Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hotz Cafe at Yulek a.k.a Taman Cheras

Gosh~! It's been 7 days since I started working as a CSP (Customer Service Professional) at SRG Asia Pacific. I'm working on afternoon/evening shift until midnight. I don't have much time to go out and have fun, talk to my parents and not to say blogging!!! Well, I have to work today as well as tomorrow. Although I couldn't hang out with my friends and celebrate Christmas but at least I got triple pay. Yay~!

Well, back to food. I've been to this cafe once which is located at Taman Cheras. It's at the same row as the Flydance Cafe. I made a post on Flydance Cafe before on October 2006. The cafe was packed with patrons during lunch time. But luckily we got our seats as there's still a few empty tables outside.

I ordered honey milk which was one of my favourite. Okay, the good side is they put in a LOT of honey into the drink where other places try to put in as little as honey they can into the drink to save costs. The bad side was it's tooo SWEET cause they put in too much honey. :P Aniways, the drink costs RM5.50.

Shujin had the Ice Blended Mocha which costs RM6.90. The ice blended mocha was very rich in coffee and the aroma was great. The cream on top of the drink though wasn't as nice as those in Starbucks or Coffee Bean. But I can't ask for more cause the price here and the price at Starbucks or Coffee Bean was different~

But one thing that I think was, it's better if they serves their drinks on tall glasses instead of those plactic cups.

We ordered one snack to share along. We had the steamed radish cake. The radish cake costs RM2.50. At first it looked quite normal. Later did I noticed they actually sprinkled some crushed dried prawns on top of the radish cake. The radish cake was soft and warm, plus the spring onions and the dried prawns it was absolutely aromatic.

I ordered the claypot Loh Shu Fun. It costs RM6.90. When my food came I was like, okay....3 small prawns, minced meat and that's it??? One more complain is that it was tad too oily. The oil was enough to fry one egg. LOL I stopped complaining and start to eat. I was quite surprised cause the food looked really common but I find it very tasty. It was delicious. They add in spring onions and a dash of pepper into the loh shu fun. The aroma of the minced meat was really nice. I think they mix something with the dark soya sauce which they used to put into the loh shu fun.

Shujin had their Kung Po style chicken with rice. The rice came in a claypot style too which costs RM6.90. As usual, there were cashew nuts and dried chilis. Their kung po chicken was okay. I liked the cashew nuts they put in. Quite crunchy. But I still prefer those at the "dai chow" one. Forgot where I ate once at a "dai chow" stall and their kung po chicken was very very nice.

The bill came with a 5% of government tax. Overall, I think that their food were okay. I think I'll go back to this cafe to try out their other food. I didn't know that the one at Taman Cheras was a branch until I get their name card. If I'm not mistaken, according to the address given there's one at The Mall.

Hotz Cafe
(Taman Cheras Branch)
Lot33, Block G, Jalan 3/101C,
Cheras Business Center,
56100 Kuala Lumpur

Hotz Cafe Sdn Bhd
Lot G.43, Ground Floor, The Mall,
Putra Place, 100 Jalan Putra,
50350 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603-40447118

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Vietnam Kitchen at Leisure Mall, Cheras

Shujin and I were walking around Leisure Mall and we were hunting for food. We had no idea at all on what to have for our lunch. As we were walking and walking, we passed by Secret Recipe. I thought, nah..I'll have them the next time cause not in the mood in having any western food. Everytime I visit them I'll choose either spaghetti or the chicken chop rice. I wanted something different.

Opposite Secret Recipe was Vietnam Kitchen. We tried at this branch before and ordered set dinners. I don't quite like it that much as most of the dishes were like pre-prepared ones. But somehow it allured me to give them another try. Shujin and I then went in to the restaurant.

Shujin had the Water Chestnut with Egg drink. It was priced at RM4.90. It's a cold and refreshing drink. With the egg pieces and chunks of chestnuts, it's quite fun to drink this down while eating the chestnuts.

I want to have some hot drink, thus I ordered the hot Lemongrass Tea which was priced at RM4.90. It was nice. I loved lemongrass tea as it tend to give me a soothing and comfortable feeling. Shujin didn't really like it though. Some people cannot stand the smell of it. But I think it smells superb.

We had one side order which is the Fresh Prawn Spring Roll. It costs RM6.90. It came in 4 pieces and a plate of dipping sauce. The spring rolls were wrapped with fresh shredded carrots, and cucumbers. There were also chives, vermicelli, prawns and some vegetables(smell like herbs) to wrap together with very thin "cheung fun".

The dipping sauce was quite special. There were some crusted peanuts, fried shallots, and some shredded vegetables on top of the sauce. Mix them up and dip the spring roll before eating. The dipping was very sweet. The spring roll was very fresh as the vegetables together with the prawns gave a very healthy feeling as there isn't any oily food in it. I wonder will I slim down if I consume it everyday, minus the dipping of course. :P

Shujin ordered Chicken Curry Rice. It costs at RM9.90. The curry looked very redish. I was a little surprised when I took a piece of the potatoes. They aren't using potatoes, but sweet potatoes. I find the curry quite special, just that it's a little too sweet. I'm not sure if it's because of the sweet potatoes. But overall, it tasted quite special and it gives more flavor to the curry as the potatoes are sweet.

At first, I thought of ordering the XO Fried Vermicelli (I tried it once at One Utama outlet and it was delicious! But very oily and spicy too) but I wanted something with gravy. So I opted for the Seafood Fried Noodle which cost at RM11.90. I find the prawns very fresh and the broccolis were very crunchy. The chicken meat was tender too. I loved them adding sliced capsicums and onions. But, I don't know why the sauce was a little too sweet. Another thing that I found it surprising was that the mushrooms tasted very buttery. Haha, I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because they sauteed the mushrooms with butter?

I am wondering if Vietnamese food tend to be a little sweeter than other cuisines. Can someone enligthen me on that?

Vietnam Kitchen Restaurant (Leisure Mall Branch)
Lot L2-26-01 Level 2,
New Wing Cheras Leisure Mall
Jalan Manis 6 Taman Segar, Cheras

Tel: +603-91309530

Opening Hours: 11am to 9.45pm daily

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Golden Bread at Sri Petaling

I've always wanted to try out at this restaurant. The restaurant have a very nice signboard with a pair of the "yau tiu". :) The environment was not bad. The wall were full of large printings of the food pictures. They serves snacks, set lunches, and desserts.

There was a paper printing the set lunches available. It was quite a wide choice that they had. I didn't know what to order too. The waitress recommended me this one, Chicken in Garlic sauce with Rice. Priced at RM8.99, it includes one drink. I had iced lemon tea.

The rice was okay. The chicken meat was quite tender. They deep fried the chicken strips first, then only add in the garlic sauce. Garlic were fried too. The garlic sauce was not too salty nor too plain. It was just nice. But I would prefer it to be more flavorful. The sauce was too watery though.

Shujin and my friend both had the Cheese Chicken with Rice. Priced at RM8.99, it also includes one drink. At the first look, I was a little worried about it cause the cheese rice looked quite different from other restaurants that serves it. The cheese were a little burnt. But, I was wrong! It turned out to be quite delicious. There were some vegetables ingredients in it. Chicken meat, and I forgot what's inside. There were some tomato sauce underneath the cheese too. Mix it up together with the cheese, I find the Cheese Chicken with Rice quite yummy. :)

My another friend had the Yong Chow Fried Rice which was priced at RM6.99. The set lunch also includes one drink. There's nothing to shout about the fried rice. The rice have only some diced "lap cheong" waxed meat, and little fried egg pieces. The rice were topped with some shredded vege which were already turned into yellow, and one sunny side up. I don't think it's worth it.

Other than the set lunches, we also ordered the "Char Kui Combo" which the waitress claimed to be one of the most popular item on the menu. Priced at RM8.80, the combo came with Hong Kong "Char Kui" rolls, Salad Golden Treasure, and also one huge plain "char kui".

The "Char Kui" rolls were nice. The "Char Kui" were wrapped with "cheung fun" and sprinkled with some spring onions, black sesame, and some soya sauce.I really liked it as the crunchy "yau tiu/char kui" wrapped with the soft and tender "cheung fun" gives it a unique combination. The sambal/chili sauce given was yummy too.

Salad Golden Treasure, inside were some fish paste. I supposed outside were the "Char kui". The side of the "char kui" were being dipped with sesame. Black sesame and mayonnaise were drizzled all over the "Golden Treasure". I must say that this is delicious too. It was very aromatic. The combination of the mayonnaise with the fish paste and sesame were totally perfect. :)

Next was the huge plain "char kui". I was so happy to see such a huge "char kui" but wasn't very happy when I eat them. It wasn't really that crunchy although it looked like they are crunchy. It's ok but I'll prefer the one selling "yau char kui" at Yulek's "Wai Sik Kai".

I was already very full and guess what...We were also given a plate of complimentary fried chicken wings stuffed with glutinous rice. The waitress suddenly came and said that this was given to us by the chef. I guess it's because they saw Shujin taking photos of the food?? Hmm, they thought that Shujin was some kind of food reviewer for magazines? LOL :P

Well, although I'm very full but the fried chicken wings were really crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. They make it to become like, chicken must be crunchy and the glutionous rice inside must be pipping hot and soft and aromatic. There were diced waxed meat inside the rice too. :)

No.48, Jalan Radin Anum 1,
Sri Petaling
Tel : +603-90591998

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Baskin 31 Robbins (BR)

Finally, I'm free from my assignment and presentation. I can finally relax for a while...but not long cause I need to prepare for my exam which is in 12 days time. Now, I can post for my blog again. I missed the blogging world so much!

Well, it's time to post for ice cream. I had Baskin 31 Robbins last month. I had a waffle berry sundae with Shujin where you can choose any two flavors. It costs RM15.54 including government tax of 5%. They had the "Flavor of the Month" which was 'Chocolate Escape'. It was a mixture of chocolate and also swiss chocolate with pieces of chocolate ganache cake and chocolate flavored chunks. I got one scoop of that. Need not to say, it tasted extremely chocolate-y! It was very very nice. It was just prefect for chocolate lover out there!

The second scoop that I got was 'Swiss Mix'. It was a mixture of chocolate covered with peanuts, raisins, and banana chips. There's also shredded coconut and peanut butter pieces. I loved the banana chips very much! I've never eaten any banana chips before and it was extremely delicious! With all the ingredients that mixed together, it was just too good to be true. I love peanuts and the peanut butter pieces..added together with the aromatic shredded coconuts and chocolate + banana chips...mmmm mmmm~! ;)

Forgot to mention that the waffle was extremely crunchy and nice! With the chunky peanuts and cream on top of the ice cream plus the chocolate sauce topping were just lovely.

So sorry cause Can't see the ice cream at a closer look from the photo. I was too busy eating, Shujin only managed to take the overall look of the waffle ice cream.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Pancakes with Pillsbury

This is the first time I'm making pancakes, and it was with Pillsbury! I was shopping in a supermarket and suddenly thought of wanting to make pancakes. I straight away grabbed one box. It was a One-Step Pancake Mix with Buttermilk. there are two packets of the flour mixture in the box.

So what do you need? One packet of the Pillsbury pancake mix, and 240ml water/milk. Adding milk will make the pancakes creamier but I used water as I ran out of milk. Only these two ingredients, it's as simple as that!

Just mix one packet of the flour mixture and water until the flour mix well with the water.

You then drop one spoonful (for each pancake) of the mixture onto a pan and fry them. Once there's some bubbles seen on top and they breaks, you can then flip over to the next side.

Well, I must admit that I did not pan fry the pancake nicely as it does not look flat and looked a little uneven. My non-stick pan had gone a little "koo-koo" so I couldn't really lift the pancake up nicely.

After frying the pancake, I placed them nicely on a plate and put a few pieces of butter on top of the pancakes. I then drizzle honey all over the pancakes and onto the plate. :) I do like the pancakes as they were fluffy and soft. It was wonderful to have pancakes with melting butter and honey. Totally yummylicious. Although the pancakes don't looked nice but it does make a wonderful breakfast for my day~ :)

I shall make real (not with pancake mix) pancakes myself the next time I hunger for pancakes at home. :)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Blue Zone Cafe

Hi's been a while since I last posted. I've been busy, there's pain and I felt a little tired. Just finished one test, and I'm in pain because of chiropractic. I've a neck and shoulder pain for a long long time. I've twisted my leg a few months ago and it's not cure yet. I know I should go see those chinese traditional "tit-da" but there's one that I used to frequent have closed down (I think). I don't know where else to go, so...hmm. I had the most painful treatment few days ago in my entire life! Chiropractic, with needling. :'( It's really painful, but I'm thinking that I'll get better. It's been 4 days now but my shoulder is still painful and I need to go back for needling next Wednesday! Argghh!!! I need to ice my leg twice everyday for at least one week.

Okay, enough about my story. Back to food, shall we? I've not been eating outside this whole week except in my college's cafe cause of test. I went to Cheras Leisure Mall few weeks ago. I had lunch at their 'food court'. I've got no idea what to eat there, so we decided to pick the one with the most customers. I've been to this Blue Zone Cafe once but forgotten how their food tasted like.

So, up we went there to find a spot to sit, place order at their counter, pay, and wait for your food. It's a self-service basis.

I ordered their claypot chicken rice priced at RM4.50. It tasted very normal. Not the best, nor the worst. It's just very okay only. They gave a quite big piece of the salted fish though. I prefer them to have the sauce to be a little darker, and with more aroma. I love rice to be in great taste with the sauce. The sauce wasn't enough, and the chicken was okay but not as smooth and tasty as those pro claypot chicken rice stalls.

Shujin ordered kuey teow soup which is priced at RM3.50. First of all, the soup was quite nice. Secondly, the shredded chicken was given in a generous portion. There's sliced fishcakes, and I loved fried shallots. The only complain for me was their shredded chicken meat. The meat texture was quite hard..hmm.

Overall, this is the cheapest food I think I can get at this mall. There's also a shop selling some economy noodles and rice near the arcade place.

Blue Zone Cafe
Cheras Leisure Mall


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Shi Zen Green Tea

Well, I got free drinks from college again~ =) Happy-nya. Well, this time it was Shi Zen tea. I got one can and Shujin got another can with different flavors.

Shi Zen green tea with Jasmine flavor. It has a light taste of the jasmine and green tea. It's not sweet and is suitable for people who love refreshing with light taste.

This one was Shi Zen green tea with Calamansi Lime flavor. The can stated that it has been added with Vitamin C too. Well, this one was sweeter than the Jasmine flavor. It has the sweet with little sour taste. For those who love stronger taste, this is definitely the choice.

Monday, October 30, 2006

The Manhattan Fish Market

I've been busy for few days, then sick for few days during the DeepaRaya holidays. That's why I got no mood to communicate with my computer. :( Didn't post up anything for quite some time. Well, it's time for me to post now as I'm getting better from my sickness.

Sorry that I'm posting this when the promotion is over. :'( Well, Manhattan had a promotion for the month of October which is from every Monday to Thursday. They have 2 promotion. The first one was 1/2 price for sizzling Louisiana Prawns at only RM9.95. The second promo of the month was Garlic Butter Mussels at RM6.95.

Ordered the Garlic Butter Mussels. Oh my gosh, they are so scrumptious! The sauce was so buttery, with the aroma of garlic, it was so satisfying~ Not to mention, the mussels were fresh too! Too bad I didn't have their Sizzling Louisiana Prawns. I've actually missed two great opportunities upon going to Manhattan... :'(

What I loved so much was their garlic rice. It's RM3.90 for a side order. Everytime I visit them, garlic rice would be one of my favourites! They're a great companion with the delicious seafood. The rice, with mixed herbs and shredded carrots was just so yummylicious. I loved the taste of the rice with garlic...I'm a garlic lover. The rice was super yummy when eaten with the mussels' buttery sauce. ^.^

This is the first time attempting their soup. Their soup of the day was Minestrone soup which priced at RM6.90. They have complimentary bread and some dipping (soup or sauce?). Just took the bread, did not take what's in the pot hence don't know if it's soup thingy or sauce. Well, I didn't really like the Minestrone soup cause I'm not a Minstrone fan. I'm more to like a mushroom soup fan. LOL. Shujin ordered the soup and he said ok. Well, all in all it had lots of ingredients in the soup and it was flavorful too. But I still prefer others.

The Manhattan Fish Market
LL2.49-50 Sunway Piramid,
No.3 Jalan PJS 11/5, Bandar Sunway.
Tel: +603-7491 3683

There are many places more that Manhattan Fish Market are available: (You can find out the address and contact number for each of the following by visiting their website)

1)Alamanda Putrajaya
2)Ampang Park
3)Centre Point, Petaling Jaya
4)Ikano Power Centre
5)IOI Mall
6)Mid Valley Megamall
8)Subang Parade
9)Suria KLCC

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Italiannies at One Utama

I've heard a lot about Italiannies and now it's time for me to try out their food. It's a Wednesday and it's a "Eat All You Can Pasta" day. We went there, and start to think what to order first. Basically, it's very easy. You tell the waiter/waitress what kind of pasta you want, what sauce you would like it to be and with what toppings. You can order as much as you want.

We were given a complimentary plate of plain bread and herbs bread. The waiter then poured some olive oil in herbs and a dash of dark vinegar into a plate for dippings. I love them! Especially the herb bread. I'm a herb lover I think the herb bread thingy was really brilliant. The olive oil with the herbs, and the dark vinegar was fabulous.

There were five choices of pasta, five choices of sauce, and eight choices of toppings to choose from. Below are the choices:

4)Angel Hair

4)Spicy Marinara
5)Aglio Olio

2)Fried Calamari
3)Beef Bacon
8)Diced Salmon

We only order a few of the toppings. Beef bacon, clams, chicken, and broccoli were not ordered. I don't take beef, there isn't anyone wants clams but mussels, there's isn't anyone who wants to eat pasta with broccoli, no one wants to have chicken but prefer salmon more. Therefore, we ordered other toppings instead. LOL

Okay, the first round upon ordering, each person ordered a different pasta sauce .

Fettuccine with Shrimp in Carbonara sauce. I know it's not right to start your first dish with carbonara sauce but my friend just couldn't resist it! I am really SERIOUS, the carbonara was HEAVENLY DELICIOUS! =) It was really really really truly truly truly yummylicious. The sauce was thick and when you eat the fettuccini with the sauce, it's telling you that they are delicious. The sauce was smooth, with great aroma, the cheesy and milky thick sauce just makes you wanna "mmm-mmmm~". This plate of pasta was finished off clean and shiny. LOL~ I guess this is the best carbonara I had so far. Am drooling now even when I'm writing this post!

Next up is Spaghetti with Shrimp in Pomodoro sauce. Pomodoro was actually tomato sauce and it was quite sour. I prefer tomato sauce with bell pepper. But the pomodoro was nice. I had a friend who do not eat cheese, that is why she ordered the pomodoro. :) The shrimps was crunchy. Sorry that there was no picture of this pasta as everyone were too busy eating. I thought my photographer did take the pic but...There is a small pic of the Shimp Pomodoro which is in the first pic of this post. The one one the top left was the Spaghetti with Shrimp in Pomodoro sauce :P

The third plate was Angel Hair with Mussels in Arrabiato sauce. I really really love this! The mixture of the pasta, garlic, tomato cubes, mussels, mushrooms and shredded cheese with a hint of crushed chillies (chili flakes) were really tasty. It wasn't too salty, it's just nice. I really love it but, it was a little oily. There was some kinda wine inside, or is it rum? I forgot but I remember Arrabiato had some liquor inside if I'm not mistaken.

Spaghetti with Shrimp in Aglio Olio sauce was the fourth plate. I was kinda dissappointed with this though. I love Aglio Olio and ordered it. But they don't taste like what I expected. There was some burnt smell on the pasta. I don't like it. *sigh* I'm missing a nice Aglio Olio soo much when I'm eating them. :(

Oh ya, anyone knows what is the mushroom on the picture? The mushroom was in the Aglio Olio and they have a very weird shape and tasted funny as well. I don't know if it's the mushroom that tasted funny too or was it the burned sauce that makes the mushroom tastes weird.

After the first round, we rested for a while and then we go for second round. We ordered Penne with Salmon in Pomodoro sauce. The salmon was nice but I don't quite like the strong smell of fish, as in "seng mei in cantonese". The smell was really strong, but that's what my friend claimed it to be..fresh.

We also ordered Linguine with Fried Calamari in Spicy Marinara sauce as we wanted to try out their fried calamari. The fried calamari was very nice..crunchy and not chewy inside. The sauce wasn't spicy at all. I think they just put a little chili flakes.

This is our third and last round upon ordering the pasta. We couldn't resist it (Carbonara!), hence we ordered Fettuccine with Mussels in Carbonara sauce. Again, I really really love their carbonara! The mussels were fresh, and it was absolutely ambrosial when you eat the mussels with the sauce~ ^.^

Last but not least, we ordered Linguine with Fried Calamari in Pomodoro sauce cause we want to eat the fried calamari again. Calamari was nice to be eaten with Pomodoro sauce. ;) Crunchiness of the calamari with the tomato sauce was great~ =)

I was just too full that I could barely walk. There's one bad news, I did not have the chance to attack any of their desserts. Don't say attack, even nibble also can't. :'( Sad sad~ Nevermind, I shall visit them again and try out their reputable "Tiramisu". :)

So, if you're carving for lots of yummylicious pasta (especially carbonara) go for Italiannies. The pasta promo is on every Wednesday. It is priced at RM19.90++ per person for unlimited pasta! There's also an outlet at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara.

Italiannies - Pasta Pizza & Vino
One Utama Outlet
F355, 1st Floor, Rainforest (New Wing),
One Utama Shopping Center,
Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: +603-7727 1399
Fax: +603-7710 3411

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Jack's Place at Sunway Piramid

Jack's Place have been having daily set lunches promotion from July to October 2006. Shujin went to Sunway Piramid and got me some food promotion brouchers. That's where I found about Jack's Place. We went to try out Jack's Place few days later.

They have different main course for different days. Each day with two main course for you to choose from. Let's see what do they serve for different days:

Main Course
Option 1 - Grilled Boneless Chicken with Plum Sauce topped with Sesame and Coriander

Option 2 - NZ Sirloin Steak with Cajun Sauce

Main Course
Option 1 - Grilled Fillet of Fish with Spicy Calamansi Sauce

Option 2 - NZ Sirloin Steak topped with Fried Seafood Stick

Main Course
Option 1 - Grilled Boneless Chicken with Satay Sauce

Option 2 - NZ Sirloin Steak with Mustard Seed Sauce

Main Course
Option 1 - Grilled Fillet of Fish with Thai Chilli Sauce

Option 2 - NZ Sirloin Steak with Brown Sauce topped with Fried Onion Rings

Main Course
Option 1 - Grilled Boneless Chicken with Longan Sauce
Option 2 - NZ Sirloin Steak with Cream Sambal Sauce

Main Course
Option 1 - Grilled Fillet of Fish with Lemon Butter Sauce

Option 2 - NZ Sirloin Steak with Mexican Sauce

Main Course
Option 1 - Grilled Boneless Chicken with Garlic Teriyaki

Option 2 - NZ Sirloin Steak with Mushroom Sauce

Basically there's only either a chicken/fillet fish or Sirloin steak to choose from each day with different flavors of sauces. All of the set lunches are priced at RM13.80++ for Chicken/Fillet Fish and RM18.00++ for Sirloin Steak as main course. The set includes Soup of the Day, Main Course, The Day's Dessert, and Cooffee/Tea.

Since today is a Tuesday and we don't take beef, we've opt for the Grilled Fillet of Fish with Spicy Calamansi sauce. We ordered one set so that there's room for another place since there's also promotion going on at a Thai restaurant.

Soup of the day was ABC soup kinda thingy. At first, it was kinda weird cause I felt weird...hmm, what am I saying. Nevermind, forget it. :S The soup turned out to be pretty good. It was flavourful. Very heart warming indeed. Nice. :)

The soup was accompanied with 2 slices of garlic bread. The garlic bread wasn't my type. It was too soft, and little chewy. I like garlic bread to be a little soft in between and crisp on the outer of the bread.

This is the main course. At first, I was like..okay. The fish went well with the sauce given. Never the less, the fish was fresh.

With fries, cauliflower and carrots as sidelines was very nice. The sauce was kinda like Thai style spicy sauce.

I asked for tea as I don't drink coffee much.

Dessert came. I don't really fancy the jelly thingy as it tasted a little weird and it got a little sourish taste. Hmm, Shujin claimed that this kind of jelly do taste like that. I think maybe it was some kind of barley with lime jelly? But there wasn't any sign of barley seeds in it. Anyway, I just had a bite and the rest was finished by Shujin.

Other than the set lunch, I also ordered Mango Jelly Delight as it looked special on the menu. There's mango ice cream, colorful jellies, fresh cream, decorated with 2 chocolate sticks and a cherry. This dessert is priced at RM6.50++. It was presented in a very nice way which brighten my day up~! =) First spoon into my mouth, why does the ice cream tasted like some "nangka" ice cream??? @_@ Well, then I go on eating this lovely-looking dessert. After a while, I sort of mix up the cream with the ice cream and the jelly thingy. It tasted better than the first few mouth. It was nice as it was quite special. The mango ice cream do tasted nice with the jellies and cream. Not too sweet nor no taste. ;)

There are even "Exclusive Set Lunch" too. The following are the exclusive set lunches to choose from:

1) Deep Fried Dory Fillet priced at RM18.00
2) NZ Ribeye Steak with Brown Sauce at RM26.50
3) NZ T-Bone Steak with Brown Sauce at RM28.50
4) NZ Sirloin Steak and Chicken Combo at RM24.50

Besides that, what else can you get for your set lunches?

You can upgrade your meal~!

Add RM4.00 for Lobster Bisque
Add RM3.00 for Other Soup
Add RM3.00 to change the sauce of your main course
Add RM2.00 to upgrade normal coffee to freshly brewed coffee

Well, I would say the the food there wasn't bad nor good. It's okay. The main course was nice, but the dessert need to be changed. But, at a cheap price of RM13.80, you get soup of the day, main course, dessert, and a drink is a nice catch I would say. Shujin and I were even full after the set lunch with the Mango Jelly Delight. Two person with one set lunch, hmmm. I was really hungry that day but don't know why after nibbling here and there from the set lunch and from my mango jelly delight, I was full.

*There's also set dinner starting from RM28.00++

Jack's Place at Sunway Piramid
OB-K4C & D, Oasis Boulevard,
No.3 Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway, 46510
Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603-7491 0681

Jack's Place at One Utama
One Utama Shopping Centre (New Wing),
F346 First Floor Raunforest,
No.1 Lebuh Bandar Utama.
Bandar Utama Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603-7725 1433