious looking little mini kaya puff somewhere at Ipoh I guess. It's really enjoyable to see those cute kaya puff being processed. The owner even made their own kaya. When they pop those mini kaya puff (RM0.50 per piece) into their mouth..I can actually smell it! Oh my! Faint According to them, they said the kaya was very very aromatic..and the pastry...very very crunchy and not hard. Yummy yumm...

So, one day when I got home, I saw a pink box laying on the dining table. I didn't feel curious about it because the box didn't have any printing that indicates what it was. Later on, my mom told me that her friend bought us some mini kaya puffs from Ipoh. My eye turned big~!!! >.<>I ran down with joy!

Luckily Shujin left his camera at my place for a few days cause he forgotten to take them home what a coincidence! So, I took up my courage and brought his gear down to the dining room. I opened up the camera's lense...and shoot shoot shoot! Shoot like a mad person...put in different place to shoot..I remembered Shujin said find place with most lighting. I shoot and shoot until dad and mom had to stop me. :'( LOL. Well, the pictures wasn't as nice...so people, please bare with it~! :P

Ok, finally I tried the piece of mini kaya puff. I don't know why I'm so excited about it when it's actually left on my dining table for 1 night. (yeah...overnight kaya puff!) But, I'm telling you guys..if you tell me it's overnight-ed kaya puffs??? No! The pastry has very crunchy texture and it's like it having layers of the pastries all together. Crunchy enough but it's light and fluffy. The kaya filling wasn't too sweet or too plain. It's just of the right amount. Darn..I'm craving for 1 right now.

The only thing I want to know is...anyone knows the name of this kaya puff shop and where is it located in Ipoh??? @_@

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Happy 1 Year Anniversary To Food-Cookies~!

This post should have been released a week ago. On the 7th July 2007, it was Food-Cookies's 1 year anniversary~! I already wrote this a week ago but couldn't get photos on time so couldn't post it. Went for a holiday on the 8th. After holiday, went for work. Now I finally can post this. :P

Gosh, it's been a year since I had this blog. Time really flies. The first blog I wrote when I created this blog was about my 1st year anniversary with Shujin at Secret Recipe. :) I have been waiting so eagerly for this time to come. Finally, here it is...my blog's 1st year anniversary. I told myself from the beginning that when this time arrive, I'll open wine to celebrate! Ssshh, don't let my parent knows if not they're gonna kill me! LOL

This is 1 of my favourite ice wine brand, Inniskillin. My parents bought 2 types of it.

This is the silver version, Inniskillin Riesling.

This is the gold version, Inniskillin Vidal Oak Age. Both of the wine are very sweet and aromatic.

To read more about Inniskillin,
click here

Well, I know that I've not been doing well for the past many months, slacked on posting frequently and etc. I hope that I can work harder by posting more nice food on this blog. Thank you very much for those who visited my blog frequently, thank you very much for those who leave comments on this blog. I really appreciate it very much. Oh, and thank you very much to Shujin for taking lovely food pictures for my blog. I hope that I will continue review more restaurants/cafes/etc and cook more.

I'm starving already~! I want my breakfast! Have a lovely weekend everyone~! =)

Friday, July 06, 2007

Nippon Tei Two at Berjaya Times Square

Went to this Japanese restaurant some time ago in Times Square. Well, it was quite crowded during dinner time that night. We got outselves seated and looked into the menu. Shujin and I decided to order some side dishes plus the main. Normally we only order main and maybe 1 side dish.

I picked 1 and Shujin picked 1. I ordered their Ishiyaki Kanitama which was priced at RM14. It's a hot stone pot which includes crab meat, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, eggs and some special tomato sauce. I would say that this is something very nice and warm to be eaten. It is nice to be eaten just like that as well as with white rice.

Shujin ordered Tempura Moriawase which was at RM18. To be honest, their tempura wasn't really nice. The problem was with the batter. It was hard. It wasn't the type that is fluffy and crunchy. (Shujin ordered this for me cause I love tenpura) But, their sauce was quite special. They added some garlic mesh thingy inside.

For the main, Shujin ordered Ten Don priced at RM17. Again, the tempura wasn't crunchy and fluffy.

I wanted to try something different??? special so I ordered their Chicken Nanban Set at RM18. I wanted to say that I love this very much. I tell you, this is the 1 that saved me from the Tempura thingy. The chicken meat were fried in egg batter. Then accompanied with the sauce. This sauce have some sweet and sour taste with onions and carrots. I can taste some vinegar from the sauce thing too. The chicken meat was tender and a little bit crispy outside because of the egg batter..making it aromatic. They also served a big dollop of "modified" mayonnaise. You can enjoy the chicken in another way when dip them into the mayonnaise. They're good! Good but I'm so so bloated! @_@

Talking about this restaurant, the service was not bad. Only thing would be the tempura. Other than that, I would definately love to go back there. :)

Nippon Tei Two

Lot -03-93, Berjaya Times Square,
No 1, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603-2148 8177
Fax: +603-2148 8178

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

La Manila Cafe at Mid Valley Megamall

Hohoho, although my sick marathon wasn't over yet (Yes! I know! I'm sick for more than 1 week and I not yet recover~!) but I really think I should continue to blog again now. I'll post all of my previous eating sessions as they're pilling up more and more in my food folder.

Well, some time ago don't know when went to La Manila one day at Mid Valley as I heard from my friend saying that they are somewhat sister/brother of Secret Recipe. I forgot to ask Shujin to bring camera that day..but luckily I borrowed mom's handphone. Again, although I pinjam mom's handphone but I don't know how to capture the photos properly. I guess it's because i faced the handphone too near to the food, that's why the food pics all ended up looking blur blur. How stupid I am. @_@

Shujin had their "Char Kuey Teow". They had some promotion, RM9.90 to choose from some limited main and free one glass of drink. Tell you the truth, their "Char Kuey Teow" is as good as some of the fried kuey teow stalls outside. There's enough "wok hei" and their cockles aren't not fresh. Their prawns were very springy but not very tasty. Overall, not bad. :)

I don't know what to eat....was looking through the menu for quite some time. So, ended up ordering two types of pies. First was the vegetable pie which priced at RM5.50. The taste was not bad but their pastry was soft and not crunchy. It doesn't really taste fresh. There were chunks of broccolis, cauliflowers, other veges and if I'm not mistaken there were also some capsicum chunks in it.

This is cornish pie (RM5.00). Again the pastry is not nice. The filling tasted like some curry puff fillings. I thought those chunks of potato-look-a-like were potatoes but, it's not. I can taste pumpkin! It's quite sweet I think it's because of the pumpkin, making it quite aromatic too.

We also ordered some side dish which is their fried tofu (RM7.00). On the menu they named it "ignots" something? I was curious and asked the waitress what it is. She told us that it was fried tofu. I thought it will be something unique as like what the name is. Hmm, nothing much to comment about it. It was like some kind of home made tofu being fried into crunchy skin. The outside was crunchy while inside was tofu with little of fillings making it quite soft and tender.

When we were leaving, I took a peep at their cake counter but all the cakes looked soggy and not fresh. Hmm, I'm not sure if they haven't upload any new cakes or was it because it's not weekend that day.

La Manila Cafe
Mid Valley Megamall
Tel: +603-22832122

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sick Marathon~!

Monday was my exam day, I was so excited as this will be the last paper that I need to sit for (no exams next semester!) and yet worried that I will not do well cause don't really know what will come out and was kinda blur about the subject that I'm studying thanks to someone (lecturer who do not really give lectures).

Worries about exam was finally over at 4.40pm, I was filled with joy~! There's so many things I wanna do...women shopping, supermarket shopping, karaoke, steamboat, movie marathon, cooking, baking, and of course blogging!!! But, I got a briefing on Tuesday cause I'm going to work on Wednesday! Well, after the briefing I went home...feeling a little weird. Weird = Sick! @_@

I'm having a slight fever, cough, sorethroat on Wednesday morning but still headed for work at KL Convention Centre. During work I felt even weaker as there wasn't time for water when you're thirsty, no food when it's lunch time, and even no washroom when you need to "pee pee"! I lost my voice, lost what hungry means, lost my "conciousness" on how my body feels. But at least I still remember to smile to the customers. Phew~! After work I was so so sick, my back feels like breaking apart and I could not even walk properly. I can feel the heat within me..I'm feeling so so freakin hot! High fever? The feeling of sick while working and also after work was totally unbearable. Finally down and could not work for the next 2 days.

Ok, long story cut short...mild fever on day 1, high fever on day 2, nose bleed (all of a sudden, it's on and off for few hours!) on day 3, serious cough on day 4 and day 5. Can this be called as sick marathon?

Now, I'm still not fully recovered. Still have serious cough, flu, and little bit of sorethroat. I'm going to post a short and simple cake recipe that I got from the Internet. I was searching for some recipes and then I discovered this, Banana Walnut Upside Down Cake Recipe at Epicurious.com.

This recipe is easy. But based on what I baked, it's not a success or rather a failure. It's actually cake on top, slices of banana in the middle, chunks of walnuts and sugar-butter combination at the bottom before you bake it. When the cake is baked you need to invert it. It'll be sugar-butter combination and walnuts on top, slices of banana in the middle, and cake at the bottom. I do not know if I shouldn't put grease paper onto the pan before pouring the butter and sugar combination. It turned out that the sugar were all sticked onto the grease paper. I'm not sure if it wouldn't stick if it's pour straight onto the pan or not. I have to scratch out the sugar mixture from the grease paper.

Well, the cake do not look pretty but it does taste nice though. I would say it's a pretty decent cake to be eaten. I did not add in maple syrup as said from the recipe. I also cut almost half of the sugar from what was indicated from the recipe and it still tastes sweet enough. I would give it another try as it's a simple recipe. You can get the recipe from the above link.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Have a Break, Have Some Cadbury Chocolates!

Chocolates anyone? Yeah, I know it's Wednesday and what am I posting??? Snacks!!! Come on people, it's snacks time~!!! Woohoo...LOL. So sorry that I got totally carried away. Was watching "28 Weeks Later" few days ago, and I found it to be a "yummylicious" movie..if you guys know what I meant. Thinking about yummy, I decided that I wanted to post some chocolates. (Hmm, don't sound like making sense don't they?)

I bought 5 packets of mini Cadbury chocolates when there were people at my college doing promotion about it. At first I was thinking about which one should I get. There was a lady who offered us some samples of these chocolates. I tried a few and they were all yummy~ Being a chocolate person, I was thinking...getting each packet of these chocolates from the Cadbury promo isn't very much isn't it? After all, it's only 5 small packets of mini chocolates in total. :P

The first will be the Cadbury's Sesame Chocettes. I was actually very curious about the combination of the "two main characters". With sesame partnering with chocolates, I find it quite special. The sweetness of the chocolates combines well with the aromatic sesame seeds. If you're a sesame person, do give it a try.

Ok, here comes my favourite one...Cadbury's TimeOut Chocettes. The light wafer with smooth milky chocolates just melts in my mouth~ :)

Another favourite of mine was the Cadbury's Dairy Milk Chocettes. The outer layers of the crispy shells were soo crispy while the inner of the milky chocolates just makes me go yumm yumm.

For those who love caramel, do try this one. Cadbury's Picnic Chocettes contains some peanuts, wafer, cereal, and caramel. It's nice crunching down cereal, wafer together with peanuts and just enough caramel to make it sticky. I just love caramel...very aromatic. Yummy~

Last but not least, Cadbury's P-Nutz Chocettes. This is for peanuts lover. Contains full of peanuts pieces with a little touch of caramel. I find this to be okay. Nothing much to write about it. Keke...

Haha, well...
I better continue with my revision for my upcoming exam. (I am sick with sorethroat and cough) So do take care everyone and have a nice day!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Pun Chun Restaurant at Bidor, Perak

Finally!!! After weeks of waiting, I can have the time to blog again. I've been going through tough times last month, with all the assignment and final year project. Phew, now I'm free!!! (For the time being only, still got exam) This is the first time I can see more than 10 files of food photos, there were some very OLD food photos which I should have posted it months ago. So, without wasting so much time...I'll start with my visit to Bidor's Pun Chun Restaurant "品 珍". They are famous for their Chicken Biscuits "鸡 仔 饼".

I saw lots of diners standing behind the cashier place. They seemed to be busy with something. Full of curiosity, I decided to walk over there to have a look. Pun Chun also got sell some fried snacks too. There were "wu kok" (yam paste with fillings) and "siew pau" too. I bought 3 of the "wu kok" cause it's one of my favourite. :) The "wu kok" was very tasty, crispy on the outside and aromatic fillings of meat and vege on the inside. These small little "wu kok" tasted good!

Firstly, I'm not a fan for wantan mee. But my mom kept on telling me to try out Pun Chun's wantan mee. So, we visited Pun Chun when we were at Bidor. I ordered the normal Wantan Mee with "wantan" and "char siew". Costed RM4.50 for a plate of normal wantan mee and char siew, I find the noodle very springy. Only thing is the char siew wasn't really great.

The wantan's soup was not bad and the wantan was quite aromatic. The wantan was full of meat and prawn filling.

I'm actually more interested in Shujin's duck soup. My oh my, there was one huge duck drumstick in the soup. :P The soup was very sweet, aromatic with some kind of herbs. The duck meat, tender and nice! Slurrppy! If I'm not mistaken the duck soup with dry noodle costs RM6. I bought a few packets of the Chicken Biscuits before heading back to home. ;)

Pun chun Restaurant

38 & 40, Jalan Besar,
35500 Bidor, Perak

Tel: +605-4341554/+605-4341562
Fax: +605-4346191

Other Bloggers' Reviews:


A Whiff of Lemongrass

KY Speaks

Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Final Year Project Survey, Please Help!

So sorry that this is a food-unrelated post. I'm very busy with my projects and final year project. I need to do a survey regarding my final year project. It's actually a plus size women apparel website. This website will sells all types of trendy clothes plus other features available. Features are like allowing users to design their clothes on the website (Ie: Choose, the material, color, etc).

I know that there aren't any websites in Malaysia that sells full figure women clothes. I really do hope to see more shops in shopping malls that sells trendy and appealing clothes for full figure women. I know I got my mom and my aunties who have difficulties in finding clothes that they want because all you can see in shopping malls are clothes with stylish/trendy/up-to-date designs which their size label could be XS to a merely XL. The XL are not even a normal XL that you can get in other countries.

I want to do this survey so that I can know what are the women's opinions. In that way, I wish to develop a website which can suits all the users who uses it and make it an interesting website. Here is the survey, Plus Size Women Apparel Survey

I really do hope that you guys could help me out. Thanks a lot! :D

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Korean B.B.Q at Low Yat Plaza

It's been quite some time since I last went to a Korean restaurant. Indeed, I don't usually frequent to Korean Restaurants. A friend of mine asked me to join her to have dinner at a Korean Restaurant one day. I felt quite weird cause I don't recall seeing any Korean Restaurant in Low Yat. So up we went and I saw a small but spacious Korean Restaurant located on the lower ground floor which is behind the Baoz outlet.

There were lots of food pictures from the menu attached on the wall. One thing that I noted is this restaurant don't serves complimentary appetisers like other Korean restaurants normally did. Only some of the food that you order will be served with a few appetisers. One of my friend wanted to order a snack. She asked if we would like to try fried spicy rice cake and of course we agreed to it. Known as a popular street food snack in Korea, "Tteokbokki" (떡볶기) (long cylinder shaped rice cakes) are usually stir fried with carrots, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and cucumbers together with gochujang sauce.

"Gochujang" (고추장) sauce is actually a kind of fermented red pepper paste which is made of red chili powder, glutinous rice powder together with some soybeans, and salt. Some will add in honey, or sugar too. You can also see "Gochujang" being used when you're eating mixed rice "Dolsot Bibimbap" (돌솥 비빔밥) where you have a hot stone bowl with rice, different veges, meat and a raw egg accompanied with a bowl of "Gochujang" sauce for you to add in according to your own preference.

The "Tteokbokki" that I tried here is actually stir fried together with some bean sprouts and onions together with the "Gochujang" sauce. Although it sounded very simple, trust me it is very delicious~! The spiciness with a little sweetness of the sauce, springy rice cakes with crunchy bean sprouts, plus aromatic spring onions and sesame seeds were just heavenly good. This plate of "Tteokbokki" costed RM10.

My two other friends ordered the "Jeyuk Bap which costed RM12 per plate. It was actually pork stir fried with bean sprouts and other ingredients. This is another very nice dish. Another lip smacking good dish I would say. Not sure if the cook also uses "Gochujang" sauce in this dish or not.

Shujin and another friend of mine ordered "Sundubu Jjigae" (순두부 찌개). Priced at RM15 per portion, it actually comes with 3 appetisers.

Kimchi Cabbage (Baechu Kimchi)

I guess this is called "Baechu Kimchi" cause it refers to Whole Cabbage Kimchi and it looked the same with the photo that I saw from one of the website.

Kimchi Radish (Ggakdugi)

Anchovies and Fragrant Roasted Peanuts

"Sundubu" is actually a spicy stew with tofu, crabs, clams, veges, and an egg. According to the website I read, it says that red pepper paste a.k.a "Gochujang" is also added into the soup. This one is less spicy and not so salty compared to the one I had. But, the eggy soup was nice and aromatic. :)

I also ordered a soup with rice called "Doenjang Jjigae" (된장찌개) which is priced at RM15. "Doenjang" was actually a type of fermented soybean paste. It is being cooked as soup with ingredients like tofu, vegetables, clams, and crabs. I find it very tasty and a little more spicy than the "Sundubu" with very aromatic fermented soybean. But be warned cause I find it getting saltier and saltier each time I sip the soup down to my throat. I guess it's because of the fermented soy bean but no doubt that the soup goes very well with my bowl of white rice. I'm missing the soup right now cause it tasted very delish. :)

Strange right cause we didn't order anything related to the restaurant's name? (BBQ) :P

I'm actually quite satisfied with the food served here. It's actually better than the one that I visited in Mid Valley. The cook of this B.B.Q Korean restaurant is actually a lady. I was wondering if she's a local or a Korean cause she has a very healthy and fair skin. While I was having my meal, a man walked into the restaurant. He began to speak Korean to the lady. Their conversations were purely in Korean language. So, the owner and the cook of the restaurant is a Korean. :) If given a chance to makan at Low Yat I would love to go back to this restaurant.

Some of the websites that I find it quite interesting to know more about Korean food are:
Wikipedia on Gochujang
Life in Korea-Food and Drink
Wikipedia on Korean Cuisine

B.B.Q Korean Restaurant
LG 23A(24), Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur

Saturday, May 05, 2007

A Scent Meme On What Perfumes I Love and Wear

I know that I've been dragging for a very long time to do a meme on this. A Whiff of Lemongrass tagged me on this. I know I've been tagged years a month ago, I finally got Shujin to help me to take some photos of my perfumes. I know I'm not rich still a student, therefore could only afford to buy a few. I only have very few bottles of perfumes and I was amazed when reading Lyrical's one as she has over 20 bottles of perfumes! I still have a long long way to catch up in order to be like her. :)

Well, here are a few of the photos that Shujin and I have experimented on how to take bottle photos. He said we should try to off the lights (room's light) and asked for a torchlight and an empty white paper. We then placed the paper on a chair and then put the a bottle of perfume on the paper. He asked me to hold the paper so that it can become a background for the bottle of perfume. Place the torchlight (switched on) behind the paper that I was holding. Well, we did adjust here and there. Trying to find the correct angle of the perfume for the correct angle of light. I was quite happy with this experiment and am happy about the photos too. Thanks Shujin!

Well, I remember that I started to like Truth from Calvin Klein when me and my cousin sis saw a mini bottle of Truth sample from a magazine. We bought that magazine because there was a free sample of perfume! =) After that, I bought 1 big bottle of Truth. Haha, funny or not? So, giving out samples of products in a mag or something works for me. :P

Then came one time when my aunt gave me a cute bottle of Dazzling Gold from Estee Lauder for one of my birthday. I really really like it very much!!! The scent makes me feel so elegant (although I'm not). :P This scent made me felt very comfortable everytime I put them on. Then, when I finished using it I became very sad cause I can't put them on anymore! Haha, but then I bought a bottle of Dazzling Gold months ago cause I really miss this scent very very much. Up til now, I'm still very in love with this scent. ;)

Then, on my 21st birthday I got a bottle of True Star perfume from Shujin. I'm so happy cause at that time True Star was just being released, I guess? I've gotten the sample before and it smelled wonderful! Erm, I like True Star because of the scent not because of Beyonce. Haha, although I love Beyonce but I certainly like the scent of True Star.

Two more perfume that I forgot to ask Shujin to take photos are Moschino's Couture and Body Shop's The Spirit of Moonflower. I loved Moschino's Couture cause everytime when I spray it onto my body I can feel the sexiness of this perfume! LOL. And as for the Spirit of Moonflower, it was very light and refreshing. It's very suitable if you just want to apply something that has some light flowery kinda scent to go out for yumcha session or just a normal "girls meet up".

Well, I know that I'm like an old lady who loves perfumes that are existed years ago. But I still love the scent very much. Maybe when I go work in future I will dare to go to those fragrance counters to try out all the new ones and buy them~! Hohoho, I'm not going to tag anyone for this cause I don't know who to tag about this topic. =)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Food Bloggers Gathering at Sandias, Bukit Damansara

After a long time of waiting, the day finally came! It was the first time for me to meet all of the food bloggers for the first time ever! I was really excited that I'm actually quite blur that night. If you notice me, I only post food, meme and nothing else. So, there'll only be food post and no bloggers' pics. (I only took a few pics with some of the bloggers~) :'(

Elina actually asked me if I know anyone and I quickly said Mei Yen! Haha, I think I can only recognise Mei Yen jie cause she posted her pics. :P I think I'm the latest who reached there for that night. When I walked in I was like...oh my...Who is who??? @_@ At first, I was like...where's Mei Yen jie???

I walked straight inside the restaurant and there she was. A very elegant and pretty lady dressed in a lovely + sexy black dress. =) So I went to say hi Mei Yen~! And she was like...errrr...you ar? Then I said I'm food cookies! She was like who? My heart started to breaks...haha..(exaggerating!) I replied and said "food-cookies...cookies cream???" Then she was like..oh! Food-cookies, hi! LOL. I could also recognise a few of the bloggers like wmw, kampungboycitygal, and Jackson!

Most of the tables were filled with all the bloggers. There's only a few tables with 1 sit left. Luckily Elina tried to search for a place for me. Thank you so much Fezzaboy for moving one seat up so that me and Shujin could sit together! Thanks~! ;)

Well, we were so blurred and "Good Food. Good Life." told us that we could get some drinks at the mini bar. It was nice to know him and his gf. :) So Shujin took some drinks. I'm told that it's like some cocktail. There's a few slices of grapes and 1 slice of lime in the drink which is actually called "Sky High".

Then there was also one drink called Star Dust. I didn't know how to order that drink so I just pointed and said I would like to have the 1 with starfruit one top of the glass. LOL. The pretty Martell lady then said oh, Star Dust. This drink has a very aromatic jasmine tea smell.

Shujin also grabbed 1 glass of Martell that night.

Oh, there was also a complimentary chocolate on the table and a goodie bag for everyone.

Appetiser for the night, Taquitos Fritos. I was actually quite hungry that night so I started eating them straight. Hmm, taste wise...got nothing much to comment about it. I wasn't really expecting the food to be superb cause my main purpose was to meet with all the bloggers~! =)

Another appetiser, Sopa de Calabaza Con Salsa. At first I thought it was some kinda soup with chicken broth and chicken chunks cause I could taste the "chicken-ness" from the soup. I just took a few spoons from Shujin soup. I think it's not creamy enough. I didn't really like soup which is not hot enough as it was given to us while it's a little warm only. Can't expect much huh as there were sooo many ppl that night.

Next, Pollo a la Castellana. The chicken was quite overcooked and not tender. The vegetables served were tasteless.

Pescado a la Veracruzana. At first I thought the brownish looking tiny thing placed on the plate was some part of meat from the fish. But I'm wrong! It was actually grilled banana~! Haha, all the people on the table also thought that it was some fish egg but it's not~!

Ermm, the sauce of the fish was quite normal. The vegetables on the plate were really really tasteless! Ok, I know...stop commenting. Haha

The dessert for the night, Postre Helado de Eimon. The strawberry sauce was too sweet for me.

Although not really happy with the food, but hey! I get to meet with all of the food bloggers~! ^.^ After the gathering I decided to join the rest for the second round to Attic. But, it's all fated that I should go home cause I couldn't manage to follow lyrical's car. We couldn't turn over to the other lane quick enough as there's many cars coming from the back! A car even honked us cause we were trying to turn to his lane! My hp was dead...I did not save any other hp numbers to Shujin's hp. Well, I admit I was quite "stupiak". But nevermind, I'm sure there's another time~!

Anyway, nice to meet all of the bloggers~! I'm truly happy cause my wish to meet the bloggers especially boo_licious has finally came true! Can't wait for the next round! =)

Sandias Mexican Restaurant
44 Plaza Damansara,
Jalan Medan Setia 2,
Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel No. : +603- 2095 8431