Saturday, September 30, 2006

Seven Songs You're Listening to These Days

Wow~ I've been tagged for the first time. This is fun~! :) I've been tagged by the cute and nice lady,
Mei Yen. =}

There are rules to be followed:

Okay, what are the 7 songs that I've been listening these days? (Gosh, I'm listening to soo many songs everyday.) @_@ The songs that I pick can be of any genre, with or without lyrics. Haha, and the most important thing is I won't get bored of these songs? These are the rules. Okay, let's get the party started~!

The 7 songs that I love to listen to are:

1) Kelly Clarkson - Walk Away

Walk Away Lyric

2) Queen/Suzie McNeil (from Rockstar INXS) - Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody Lyric

3) Fergie - London Bridge

London Bridge Lyric

4) UVERworld - D-Technolife (Bleach 2nd opening theme)

D-Technolife Lyric

5) Joey Yung (容祖儿) - 心淡

心淡 Lyric

6) Landy Wen Lan (温岚) - 爱回温

爱回温 Lyric

7) Jaclyn Victor & Misha Omar - Cinta

Cinta Lyric

8) ...Opssy, I couldn't control myself. Sorry. :P

Okay, so now I'll need to tag 7 other people?

Hmm, let's see...okay. The 7 are:

1) Life of A Food Lover (Joan Chew)

2) Tummythoz (Tummythoz)

3) The Perspective (Elrohir Telperien)

4) PabloPabla's Whatever (PabloPabla)

5) Eat First Think Later (Teckiee)

6) Living in Food Heaven (Jackson)

7) (KY)


Anonymous said...

cookies, thanks for da meme!! :D :D

Tummythoz said...

OMG. At most times, I do radio stations surfing! This is gonna b tough but I'll do it .. hopefully soon. Hehe. Will let u know then.

KY said...

songs.. songs.. my tastes' abit weird.

1. Counting Crow - Mr. Jones
2. Radiohead - Fake plastic tree
3. Bob Dylan - All along the watch tower
4. Bush - Glycerine
5. Dave Matthews Band - Crush
6. Better than Ezra - Good
7. Utada Hikaru - In My Room

So you know any of these songs? heehee

PabloPabla said...

Wah! This is my first time kena tag. Nervous ah? Reply here kah? Okay here goes... Hmmm...

7 songs?

There. I never knew it's so hard to think of 7 songs lah. But these were some of the last songs I sang :)

1. Hosanna
2. We wanna see
3. No other name
4. The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases
- all the above Christian worship songs
5. Silent night
6. Hark! The herald angels sing
7. The First Noel
- these songs were sung last night as we were preparing our Christmas programme :)


cookies_cream said...

mei yen - Haha, no prob~ :)

tummythoz - Take your worries... ;)

ky - hmm, I know who's counting crows,radiohead, dave matthews band, bob dylan, utada of course~! :) But don't know who's Bush, Better than Ezra wor~

pablapobla - I don't know any of those songs...hahaa. But thanks for doing that! =)

PabloPabla said...

Arrr? You never heard of Silent Night kah?

Silent Night, Holy Night
All is calm, all is bright...

cookies_cream said...

oh...hahaha..heard before~! :P *paiseh* hahaha...Sorry, I forgot that song cause too long never listen already. Since you are singing Christian songs, you got heard of "Shout to the Lord" before? I've listen to some of these songs before but forgot the title, very nice.

PabloPabla said...

Oh yes, I listen to "Shout to the Lord" sometimes and shout to the Lord myself sometimes too :)