Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Lebanese Cuisine and Thai Cuisine at KLCC Food Court

I was at KLCC to walk walk as it's been quite some time since I go shopping. Err, window shopping actually. But I hate to do window shopping cause if I were to do that, I would rather go shopping. Buying nothing when you sees something you like is very painful. :P

Well, Shujin and I went to hunt for food instead. It's a headache to think of what to eat as there's just too much choices for you to choose from. Finally, we decided to travel to the KLCC's foodcourt which was situated at the second floor.

There were so many different kinds of cuisines served at the food court. From Chinese, Western, to Indian, Japanese. As we were walking I got attracted to the Thai Cuisine which was located just next to the Sushi King. Rama9, was the name of the Thai cuisine stall. We ordered the Green Curry Chicken rice which was recommended by the owner of the stall.

Well, there was nothing to shout about for the Green Curry Chicken rice. Priced at RM7.90 it came with a rectangular shaped rice, a bowl of green curry chicken. It was very oily, the sauce was quite sweet, the brinjals were TOO raw, the chicken pieces came in tiny miny pieces....oppsy.
I guess I complained too much about it, ain't I. But there's one thing I need to complain which is the fried anchovies they gave us was not crispy at all.

We also ordered their Mango with glutionous rice. It was priced at RM6.00. Well, critics critics and critics. First of all, the glutionous rice were not even cooked! Pffff....what a waste. I ate a mouth full of the rice, mango and the coconut sauce with some puffed rice (with my happy face). I ended up pulling my face down. I was so desperately wanted to eat mango with sticky rice so much cause I missed them soo soo much! sad it is.

The owner of the stall even recommended lemongrass drink too and I ordered one. I personally think that the drink was not bad. Very refreshing and nice.

Next is the Tarbush Restaurant which Shujin finds it very attractive and special.

He asked me to try it out. I thought, why not since I've never tried any Lebanese cuisine before. I went to have a look and everything were so alien new to me. So I have to ask the owner of the stall to recommend me what to eat. He asked me if I take lamb and I said yes.

He recommended me with Sharwarna Lamb.

Priced at RM7.00, the Sharwarna looked just like some kebab lamb being wrapped into a flat bread kinda stuff. It's very yummy~! Delicious... :) In the flat bread, there were lamb pieces, tomatoes, and raw onions. The lamb pieces they gave were generous enough. There were some dressings, eh..some kinda white sauce. I wonder if it is sour cream. I really liked it very much. =)

I shall try Tarbush again with some other of their dishes and venture to other stalls at the food court there as well the next time I visit KLCC. =}


Tummythoz said...

'Alo there! Just skipped over from Jackson's blog. Wow, nice pix. I usually take d Aglio olio seafood pasta at d Pizza Milano stall.

cookies_cream said...

tummythoz - Pizza Milano stall. Is it the one which is at the corner side? When next to it is the fruity stall something? :)

evan said...

KLCC looks like a really happening place! too bad i'm in singapore. love the pics you took :)

Meiyen said...

i like da Sharwana Lamb!!!! da last time i had it was few months ago also at da same place u went to hehehehe... yum yum wey..

boo_licious said...

Yeah, I usually eat at the Pizza Milano place and the Ipoh noodles place next to Laksa Shack.

Tarbush is nice - they also have a few restaurant outlets and I love their mixed grill. Atmosphere in the Starhill Feast one is very nice too.

PabloPabla said...

Oh how I miss the kebabs in England...

cookies_cream said...

evan - Haha, when you pay a visit here then you can try out as many food as you want in KLCC or other places~ ;) Thanks, the photos are nice indeed..taken by my kind photographer. :)

meiyen - hehe, the sharwarna lamb was heaven~! Hmm, I feel that you are a very nice person to chat with la..shall try to get your msn or other contact.. :P

boo_licious - Yeah, I've read your previous blog about tarbush. The rice and the meatball looked nice too. :) It took me many weeks to finish all your posts. It was worth my time cause your posts are great~ ;) (You're the 1st person who inspired me into the food blogging world)

pablopabla - Ooo, kebab in England very nice too? =) Same thing like here in Malaysia?

Meiyen said...

cookies, you can add me through msn messenger though.. my email add, and am looking forward to chat with u wey.. ekekekeke..