Friday, October 13, 2006

Food at Neway Karaoke, Cheras Plaza

Neway~! It's so fun to go to such a nice place where you can sing and enjoy nice food~! Yes, Neway is a karaokae place. This place iss nice, services is good, food is nice, price for lunch time not expensive reasonable (cheap), plenty of songs for you to choose from..what else can you ask for~! =P

For the lunch session, you just need to pay for the lunch that you order and you'll get to sing for 3 hours + food! If you are Neway's member, you get a 10% discount from the total bill. Sounds great, isn't it? ;)

I used to go to Redbox last time, but ever since I was introduced to Neway...I love them~! :) Their food was very nice compared to other ones. I went there for lunch session (from 11am to 1pm) but my friends and I were was already 12.30. Guess what, they let us in for lunch session. However, our time is deducted though, from 12.30pm til 3pm. Hmm, we lost half an hour...but nevermind cause we eagerly wanted to sing and eat with cheap price!

Those days where we got limited beverages(two small glass of drink?) during the singing session and everyone got super thirsty in the middle of the session...Well, now you don't have to worry about it as they provide free flow of drinks where the drinks are available next to the receiption counter. Three cold beverages available: Orange, Peach tea, and Ribena drink.

Hot beverages available: Hot milo and nescafe.

Not only you can get free flow of drinks, they do provide us a mini bar salad buffet. You can take whatever you want, ranging from salads to desserts to soup and even "yau choi" kinda veges! Pasta salad, coleslaw, egg salad, green salad, baby tomatoes, and many more for the salad part.

The pasta salad were nice. With a mixture of the shell shaped pasta, crabsitcks, tomatoes, bell peppers, and thousand island sauce. I found it refreshing and yummy. The nice aroma of bell peppers with the sourness of tomatoes...the "Q-ness" of the crabsticks and pasta...yummy~!

Coleslaw, a look from the picture already tells you what I wanna say. Lack out of mayonnaise sauce! It was okay, but not really tasty.

The egg salad tasted nice, with chopped chilis and chinese parsley a.k.a coriander. I love corianders~ ;)

There are also ham salad. It was pretty tasty too. A mixture of sliced hams with bell peppers. I think they seasoned them with some peppers too. It tasted just nice, not too salty nor too bland.

Desserts are fruits, and jelly. The watermelon were sweet and nice as you can see the redness of them from the photo above. The jellies were okay. Just like those that you get to eat. The white one(nata de coco) was one of my favourite. I forgot if there are any "kuihs" cause we were too busy taking other stuffs.

There were two type of soups available which are tomato soup and "ABC" soup. The photo above is tomato soup. I didn't aspect their soup to be delicious. But the tomato soup does taste nice. It was not too sour nor too sweet. It tasted like a warm tomato soup minus the sourness and tasted creamy.

The "yau choi" side presented a range of raw vegetables where you basically pick and ask the chef to boil them and then put some sauce on the veges.

The taking food and beverage session ends at 1pm...we have only about 20 minutes (upon settling everything and getting us a room). So, we hurried to get as many cups of beverages and food as we can!

These are the lunch set that we ordered.

American style set lunch. The set was priced at RM16++.

The set includes from left to right starting clockwise:

Grilled lamb and chicken, fruit salad, mashed potatoes, tuna sandwich, two hotdogs. and some sour & sweet tangy sauce for dipping.

I've always loved their mashed potatoes as it have a just nice texture. I love mash potatoes where they still have little pieces of "unmashed potatoes" inside. It was creamy enough, with a hint of butter smell. Don't be cheated by their apperance although they may looked a bit "eww" in the photo. ;) I definately love it~! Even it's without gravy. =)

The lamb grill were nice but tooo salty~! The lamb were quite well marinated as there were nice aroma of herbs. It's really a waste to see two big pieces of lamb being untouched on the plate as I loved grilled lamb. As for the grilled chicken, I found it too dry. Nothing so special about it as I cannot taste what's from the chicken except the chicken bland taste with it's dryness.

I did not try the tuna sandwich and fruit salad. My friends said the tuna sandwich have some weird sour taste and the fruit salad was very weird according to the items being mixed together.

I ordered "fu yu" a.k.a fermented bean curds chicken with rice. It was priced at RM10++.

The rice came with a generous portion of "fu yu" chicken with black fungus, half boiled egg, and eggy rice. Haha, allow me to aplogise as I'm not really well in using bombastic words. Note that in the pic the rice was mixed with some fried eggs. The plate of rice was decorated with some boiled vegetables too.

I would say that I didn't really like this chicken. The chicken was a little too dry for me. The taste was quite bland. Perhaps it's because I've eaten too much of the food we took? They should give me more of the chicken sauce. But this is definately the poorest dish I've ever ate in Neway as their food were all yummy.

Shujin ordered wantan noodle soup. It's priced at RM13++.

I was quite surprised that he ordered that cause usually I'm a little "curious" about soup noodles thingy in karaoke places. :P But it turned out to be not bad at all!

The bowl of noodle consists of two crabsitcks, four huge wantans, presented with boiled vegetables and decorated with chopped spring onions and fried shallots. The soup was clear but good enough to give the warm and nice taste. It does not taste bland, and the nooodles were special. They weren't like those noodles where you get from the wantan noodle stalls. They looked abit thinner and it was quite springy, and quite smooth too.

It's really worth the price for what they offer. If you're a karaoke lover and loves to enjoy food, do give Neway a try. But, by the time when you reach there you won't know whether to sing or to eat. LOL~ ;)

Neway Cheras Plaza Outlet (Just behind Cheras Leisure Mall)
Mezzanine Floor, Cheras Plaza, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-9131 1499

Neway Berjaya Times Square Outlet
04-85, Level 4, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2143 3999

Neway One Utama, New Wing Outlet
Lot EZ 502,5-6/F,
One Utama Shopping Centre,
No.8 Dataran Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: +603-7728 1499


Anonymous said...

waiseh...da photos so nice wey! It must be really nice to know how to sing yeah...;)

Dwayne Foong said...

hehe, she's a siti nurhaliza in disguise.. ;)

cookies_cream said...

meiyen - Thanks for the compliment... =) I wouldn't have this blog without elrohir_telperien's help as the photographer. ;)

dwayne foong - Wei, you are exaggerating la. LOL

PabloPabla said...

So, you enjoyed the singing more or the eating?

cookies_cream said...

pablopabla - Haha, normally whenever I visit karaoke place of course I would sing more than I eat. But....I think that day I ate more than I sing. LOL

BlurBlur said...

hmm... since you like to eat so much... I intro a decent place to you.. you can try out the korean restaraunt in Amcorp Mall PJ. It's situated in top floor beside McDonalds. Try their Jap Pizza! yum yum..

PabloPabla said...

I think that day the karaoke lost money liao when u ate more than u sing...

wyejon said...

wow.. the photos are nice!

cookies_cream said...

blurblur - Haha, I think I know which one..there's some food bloggers made reviews about that Korean restaurant. Must make my way there one day. Niways, thanks for visiting. ;)

pablopable - Haha, I was the one who lost leh. I loveeee to sing! But, that day.....haihz :'(

wyejon - Really? Thanks for the compliment~ =) Can't wait to read more of your upcoming reviews. :}