Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Saisaki Japanese Buffet at Wisma UOA

I've been there once about years ago and now I'm going back there for the second time. Wanted to try out at the famous Shogun at One Utama. I called them a day or two before Merdeka day and they said it was fully booked. So my friend asked me how about Saisaki and I said okay.

So here we are at Saisaki. It was Merdeka's day and there were crowds waiting outside for empty tables. Inside was...oh my gosh! I've not been there for so long and they've renovated the place and added lots of other food sections. There are so many choices of food for you to choose from. First thing first, of course my first stop will be at the sashimi bar there~ :P Sorry that I didn't take much photos and some all photos are blur. Well, I do not own a camera. So mostly the photos that I posted are taken by Shujin(my photographer), my friends' cameras, or handphone(s).

Well, there are smoked salmon rolls, baby octopus, sashimi, ikura (salmon roe). Hehe, sushi~ The sashimi was very very delicious~! Baby octopus are my favourites too~ They didn't wrap the gunkan(sushi where the rice was wrapped around with seaweed) with seaweed(nori) but with some "eggy" thing? Haha, I didn't experiment what's the sheet that's around the rice cause I was too hungry~!

Cheese Baked Oysters~! It was a complimentary dish by the restaurant. Of course one oyster per person only. LOL. It tasted okay. One of my friend took "Peking duck wrap" (forgot to take photo of it) which I thought it was brilliant. It was situated in front of the ice cream section.

Eggy thingy wrapped with nice stuff (forgot what's inside). Very very nice roll.

Tempura~ There's soft shell crabs, prawns, fish, and other vege tempuras. Yummy, crispy and fresh as they deep fry them on the spot. There's also cheese baked scallops and green mussels.

Do-it-yourself miso soup~ This is the first time I make my own miso soup with the prepared ingredients and a pot of the dashi stock soup...hehe. I added everything that's there for my bowl of miso soup. There's wakame seaweed, tofu pieces, chopped spring onions(scallions), and katsuobushi(thin shredded pieces of dried skipjack tuna).

Err, the infront one I think it's dried baby octopus? Whatever it is, they are delicious~

Fresh hand rolls that you need to order from the chef. On the right side of the plate was, err..pai tee thingy. Inside the pai tee was some mayonnaise, tuna with some wine? I forgot what the black color paste thingy called.

Another thing that I will not miss in Japanese buffet, edamame(green soybean). =) I love to dip them into wasabi(Imitation:Made from horseradish, mustard, and green coloring for food) and shoyu(soy sauce) and suck the beans out~! ;)

Green tea ice cream. Their green tea ice cream wasn't really nice. Very powdery and was a little bitter.

But their mint and vanilla lime ice cream was yummy yum~!

Overall, I find the food nice. Business hours are from 12.00pm - 2.30 pm for lunch buffet and 6.30pm - 10.30pm for dinner buffet. The lunch buffet is RM39+ per pax(if I'm not mistaken) and dinner buffet is RM43+ per pax.

My other favourites are Bangi's Equatorial Hotel Kampachi Japenese Restaurant and Legend Hotel's Gen Japanese Restauran. I should try out other Japanesee buffet too.

Restaurant Saisaki-Japanese Buffet
Unit No.1-9, 1st Floor,
Wisma UOA II, No.21, Jalan Pinang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-21663728
Hunting Line: +603-21664728
Fax: +603-21666728


aprilcherrie said...

been to this Restaurant long time ago... hmm... as what i remember there got not much variety of food... hmm... i still prefer Jogoya but expensive... :)

Joan Chew said...

if u're into food blogging, u shuld get yourself a good camera for all your food shots...

ur pics a little blur lee.. lol..

japanese food RAWKS!

Meiyen said...

da last time i came to this place was 6 years ago i think.. good to hear that they've renovated this place :) if you are into jap buff, try out kampachi rest @ hotel equatorial or genji @ pj hilton.. so far i think they are da best... jogoya is good too but kinda expensive though and if u are into seafood, jogoya would be da place u wanna try out 1st ;)

nicktay said...

I used to work in that building and went there many times...loved that place...dude...There should be a macro function on your camera. You need to press that when taking pictures of food. it should look like a flower.

cookies_cream said...

aprilcherrie - haha, I've not been there for a long time too. But hey, they've added lots of food sections now(compared to last time) and I found it not bad. I remembered last time we took the same food over and over cause there weren't much choices~

joan chew - haha, If I have $ I already own a D70S or other SLR myself. I should work more part time and save more money. :P

meiyen - Yeah, I've been to Kampachi and I loved there too as they have "muachi" and "eel baked rice". Super yummy stuffs. I will try out at Jogoya once I save enough $. =)

nicktay - Hehe, I think my friend forgot to turn on the macro mode gua.

PabloPabla said...

Went to Saisaki only once a couple of years ago. Nice. But back then, no cheese oyster. They give you some kind of snail instead :P Tastes good though.

wyejon said...

Shogun is nothing great... you didn't miss anything :)

cookies_cream said...

pablopabla - snail ar? hehe..Last time I don't like to eat them :P

wyejon - Haha, so many people said their food were soo nice and soo many choices. Thought of giving it a try. :)

evan said...

hi, i stumbled upon your blog. lovely food pics :) i'm a foodie myself and its great to know likeminded ppl. take care!

xiaoxiao said...

went shogun last friday.. THE FIRST TIME. the sushi choice is very limited.
will not go back again...

but i like sasaki

cookies_cream said...

Evan - Thanks for stopping by. ;)

xiaoxiao - hmm, sounds like I shouldn't visit Shogun like that. ;P

KY said...

ah.. looks nice, shall get myself there one of these days. :)

Anonymous said...

I dont't really like Japanese food. Have been to Saisaki few times and I love it. Recent visit to Jogoya and I loved it more. Everything so fresh, unlimited.