Monday, October 30, 2006

The Manhattan Fish Market

I've been busy for few days, then sick for few days during the DeepaRaya holidays. That's why I got no mood to communicate with my computer. :( Didn't post up anything for quite some time. Well, it's time for me to post now as I'm getting better from my sickness.

Sorry that I'm posting this when the promotion is over. :'( Well, Manhattan had a promotion for the month of October which is from every Monday to Thursday. They have 2 promotion. The first one was 1/2 price for sizzling Louisiana Prawns at only RM9.95. The second promo of the month was Garlic Butter Mussels at RM6.95.

Ordered the Garlic Butter Mussels. Oh my gosh, they are so scrumptious! The sauce was so buttery, with the aroma of garlic, it was so satisfying~ Not to mention, the mussels were fresh too! Too bad I didn't have their Sizzling Louisiana Prawns. I've actually missed two great opportunities upon going to Manhattan... :'(

What I loved so much was their garlic rice. It's RM3.90 for a side order. Everytime I visit them, garlic rice would be one of my favourites! They're a great companion with the delicious seafood. The rice, with mixed herbs and shredded carrots was just so yummylicious. I loved the taste of the rice with garlic...I'm a garlic lover. The rice was super yummy when eaten with the mussels' buttery sauce. ^.^

This is the first time attempting their soup. Their soup of the day was Minestrone soup which priced at RM6.90. They have complimentary bread and some dipping (soup or sauce?). Just took the bread, did not take what's in the pot hence don't know if it's soup thingy or sauce. Well, I didn't really like the Minestrone soup cause I'm not a Minstrone fan. I'm more to like a mushroom soup fan. LOL. Shujin ordered the soup and he said ok. Well, all in all it had lots of ingredients in the soup and it was flavorful too. But I still prefer others.

The Manhattan Fish Market
LL2.49-50 Sunway Piramid,
No.3 Jalan PJS 11/5, Bandar Sunway.
Tel: +603-7491 3683

There are many places more that Manhattan Fish Market are available: (You can find out the address and contact number for each of the following by visiting their website)

1)Alamanda Putrajaya
2)Ampang Park
3)Centre Point, Petaling Jaya
4)Ikano Power Centre
5)IOI Mall
6)Mid Valley Megamall
8)Subang Parade
9)Suria KLCC


teckiee said...

hm... somehow i always seem to order the yucky dishes there

Anonymous said...

i will never miss to order da garlic butter mussels whenever i dines in at manhattan fish market... so creamy and yum yum!!!! :D

mr.TUrtle said...

Teckiee: what are those "yucky" dishes you are talking abt??? Give some hints de so that the food-cookies readers won't order em..

Food-cookies: Nice pics taken, will recruit you some day *wink wink*

New reader =D

Tummythoz said...

M a fan of MFM! Love their grilled seafood platter (which I can never remember the name. Point to picture in menu to order), which they'll 'torch' the prawns when they serve. Nice touch.

Lannae said...

I think your food pictures are very nice! You fooled me though, the Manhattan Fish Market is not in Manhattan, New York. ;-) It is in Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

MFM is good. I got a 10% discount sticker too :)

cookies_cream said...

teckiee - What yucky dishes you've ordered? I've heard that their salmon fish dish wasn't that good.

mei yen - Yeah man! Yummy yummy! :)

mr. turtle - Thanks for visiting my blog~ Hope you enjoy your stay here. ;)

tummythoz - I too loved their grilled seafood platter, super yummy with their dips and the garlic rice.

lannae - Haha, I'm so sorry if I've mistaken you Manhattan as in New York's side. It's actually a restaurant here called MFM (Manhattan Fish Market). Can't wait to see your posts when you visit Malaysia and review the food here. ^.^

pablopabla - Wow~ How to get the 10% discount sticker? Got 50% discount or not? LOL

Anonymous said...

Donno leh...they just gave the sticker to me. I keep it in my wallet :) Ask for one the next time u visit them.