Saturday, September 30, 2006

Seven Songs You're Listening to These Days

Wow~ I've been tagged for the first time. This is fun~! :) I've been tagged by the cute and nice lady,
Mei Yen. =}

There are rules to be followed:

Okay, what are the 7 songs that I've been listening these days? (Gosh, I'm listening to soo many songs everyday.) @_@ The songs that I pick can be of any genre, with or without lyrics. Haha, and the most important thing is I won't get bored of these songs? These are the rules. Okay, let's get the party started~!

The 7 songs that I love to listen to are:

1) Kelly Clarkson - Walk Away

Walk Away Lyric

2) Queen/Suzie McNeil (from Rockstar INXS) - Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody Lyric

3) Fergie - London Bridge

London Bridge Lyric

4) UVERworld - D-Technolife (Bleach 2nd opening theme)

D-Technolife Lyric

5) Joey Yung (容祖儿) - 心淡

心淡 Lyric

6) Landy Wen Lan (温岚) - 爱回温

爱回温 Lyric

7) Jaclyn Victor & Misha Omar - Cinta

Cinta Lyric

8) ...Opssy, I couldn't control myself. Sorry. :P

Okay, so now I'll need to tag 7 other people?

Hmm, let's see...okay. The 7 are:

1) Life of A Food Lover (Joan Chew)

2) Tummythoz (Tummythoz)

3) The Perspective (Elrohir Telperien)

4) PabloPabla's Whatever (PabloPabla)

5) Eat First Think Later (Teckiee)

6) Living in Food Heaven (Jackson)

7) (KY)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Yuen Buffet Steamboat at Sunway

I'm at Yuen buffet steamboat to celebrate one of my friend's birthday. :) We used to be there whenever we finishes our projects and exams. But now we seldom go there as degree level was getting tougher. (I know things can be even more tougher than this).

It's the first time we're having steamboat on the upper floor. Yeap, this restaurant consists of two floor. I was quite suprised to see the crowd as it was a weekday. There were soo many people dining there wearing their formal clothings, I bet they go there straight away after work huh. Release stress =)

Well, as usual the first thing we usually do is to grab those bbq/marinated chicken wings. Their chicken wings were always the hottest one to be "snatched" away by the customers (us!) leaving the empty tray for others...hahaha. Those who were not alert about the chicken wings' existance when they (chicken wings) came out from the kitchen will have nothing left but the empty tray. Therefore my group was always very alert about it. :P But I don't know why I wasn't into the chicken wings that night, I only ate a pair of the wings. Okay, enough about the story. Let's move on to the other food part, shall we? ^_^

Coming to this restaurant, one can get lots and lots of plates of food. They serves a big variety of food, ranging from meat to veges to seafood to desserts and plenty more. Well, normally my friends love to take lots of seafood to give more flavors to the soup. There's crabs, 2 or 3 types of prawns, lala, mussels, few types of fish, "zuk tan in cantonese" don't know how to translate them in English, and there's baby octopus too~! Fish noodles, fish wanton are not to be forgotten as well~ But I did not take any seafood cause am afraid that will be alergic to my skin. I had a crazy skin as it sometimes will be allergy to certain food but sometimes not. I think my skin has mood too. LOL

Other than seafood, there's also many different types of balls.

To name some are raw fish balls, fried fish balls, vege balls, and etc.

Chicken meat pieces, wantons, mini hot dogs, tofu, fu chuk and lotsa stuffs are also available~! I just can't finish the listing down the food there's available there.

Fried rice, fried bee hoon, curry chicken are also available. I remember tasted a little portion of the fried rice and curry chicken the first time I went there and thought that it was pretty good. Normally, those buffet's sidelines a.k.a curry chicken/fried rice and bee hoon are just for presentation to show us that there's lotsa food and they usually doesn't taste well. But theirs are not.

Just like all the normal steamboat restaurant, there's also noodles and eggs and veges. They have other types of noodles here. They have yee mee, and bee hoon which was common. They also have those kinda maggi mee type with different color. Eh, not color la..I think the yellowish was the normal type, and the green one is spinach type?

Oh, another hot item in the house is the ice cream. Haha, you'll always have to queue up to scoop your own favourite flavors. There's quite a number of flavours to choose from. But they only take out four flavors at a times. Once the ice creams are finished, they'll replace them with other new flavors.

One of my favourites is always the honeydew. The honeydew was actually like the dessert (tong sui) honeydew with sago as there's really sago inside the ice cream. Yummy-licious~! =)

Another favourite flavour of mine is the corn ice cream. It's super yummy. You can taste that there's really corns in it! I'm missing them badly right now. :(

Another way to enjoy the yummy ice cream is to accompany it with the watermelon fruit. ;)

Other than that, there's also other kuihs for some sweet tooth people. The kuih talam was not bad. There's also some other kuihs which are being covered with shredded coconuts. Yam cakes are also available.

Haha, don't know why I asked Shujin to take a photo of a plate of rubbish sisa-sisa junk/prawns shells,bones?

Priced at about RM19.80 per person which includes drink (tea), I think it's another good place to go for if you're craving for steamboat with lots and lotsa food to enjoy for. :)

If you're going on a big group and it's a weekend, you better make a reservation before going as there would be a huge crowd there. :) I made a reservation even it's a weekday and am surprised to see such a crowd.

Yuen Buffet Steamboat Restaurant
32A-1, Jalan PJS 8/6,
Mentari Plaza, Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
+603-5637 5825
Fax: +603-7803 3229
H/P: +6016-208 6678

Monday, September 25, 2006

Nando's at One Utama

I was at One Utama cause Shujin wanted to go there to shoot some photos. There's some events going on there. It was actually a great opportunity for me to try out at Italiannies but I had pasta that morning (The Macaroni in carbonara sauce) I don't think I'll be wanting to eat pasta and stuff. :(

Well, since I wanted something different...I suddenly thought of Nando's. It's been quite a while I last visited Nando's and I missed their coleslaw and Mediterranean rice. So up we went to Nando's.

Shujin and I both ordered the 1/4 chicken set that comes with two sidelines. Mine was the Mild Peri-peri chicken with chips and the Mediterranean rice as sidelines.

Shujin had the Lemon and Herb chicken with Peri chips and coleslaw as sidelines. Priced at RM11.90 per 1/4 meal with 2 sidelines is worth it, or is it not? Haha, I thought it's a pretty nice catch.

The coleslaw was as tasty as before. Very nice. =) The chicken is flavorful too.

The Peri chips was nothing special though. It was just like the normal chips, the only thing is that they sprinkled some chilli/peri (or whatever) powder on the chips and that's all.

But the Mediterranean rice was a little lacking too. It wasn't as tasty as the last time I dine in at Nando's.

I forgot to order their Milk shake. The last time I tried their chocolate milk shake thingy, it was fabulous~!

Something not related to this post, I had lunch at Times Square's Kenny Rogers this afternoon. Ewww....their food was soo sooo not nice! I did not take any pictures (cause I don't have a camera and my hp's screen "kong" adi) and I don't think I wanna take any pics too. The sidelines, mashed potatoes was aweful. The mashed potato's gravy was very watery. The gravy for the chicken was not tasty also. The chicken was okay, the other sidelines (graden salad, and macaroni and cheese) was okay. What happened to them? I think I won't visit them for a longgg time already.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Macaroni in Carbonara Sauce

My first recipe in this blog! :) Yeah, this is the first time I'm posting on what I cook. I've never posted any. So, here's one. This is a very very easy dish. Carbonara has been very easy. :P

I was hunger for carbonara one find morning (I know I shouldn't~!) so I take out all my stuffs out to cook. And I found out that I ran out of spaghetti. All I left was half a packet of macaroni in the shelve, so I have to use that.

I know macaroni was supposed to be cooked in "macaroni and cheese" style, but err...LOL. So, what have I used to cook this meal?


3/4 cup of Macaroni (You can use any type of pastas, and you can adjust the amount of pasta you want)
1 egg
1 teaspoon of oil (Olive oil will be better)
1 clove of garlic, minced
1 Ayamas Cheese sausage, sliced (Usually I and everyone use slices bacon, but I don't have any in the fridge)
1/2 cup and 2 tablespoon of Cream
1/4 cup grated Parmesan Cheese
Ground black pepper to taste
Salt to taste


1) Put macaroni/any pasta into a pot of boiling water with salt (Usually everyone do as what the packet has instructed) :P
2) Heat up a frying pan, and pour in the oil.
3) Then add in the garlic. Fry until fragrant, not brown.

4) Add in the sliced sausage.

5) In a bowl, add in the cream, cheese and egg and mix them well.
6) Drain the pasta up once they're ready.
7) Add the pasta into the pan which contains the garlic and sausage.
8) Pour in the mixture of cream, cheese, and egg and toss them over low heat. Do not overcook them as the egg will scramble.
9) Finally add in salt and pepper to taste.

Tadaaa~~~ My breakfast is ready! Hmm, though it doesn't taste as nice as when there's bacon in it I'm still fine with it. I'm craving for a carbonara so, no matter how I must have one no matter how not original the carbonara is. :P

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Lebanese Cuisine and Thai Cuisine at KLCC Food Court

I was at KLCC to walk walk as it's been quite some time since I go shopping. Err, window shopping actually. But I hate to do window shopping cause if I were to do that, I would rather go shopping. Buying nothing when you sees something you like is very painful. :P

Well, Shujin and I went to hunt for food instead. It's a headache to think of what to eat as there's just too much choices for you to choose from. Finally, we decided to travel to the KLCC's foodcourt which was situated at the second floor.

There were so many different kinds of cuisines served at the food court. From Chinese, Western, to Indian, Japanese. As we were walking I got attracted to the Thai Cuisine which was located just next to the Sushi King. Rama9, was the name of the Thai cuisine stall. We ordered the Green Curry Chicken rice which was recommended by the owner of the stall.

Well, there was nothing to shout about for the Green Curry Chicken rice. Priced at RM7.90 it came with a rectangular shaped rice, a bowl of green curry chicken. It was very oily, the sauce was quite sweet, the brinjals were TOO raw, the chicken pieces came in tiny miny pieces....oppsy.
I guess I complained too much about it, ain't I. But there's one thing I need to complain which is the fried anchovies they gave us was not crispy at all.

We also ordered their Mango with glutionous rice. It was priced at RM6.00. Well, critics critics and critics. First of all, the glutionous rice were not even cooked! Pffff....what a waste. I ate a mouth full of the rice, mango and the coconut sauce with some puffed rice (with my happy face). I ended up pulling my face down. I was so desperately wanted to eat mango with sticky rice so much cause I missed them soo soo much! sad it is.

The owner of the stall even recommended lemongrass drink too and I ordered one. I personally think that the drink was not bad. Very refreshing and nice.

Next is the Tarbush Restaurant which Shujin finds it very attractive and special.

He asked me to try it out. I thought, why not since I've never tried any Lebanese cuisine before. I went to have a look and everything were so alien new to me. So I have to ask the owner of the stall to recommend me what to eat. He asked me if I take lamb and I said yes.

He recommended me with Sharwarna Lamb.

Priced at RM7.00, the Sharwarna looked just like some kebab lamb being wrapped into a flat bread kinda stuff. It's very yummy~! Delicious... :) In the flat bread, there were lamb pieces, tomatoes, and raw onions. The lamb pieces they gave were generous enough. There were some dressings, eh..some kinda white sauce. I wonder if it is sour cream. I really liked it very much. =)

I shall try Tarbush again with some other of their dishes and venture to other stalls at the food court there as well the next time I visit KLCC. =}

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

T.G.I Friday's at One Utama

Ahh, finally I'm back to my blog. It's been a week I'm away from my blog. Miss my blog soo soo much~! Well, this time I've "travelled" to T.G.I Friday's at One Utama.

First time going to T.G.I Friday's for my friend's celebration. I've always wanted to try out their food. :) My poor friend was being tricked by the T.G.I crews...haha. With all the crews asking him to stand on top of the table, and using a straw to blow the candles on the cake which was quite far away from him~!(Sorry friend, I didn't know that T.G.I will do that to you. If I knew, I wouldn't have asked for 21 candles but 3 candles instead~!). The crews even sang a mix-rap kinda thingy birthday song for the birthday boy. It was fun~ =)

Well, I do not know what to order there but I know their Buffalo Chicken Wings were popular. They have a three course meal which cost at RM39.90. Without hesitating, I ordered the three course meal. I ordered the Buffalo Chicken Strips for the appetizer, BBQ Chicken for the main course, and Double Chocolate Brownie for the dessert.

The appetizer, the Buffalo Chicken Strips. It was actually fried chicken strips with Buffalo sauce served with celery with the dipping sauce (what was it? sour cream? cheese?). At first I tasted one piece of the chicken sour! Ewww...Then I dip the chicken into the dipping sauce, and they tasted quite well actually. Silly me.

One of my friend ordered the course meal and ordered the 3 Chillies Fiery fried calamari for appetizer. It tasted okay. Nice and crunchy.

Another friend of mine ordered the chicken burger thingy. I thought it was okay but doesn't really fancy the caramelised onions inside the burger though.

My main course, BBQ chicken. Two grilled chicken drumsticks, served with the BBQ sauce. The sidelines were mashed potatoes,and two grilled corns. I thought it was yucky~! I do not know why but the chicken were a little over grilled, the BBQ sauce was tooo sweet! The grilled corn, yucks! Tasted like some kinda medicine and raw. I did not touch the corn at all. The mashed potato was sweet. Everything was just sooo sweet. Maybe this dish was meant to be sweet? Oh well, I wonder why....

I was kinda dissapointed with the meal I had as I've expected high quality of their food as many have reviewed T.G.I as a nice place to eat. Perhaps I ordered the wrong thing then or the chef mistakenly pour in sugar instead of salt.

Hahaha, but everything was finally forgiven when my dessert came~! The double chocolate brownie. Yummy-licious~! ;) I know their mud pie was popular as well, but maybe next time cause there weren't any mud pie in the 3 course meal category. 3 layer of brownie stacked together. Chocolate and caramel sauce were drizzled all over the plate...and finally one scoop of Vanilla ice cream topped with crushed nuts. Super duper yummy~ I love the vanilla ice cream as they doesn't taste like other vanilla ice cream that you get outside. Really nice dessert.

I was soo bloated with the meal. I shared the 3 course meal with Shujin and yet I am soo full~! Maybe next time I'll visit T.G.I to try out their mud pie.

Another nice dessert that one of my friend ordered. I forgot the name of this dessert but I know there's one word the dessert was called, "turtle"~! Don't know what turtle. Ermm, note that there's a piece of brownie being placed onto of the dessert. It's actually one of my friend who place the brownie there..haha. Not from the dessert itself. But, the dessert also contains brownies with chocolate and caramel sauce I think.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Saisaki Japanese Buffet at Wisma UOA

I've been there once about years ago and now I'm going back there for the second time. Wanted to try out at the famous Shogun at One Utama. I called them a day or two before Merdeka day and they said it was fully booked. So my friend asked me how about Saisaki and I said okay.

So here we are at Saisaki. It was Merdeka's day and there were crowds waiting outside for empty tables. Inside was...oh my gosh! I've not been there for so long and they've renovated the place and added lots of other food sections. There are so many choices of food for you to choose from. First thing first, of course my first stop will be at the sashimi bar there~ :P Sorry that I didn't take much photos and some all photos are blur. Well, I do not own a camera. So mostly the photos that I posted are taken by Shujin(my photographer), my friends' cameras, or handphone(s).

Well, there are smoked salmon rolls, baby octopus, sashimi, ikura (salmon roe). Hehe, sushi~ The sashimi was very very delicious~! Baby octopus are my favourites too~ They didn't wrap the gunkan(sushi where the rice was wrapped around with seaweed) with seaweed(nori) but with some "eggy" thing? Haha, I didn't experiment what's the sheet that's around the rice cause I was too hungry~!

Cheese Baked Oysters~! It was a complimentary dish by the restaurant. Of course one oyster per person only. LOL. It tasted okay. One of my friend took "Peking duck wrap" (forgot to take photo of it) which I thought it was brilliant. It was situated in front of the ice cream section.

Eggy thingy wrapped with nice stuff (forgot what's inside). Very very nice roll.

Tempura~ There's soft shell crabs, prawns, fish, and other vege tempuras. Yummy, crispy and fresh as they deep fry them on the spot. There's also cheese baked scallops and green mussels.

Do-it-yourself miso soup~ This is the first time I make my own miso soup with the prepared ingredients and a pot of the dashi stock soup...hehe. I added everything that's there for my bowl of miso soup. There's wakame seaweed, tofu pieces, chopped spring onions(scallions), and katsuobushi(thin shredded pieces of dried skipjack tuna).

Err, the infront one I think it's dried baby octopus? Whatever it is, they are delicious~

Fresh hand rolls that you need to order from the chef. On the right side of the plate was, err..pai tee thingy. Inside the pai tee was some mayonnaise, tuna with some wine? I forgot what the black color paste thingy called.

Another thing that I will not miss in Japanese buffet, edamame(green soybean). =) I love to dip them into wasabi(Imitation:Made from horseradish, mustard, and green coloring for food) and shoyu(soy sauce) and suck the beans out~! ;)

Green tea ice cream. Their green tea ice cream wasn't really nice. Very powdery and was a little bitter.

But their mint and vanilla lime ice cream was yummy yum~!

Overall, I find the food nice. Business hours are from 12.00pm - 2.30 pm for lunch buffet and 6.30pm - 10.30pm for dinner buffet. The lunch buffet is RM39+ per pax(if I'm not mistaken) and dinner buffet is RM43+ per pax.

My other favourites are Bangi's Equatorial Hotel Kampachi Japenese Restaurant and Legend Hotel's Gen Japanese Restauran. I should try out other Japanesee buffet too.

Restaurant Saisaki-Japanese Buffet
Unit No.1-9, 1st Floor,
Wisma UOA II, No.21, Jalan Pinang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-21663728
Hunting Line: +603-21664728
Fax: +603-21666728

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Yoshinoya at One Utama

We went for a movie "Snakes on a Plane" on the Merdeka's day. Gosh, I've heard a not so good review about this movie but I thought it was pretty good. There's one scene that have actually "freaked" me out. LOL~ We actually have no idea of what to have for lunch as you know, One Utama got soo many choices of food for you to choose from. As we are heading for a big feast at Saisaki for dinner buffet later that night, we got to have something that's not so "big". I bumped into Yoshinoya and hence we tried it out as we never try them before.

I individually felt that it wasn't that nice. Yoshinoya was fast food chain, aren't they? Hmm, their service was fast though. The food came out really fast without having you to wait. This is what I call fast food services. =)

Well, I had their chicken teriyaki rice which cost RM8.90. The set comes with either you choose miso soup or drink. There's rice, chicken teriyaki with the sauce, with some vegetables. The chicken tasted like steamed chicken. I don't find anything interesting in my bowl of chicken teriyaki. Well, the soup was okay but a little too salty. I guess they smashed the tofu pieces in the soup as they use those "miso soup dispenser" for the miso soup.

Shujin had the chicken udon which priced at RM9.90. Shujin also chose the miso soup. Err, actually it was my mistake. Shujin didn't want miso soup but I heard wrongly. He actually wanted drink but...haha. Sorry! Well, The bowl of udon contains udon(of course got udon :P), pieces of seaweeds, one quite big piece of chicken meat, and sprinkled with some chopped spring onions. Look at how over grilled is the chicken meat! Or was it meant to be like that? I don't think so~! The soup was okay, and the udon was overcooked. Overall, I don't find anything interesting about his udon either.

One of my friend had their onigiri. She said it wasn't really nice also. I would probably not going back to Yoshinoya, but perhaps it's because I was too used to real, original Japanese food at those Japanese restaurants? Haha. :P

Friday, September 08, 2006

Durian Cheese Cake at Serai House

My grandmother need to go for eye check up at Taman Tun, so me and my family went there to have dinner as well. This fine malay cuisine restaurant (Serai House) was opened by my cousin brother's friend and her business partner.

The restaurant serves pure Malay food, this means there will not have any mix of other cuisine like Thai, Indonesian, or etc. The environment there was very nice and looked classy. :)

Well, so sorry that I did not take photos of what I've eaten but there's one thing that I'm sure I must recommend to you all. They serves superb durian cheese cake. The cheese cake contains durian flesh. It's really rich and moist. Yummy yummy~Though I'm not sure if they still have it because I believe that durian are only available in certain season. If you love durian then you must try them~

Overall, I would say that their food was delicious. I'm missing their "kerabu pucuk paku", "nangka kari ayam" and also "ikan percik". What I missed the most was their desserts~!!!

We had the cendol ice cream, durian ice cream, and also the durian cheese cake. I tell you, the desserts were all yummy~ They even make the ice cream themselves. The cendol ice cream and durian ice cream was delicious~! You can eat the durian flesh inside the durian ice cream.

We couldn't resist the durian cheese cake hence my cousin brother ordered two whole cake. ^^ One whole cake is selling at RM80 for, erm not sure if it's 1 or 1.5 kg. I was so happy when my cousin brother's friend deliver the cake right to my door step. Do try this restaurant out as I would like to visit them again.

Serai House - Fine Malay Cuisine
44, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman,
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel/Fax: +603-77296622

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Shujin and I went to A&W after our part time work. It was quite some time since we last visited A&W. I made a review about "Waffle Stop" previously and it was a dissapointment. A&W's waffle are much more better~!

Curly fries, another item that I like in A&W. =) Well, as usual nice and crunchy.

This is what Shujin had. Coney was quite nice. :)

Well, this is the waffle~! Waffle with single scoop ice cream. It's being topped with one scoop of vanilla ice cream and also strawberries. >.< Now this is what I call a waffle (though they are common in terms of toppings) but who cares? They are still great! The waffle was very nice and crunchy. (Sorry that the ice cream was melting inside the photo..keke)

I had the chicken sandwich. Well, there isn't any photos of the chicken sandwich and root beer. Sad to say that some of the A&W branches were closed down. I hope they will improve their services (etc) to keep the business going. I will miss their waffle and root beer float if they are gone! I feel like going back for waffle and root beer float now~! @_@

Friday, September 01, 2006

Tian Shan Restaurant at Berjaya Times Square

I wanted to try this restaurant as there were some bloggers who have blogged about it. Finally, I went to this restaurant during Gary Chow's M'sia tour. Had dinner here with friends. Well, the place was nicely decorated, very unique. =)

What I saw from other reviewers are they had the chicken chop noodle, and "xiao long bao". I decided to give it a try.

This is the "xiao long bao". It was something like dumplings, steamed. It tasted okay but I find it a little too salty. The skin dries up very quickly. RM10 for 10 of the dumplings.

This is the fried dumpling a.k.a "wo tip in cantonese". This was nice too. The skin of the dumpling was crispy on one side and soft on the other side. This is same with the "xiao long bao", RM10 for 10 of the dumplings.

This is the "zha jiang mian". It was a very huge bowl when it came. I was kinda shocked...haha, such a big bowl of noodle. They gave big portion cause this bowl of noodle costs RM9.90. As you can see on the pic, there's minced meat, noodle, with lots of shredded carrots and cucumber sprinkled with spring onions. It was not bad too.

This is the chicken chop noodle that costs RM10.90. I loved the chicken meat as it was tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. Very nice. The noodle though was simple cause the soup was very common, sorta like lack of taste. The type of noodle was the same with the "zha jiang mian". Note that the bowl of noodle given was very huge too. How to finish it by one person?

Sweet and sour chicken rice priced at RM10.90. I must say that although you can get this anywhere, but the sweet and sour chicken was nice. The sauce was very nice. The chicken meat accompanied with capsicum, cucumber, tomatoes, and sesame was nice. The sauce was just somehow very nice.

Tian Shan Restaurant
Lot 03-92, Third Floor,
Berjaya Times Square,
No.1, Jalan Imbi, 55100, Kuala Lumpur