Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Food Bloggers Gathering at Sandias, Bukit Damansara

After a long time of waiting, the day finally came! It was the first time for me to meet all of the food bloggers for the first time ever! I was really excited that I'm actually quite blur that night. If you notice me, I only post food, meme and nothing else. So, there'll only be food post and no bloggers' pics. (I only took a few pics with some of the bloggers~) :'(

Elina actually asked me if I know anyone and I quickly said Mei Yen! Haha, I think I can only recognise Mei Yen jie cause she posted her pics. :P I think I'm the latest who reached there for that night. When I walked in I was like...oh my...Who is who??? @_@ At first, I was like...where's Mei Yen jie???

I walked straight inside the restaurant and there she was. A very elegant and pretty lady dressed in a lovely + sexy black dress. =) So I went to say hi Mei Yen~! And she was like...errrr...you ar? Then I said I'm food cookies! She was like who? My heart started to breaks...haha..(exaggerating!) I replied and said "food-cookies...cookies cream???" Then she was like..oh! Food-cookies, hi! LOL. I could also recognise a few of the bloggers like wmw, kampungboycitygal, and Jackson!

Most of the tables were filled with all the bloggers. There's only a few tables with 1 sit left. Luckily Elina tried to search for a place for me. Thank you so much Fezzaboy for moving one seat up so that me and Shujin could sit together! Thanks~! ;)

Well, we were so blurred and "Good Food. Good Life." told us that we could get some drinks at the mini bar. It was nice to know him and his gf. :) So Shujin took some drinks. I'm told that it's like some cocktail. There's a few slices of grapes and 1 slice of lime in the drink which is actually called "Sky High".

Then there was also one drink called Star Dust. I didn't know how to order that drink so I just pointed and said I would like to have the 1 with starfruit one top of the glass. LOL. The pretty Martell lady then said oh, Star Dust. This drink has a very aromatic jasmine tea smell.

Shujin also grabbed 1 glass of Martell that night.

Oh, there was also a complimentary chocolate on the table and a goodie bag for everyone.

Appetiser for the night, Taquitos Fritos. I was actually quite hungry that night so I started eating them straight. Hmm, taste wise...got nothing much to comment about it. I wasn't really expecting the food to be superb cause my main purpose was to meet with all the bloggers~! =)

Another appetiser, Sopa de Calabaza Con Salsa. At first I thought it was some kinda soup with chicken broth and chicken chunks cause I could taste the "chicken-ness" from the soup. I just took a few spoons from Shujin soup. I think it's not creamy enough. I didn't really like soup which is not hot enough as it was given to us while it's a little warm only. Can't expect much huh as there were sooo many ppl that night.

Next, Pollo a la Castellana. The chicken was quite overcooked and not tender. The vegetables served were tasteless.

Pescado a la Veracruzana. At first I thought the brownish looking tiny thing placed on the plate was some part of meat from the fish. But I'm wrong! It was actually grilled banana~! Haha, all the people on the table also thought that it was some fish egg but it's not~!

Ermm, the sauce of the fish was quite normal. The vegetables on the plate were really really tasteless! Ok, I know...stop commenting. Haha

The dessert for the night, Postre Helado de Eimon. The strawberry sauce was too sweet for me.

Although not really happy with the food, but hey! I get to meet with all of the food bloggers~! ^.^ After the gathering I decided to join the rest for the second round to Attic. But, it's all fated that I should go home cause I couldn't manage to follow lyrical's car. We couldn't turn over to the other lane quick enough as there's many cars coming from the back! A car even honked us cause we were trying to turn to his lane! My hp was dead...I did not save any other hp numbers to Shujin's hp. Well, I admit I was quite "stupiak". But nevermind, I'm sure there's another time~!

Anyway, nice to meet all of the bloggers~! I'm truly happy cause my wish to meet the bloggers especially boo_licious has finally came true! Can't wait for the next round! =)

Sandias Mexican Restaurant
44 Plaza Damansara,
Jalan Medan Setia 2,
Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel No. : +603- 2095 8431


fundy said...

hey,next time go makan aks me n fred as well la...hehe...jk...

KampungboyCitygal said...

hie nice meeting you!! dun worry, i'm as blur as u too..heehehehe..hope that u enjoyed the night

jason said...

Hi cookies_cream~~ Nice meeting you that night. Teckiee and I was trying to reach boo_licious to get your number when you made to the another route but can't reach her... Anyway, hope to meet you again next time ;)

Precious Pea said...

Too bad we didn't get to chat much but certainly look forward to meeting you again, perhaps at next gathering?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

nice meeting u albeit very briefly eh..hahah..nxt time just mention the big jogoya meal and i guarantee i will remember u..

babe_kl said...

hi nice meeting you finally even though it was a brief hi and bye :p sorry

Tummythoz said...

Shujin's seriousness in taking pix with his BIG camera is most impressive! After such spread at Jogoya, quite tough to get food to match up-lor. Nice to meet you!

xiu long bao said...

oh dear...ur ice cream looks so sad...broke into pieces oledi. Gotta agree wiv u dat the food was surprisingly disappointing.

MeiyeN said...

so sorry that i didn't manage to recognise you that day till you got to repeat your name so many times!!! anyways, really nice meeting you and your bf too! :D

wmw said...

Hey, we catch up again next time yah...Nice meeting you and Shujin!

Dwayne Foong said...

nice meeting you too, meiyen jie jie and wmw! :D