Sunday, October 22, 2006

Italiannies at One Utama

I've heard a lot about Italiannies and now it's time for me to try out their food. It's a Wednesday and it's a "Eat All You Can Pasta" day. We went there, and start to think what to order first. Basically, it's very easy. You tell the waiter/waitress what kind of pasta you want, what sauce you would like it to be and with what toppings. You can order as much as you want.

We were given a complimentary plate of plain bread and herbs bread. The waiter then poured some olive oil in herbs and a dash of dark vinegar into a plate for dippings. I love them! Especially the herb bread. I'm a herb lover I think the herb bread thingy was really brilliant. The olive oil with the herbs, and the dark vinegar was fabulous.

There were five choices of pasta, five choices of sauce, and eight choices of toppings to choose from. Below are the choices:

4)Angel Hair

4)Spicy Marinara
5)Aglio Olio

2)Fried Calamari
3)Beef Bacon
8)Diced Salmon

We only order a few of the toppings. Beef bacon, clams, chicken, and broccoli were not ordered. I don't take beef, there isn't anyone wants clams but mussels, there's isn't anyone who wants to eat pasta with broccoli, no one wants to have chicken but prefer salmon more. Therefore, we ordered other toppings instead. LOL

Okay, the first round upon ordering, each person ordered a different pasta sauce .

Fettuccine with Shrimp in Carbonara sauce. I know it's not right to start your first dish with carbonara sauce but my friend just couldn't resist it! I am really SERIOUS, the carbonara was HEAVENLY DELICIOUS! =) It was really really really truly truly truly yummylicious. The sauce was thick and when you eat the fettuccini with the sauce, it's telling you that they are delicious. The sauce was smooth, with great aroma, the cheesy and milky thick sauce just makes you wanna "mmm-mmmm~". This plate of pasta was finished off clean and shiny. LOL~ I guess this is the best carbonara I had so far. Am drooling now even when I'm writing this post!

Next up is Spaghetti with Shrimp in Pomodoro sauce. Pomodoro was actually tomato sauce and it was quite sour. I prefer tomato sauce with bell pepper. But the pomodoro was nice. I had a friend who do not eat cheese, that is why she ordered the pomodoro. :) The shrimps was crunchy. Sorry that there was no picture of this pasta as everyone were too busy eating. I thought my photographer did take the pic but...There is a small pic of the Shimp Pomodoro which is in the first pic of this post. The one one the top left was the Spaghetti with Shrimp in Pomodoro sauce :P

The third plate was Angel Hair with Mussels in Arrabiato sauce. I really really love this! The mixture of the pasta, garlic, tomato cubes, mussels, mushrooms and shredded cheese with a hint of crushed chillies (chili flakes) were really tasty. It wasn't too salty, it's just nice. I really love it but, it was a little oily. There was some kinda wine inside, or is it rum? I forgot but I remember Arrabiato had some liquor inside if I'm not mistaken.

Spaghetti with Shrimp in Aglio Olio sauce was the fourth plate. I was kinda dissappointed with this though. I love Aglio Olio and ordered it. But they don't taste like what I expected. There was some burnt smell on the pasta. I don't like it. *sigh* I'm missing a nice Aglio Olio soo much when I'm eating them. :(

Oh ya, anyone knows what is the mushroom on the picture? The mushroom was in the Aglio Olio and they have a very weird shape and tasted funny as well. I don't know if it's the mushroom that tasted funny too or was it the burned sauce that makes the mushroom tastes weird.

After the first round, we rested for a while and then we go for second round. We ordered Penne with Salmon in Pomodoro sauce. The salmon was nice but I don't quite like the strong smell of fish, as in "seng mei in cantonese". The smell was really strong, but that's what my friend claimed it to be..fresh.

We also ordered Linguine with Fried Calamari in Spicy Marinara sauce as we wanted to try out their fried calamari. The fried calamari was very nice..crunchy and not chewy inside. The sauce wasn't spicy at all. I think they just put a little chili flakes.

This is our third and last round upon ordering the pasta. We couldn't resist it (Carbonara!), hence we ordered Fettuccine with Mussels in Carbonara sauce. Again, I really really love their carbonara! The mussels were fresh, and it was absolutely ambrosial when you eat the mussels with the sauce~ ^.^

Last but not least, we ordered Linguine with Fried Calamari in Pomodoro sauce cause we want to eat the fried calamari again. Calamari was nice to be eaten with Pomodoro sauce. ;) Crunchiness of the calamari with the tomato sauce was great~ =)

I was just too full that I could barely walk. There's one bad news, I did not have the chance to attack any of their desserts. Don't say attack, even nibble also can't. :'( Sad sad~ Nevermind, I shall visit them again and try out their reputable "Tiramisu". :)

So, if you're carving for lots of yummylicious pasta (especially carbonara) go for Italiannies. The pasta promo is on every Wednesday. It is priced at RM19.90++ per person for unlimited pasta! There's also an outlet at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara.

Italiannies - Pasta Pizza & Vino
One Utama Outlet
F355, 1st Floor, Rainforest (New Wing),
One Utama Shopping Center,
Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: +603-7727 1399
Fax: +603-7710 3411


Anonymous said...

The "mushrooms" are artichoke hearts.They usually come canned, and in some vinegary sauce.

Jackson said... many of u huh? seems like u all really can eat!!! The fettuccini in cabonara sauce look really yummy! i love cheesy sauce too! I must try out one day since it was so cheap!!

cookies_cream said...

anonymous - Oh, now only i know it's a center head of a plant/vege...*blushing*

jackson - There are 4 of us...3 girls and one guy. =) We really can eat huh? We sat there and rest until we can go for another round. There's a group of young men who have uncountable rounds of pasta. They've been eating there when we first arrive, and still eating when we pay our bill and go. :P

Anonymous said...

whoaaaaaaa..... nice photos! wey... omg, i think i wanna have it once again...:p

PabloPabla said...

Wahlau! That's a great deal at RM19.90++ per person! Incidentally, I also cooked pasta yesterday :) Will put it up on blog in a week's time :)

Tummythoz said...

What big servings they were & u made everything sounds so delicious! The price is incredible but my office is too far. Boo-hoo-hoo.

Beau Lotus said...

I must say (lament lament) that you take great photos. Just those pics are feast for the eyes already...

And I envy the fact that you get to go around eating good stuff all the time, unlike poor folks like myself, everyday must scratch the brain to think of what to cook.

Indeed those light green stuff are artichokes and from the look of them canned. I am not fond of them myself, but my hubby and kids love them. Though I always cook them fresh and they will eat the leaves and heart of the vegetable with a French vinaigrette.

Though I must say looking at all those pasta depresses me as I'm on a no-carbo diet lately (too fat) and am suffering from carbo-withdrawal...

cookies_cream said...

meiyen - I'm sick ar mei yen jie.. :'( Will be posting soon. I feel like eating the carbonara but I'm sick~!

pablopabla - Can't wait to see your pasta recipe. ;)

tummythoz - Some of the pasta were huge (ie:Aglio Olio & Arrabiata) but carbonara was serve in a normal size portion. I think it's because of carbonara...hmm.

beau lotus - Haha, I need to make sacrifices to be able to eat outside. Firstly, I'm a lazy person who do not frequently do exercises. Hence, I gained a lot of weight since I started this blog. Secondly, I save up my $ to be able to dine outside. So, shopping and movies are lesser for me. But I'm loving my blog. =)

I can't wait to try out your Strawberry Shortcake recipe...They looked yummy~ ;)

cin said...

now, 1Utama is one huge shopping complex! We didn't even cover 1/2 of it, I'm sure!

cookies_cream said...

cin - yup yup, maybe need to stay at one utama for few days to try out all the food there~ LOL

blurblur said...

waa.. i can see u really spend alot on food.. hahaha.... don't go spend more on fitness center though... lol.. juz kidding... drooling over the food....