Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Shujin and I went to A&W after our part time work. It was quite some time since we last visited A&W. I made a review about "Waffle Stop" previously and it was a dissapointment. A&W's waffle are much more better~!

Curly fries, another item that I like in A&W. =) Well, as usual nice and crunchy.

This is what Shujin had. Coney dog...it was quite nice. :)

Well, this is the waffle~! Waffle with single scoop ice cream. It's being topped with one scoop of vanilla ice cream and also strawberries. >.< Now this is what I call a waffle (though they are common in terms of toppings) but who cares? They are still great! The waffle was very nice and crunchy. (Sorry that the ice cream was melting inside the photo..keke)

I had the chicken sandwich. Well, there isn't any photos of the chicken sandwich and root beer. Sad to say that some of the A&W branches were closed down. I hope they will improve their services (etc) to keep the business going. I will miss their waffle and root beer float if they are gone! I feel like going back for waffle and root beer float now~! @_@


boo_licious said...

A&W's waffles are still the best. They may have closed a few outlets but they're also reopening some. The 24 hr outlet in PJ town is doing so well - forever packed.

cookies_cream said...

boo_licious - Yeah, hope that they will maintain their business here.:)

Jackson said...

Haha, even though im not a waffle guy, i also agree that A & W still da best! Besides, i love thier curly fries...and root beer with ice - cream. Only one weakness i think they should improve is their marketing plan and some product development. Seems like their item is still the same now with 10 years back!

wyejon said...

ahh the famed A&W waffles... the only saving grace of this once great fast food chain

teckiee said...

This post reminds me of my waffles review post.


Totally agree that A&W waffles isway better compared to waffel stop

cookies_cream said...

jackson - yeah, that's the word. Marketing plan. :P

wyejon - I think there's one more thing, their rootbeer~ ;)

teckiee - Wow, nice collection of waffles there. =) Yeah, another stop that I love to go for waffles are "Waffle World". But Sri Petaling's branch closed down already. :(