Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Revisit to Italiannies at One Utama

Well well, I've been waiting for this day and here it comes! Muahahaha..(Sorry ya sorry, please forgive me for my insanity) :P I've decided to go Italiannies again with my cousins(They just came back from Australia, and I told them about the eat all you can pasta day thingy) and aunt for dinner.

It's a sad case to know that they don't have the Wednesday promo "Pasta Day" on any public holiday day eve. ARGH~~~~ My cousin told me she got no mood to shop when she got a call from them telling us about it. Oh well, after some walk and did some shopping we went into the Voir shoe shop which is just next to/or opposite Italiannies. The aroma came to us and was seducing us to go there~! We were being seducedand and we can't stnad it. So up we went in there for dinner. Haha, I said until as if it's so bad. No, it's not bad at all. At least I got to try out my tiramisu? :P

Well, there's nothing much to post about as we ordered the same pasta cause my cousins and aunt never try them out before. My cousin sis wanted to order their Pomodoro with chicken, so we ordered that on a 4-8 person portion which was priced at RM43.90. It was a huge bowl of pasta. The picture did the trick, it looked small but it's not~! Don't be deceived by it~

I'm not a huge fan of pomodoro fan, so if I need to compare it with carbonara for sure I'll pick carbonara~!

Next up, a must order pasta for me (which I recommended for them, they agreed to order it also k, I didn't force them leh) LOL, Carbonara~! (Sorry, the pic is over exposed) Again it's a 4-8 person portion which is priced at RM46.90. It was absolutely heavenly delicious~! Mama mia!!! I really really do love their Carbonara. It's aromatic, the sauce was perfect, and creamy enough and milky enough and cheesy enough...blablabla. Whatever it is, I love them~ But, you know what...it's served with BEFF!!! OMG.......I was eating hungrily and only to find out (Actually I was curious about the bacon bite pieces served in carbonara when eating them) that it was served with beef bacon! I made a SIN, what should I do????? :'( Well, I don't know what else to say, but....to apologise to my dear "God Mother".

They have something new that I didn't see them before during my last visit (I know my last visit was tad too long), my cousin bro ordered the Florence Platter which is priced at RM29.90. There were 3 different platters to choose from, my cousin brother chose the one with lamb. :)

Picture from bottom left (clockwise) was the lamb stew I guess, then vege, chicken, and the penne pasta. The lamb was really nice and tender. It was flavorful. I loved the stewed vegetables which was below the lamb pieces (As you can see from the pic), you eat them with lamb and it was just so perfect~ The penne was ok to me. Maybe it's because I loved Carbonara too much that's why it didn't taste as good as it is. The chicken was aromatic and tasted good too. But it's a little overgrilled.

Our dessert finally came, Tiramisu which priced at RM15.90. We were all over bloated but I insisted to order it as I would not want to miss the opportunity to try them again, which I did last time. The piece of tiramisu was huge. My cousin's eyes grew big when the waiter served us the tiramisu. But, I didn't know why they served the tiramisu on a wet plate. Bad bad bad. The tiramisu ended up a little to wet at the bottom (sponge cake) which makes it a little soggy. But, it didn't let me down though. It was really good. I could taste a little of liquor, but it couldn't be cause it was halal...is it? Anyway, it was really yummy. I love it! I'm so glad that I ordered the Tiramisu. :)

Italiannies - Pasta Pizza & Vino
One Utama Outlet
F355, 1st Floor, Rainforest (New Wing),
One Utama Shopping Center,
Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: +603-7727 1399
Fax: +603-7710 3411
Email: sua@fridays.com.my

Thursday, February 15, 2007

5 Things You Do Not Know About Me

Well, this is another very interesting meme to do~! I've been tagged by Pablopabla when I was reading the comment I got in my post. I'm surely is surprised that I got tagged and am very excited about it. :) Today, when I was reading Mei Yen's blog I saw that I got tagged by her too for the same meme~! =)

Well, so I guess I should start posting this now...haha. I was at college just now and am writing this while waiting for my class which will be ended at 6pm. Sob sob~! :'(

5 Things Which You Don't Know About Me:

1) I hate bitter gourd, and cockles when I was a little kid. I think it's because bitter gourd tasted bitter while cockles tasted very funny to me. Well, it changed my mind for bitter gourd and cockles now. I've eaten a very nice chicken fried with bitter gourd by my mom and it tasted soo yummylicious! Bitter gourd fried with egg was heaven too.

And as for cockles, it's because I eaten once at a Thai restaurant once where they actually grill the cockles and you dip them into special spicy Thai sauce before popping into your mouth. That's when I actually loved cockles so much and got hooked to it.

2) I came to dislike papaya. I have no idea why cause I used to eat them last time. I guess it's the moment when I heard someone said that if I eat a lot of papaya my breast will grow big. Therefore, I'm afraid to touch them. :P (Don't know how true is that...but now I don't like to consume them)

3) I love singing just so so much~!!! I love to sing, whether it's going out with friends to sing k or singing at home. I used to turn on the music so loud in my room and started to sing and sing. I sing too when I'm having my shower. (I know I'm silly~but hey, I love to sing!)

4) I'm actually a very careless person (As in walking). Since I was a kid until now, I will be banging into doors, cupboards, chairs, or whatever furniture or things whenever I'm walking. I'll end up wondering why I got so much blue blacks on my knees/arms/thigh/etc...I'm such a clumsy person. Sometimes I woke up from my sleep and felt that there's a pain on my leg and only to notice that there's a blue black on it. @_@ I did watch my steps and look when I'm walking but...I just couldn't help it!

5) I'll be learning hip hop dance on March soon with my best friend. I think I'll want to learn it because it's something new and I think it'll be interesting and good to exercise a little since I'm lazy in doing excercise. :P

Ok, I've finished mine. :) Who should I tag now?

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  • Friday, February 09, 2007

    Madam Kwan's at Bangsar

    Went to shopping at Bangsar one fine afternoon with my friends about last 2 weeks ago. We were so hungry that day and had a late lunch. We were finding for parking for few minutes and managed to get a parking space opposite the Bangsar Village II (If I'm not mistaken, it's a new shopping mall). The moment we walked past a mamak stall I saw Mdm Kwan's. I was very excited as I've never dine in before. I told my friends about how popular Mdm Kwan's is with their nasi bojari and acar. Since they don't know what to eat either, they accepted my idea to have lunch there. Weee~~~ :)

    At first we thought of sharing, whereby each person orders a different dish. But, it turned out to be 2 people ordering nasi lemak and 2 people ordering nasi bojari in the end. Hmm, although I won't be able to taste different item in Mdm Kwan but nevermind cause I wanted to try out their nasi bojari so badly after hearing about how great they are (and I really don't know what else to order).

    We've been chatting along while waiting for the food to arrive. Finally, the food came. This is the nasi lemak which was priced at RM13.80. From left bottom (clockwise) they're sambal ikan bilis, cucumbers, curry chicken, hard boiled egg, and some powdery dried prawn thingy? I liked their sambal ikan bilis very much. Overall, the curry chicken was nice and aromatic.

    Nasi Bojari was priced at RM19.90. From left bottom (clockwise), there are sambal prawns, one freshly fried chicken drumstick layed ontop of half boiled eggs and cucumbers, curry chicken (which I opted from beef to chicken), and of course the nasi itself. The nasi bojari also comes with a side dish which is acar. So sorry that the acar dish wasn't taken cause the pic was too blur. (Don't know how to use my friend's Olympus digi cam, and too lazy to adjust their settings.)

    The curry chicken that I got was the same with the nasi lemak. I personally liked the curry chicken sauce and also the sambal prawns. The acar was delicious too! But, the fried drumstick was kinda common to me. Other than the drumstick being crunchy and fresh from the oil (freshly deep fried), the meat tasted kinda bland. I was expecting the drumstick to be very flavorful and aromatic, but it wasn't.

    Overall, the meal was fine. We were all way too full to shop. But, we must make it! LOL I'm wondering what other popular dishes are there in Mdm Kwan's.

    Madam Kwan's Restaurant

    No.65, Jalan Telawi Tiga,
    Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur

    Tel: +603-2284 2297

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    Friday, February 02, 2007

    Korea Kyung Joo Restaurant at Mid Valley

    I'm hunger for Korean food one fine evening. I'm thinking of going to Korean restaurant at Amcorp Mall where it was recommended by my friend and many of other food bloggers. But, Shujin just came all the way from PJ after work. It's impossible if I ask him to drive to Amcorp Mall again.

    So, we ended up at Mid Valley. The Korean restaurant that I used to see everytime I pass by the GSC (Golden Screen Cinema) there. It's on top of the Bubble Tea kinda taiwanese cafe. So, up we went.

    They gave us the menu. It wasn't much to choose from. I remembered last time where I used to dine in a Korean Restaurant ran by a Korean woman near KLCC. Their stone pot rice was delicious~! And their omelette and grilled chicken was superb.

    I'm craving for the stone pot rice actually. But apparently Shujin wanted to order the stone pot rice too. So, I have to order something else (So that I can taste different food). I turn out to order Kim Chi soup with rice.

    After taking the order, the appetisers arrived. They only provided us 5 types of appetisers. And some of them don't look appetising at all. I'm curious, normally korean restaurants would serves 7 plates of appetisers, isn't it? Or it's up to the restaurant to serves the number of appetisers they want to? I think I saw some who served 9 types of appetisers?

    This was the mung bean sprouts with carrots. It tasted ok.

    The next appetiser was kimchi preserved salted vege? It's called "ham choi" in cantonese. Forgot what it's called in english. It tasted not bad. A little salty, spicy and sour.

    This is what I've always love, Kim Chi cabbage. It's nice. I loved them so much.

    Spicy slice cucumber? Not sure if it's kim chi cucumber or what, but it tasted ok only.

    Last but not least, is it called spinach? Gosh, I'm so bad in remembering different kinds of vegetables or fish. It tasted bland though. Is it supposed to be like that?

    I ordered the peach with red tea. I actually forgotten what it's called. It costs RM5.50. I loved it soo much. It's hot and it's so aromatic. It's just my cup of tea. :P Sorry that I didn't take the pic with the tea. Only took how the mug looked like. LOL

    And as usual, Shujin's Iced Lemon Tea. Priced at RM3.90, it tasted different from other lemon tea. It's not those Nestea drinks, but it's something like plum tea or something. Not sure if it's lemon tea or plum tea...hahaha. But it tasted not bad though.

    Shujin's order, "Dolsot Bee Beem Bab" (Stone Pot rice with Chicken) priced at RM16. With a glance at the photo, you'll be able to see sliced carrots and cucumbers, shredded chicken meat, seaweed, and an raw egg. They added sesame seeds on top of the rice too. I forgot what's the item in between the shredded chicken and carrots.

    The stone pot came with a bowl of soup and the sauce. I don't know what's the sauce, but I know it's used to add them into the stone pot rice. You can add the sauce into your rice according to your own preference.

    After it's been mixed up. I don't know why I love stone pot rice, maybe because I feel healthy everytime I eat them. Add with the sauce was just prefect. Yummy yummy.

    My order, "Kim Chee Jjikeh" priced at RM18. Kim Chi soup with rice. There's clams, crabsticks, kim chi, seaweed, "dong fun", tofu cubes, and other ingredients in the soup. I loved the soup very much. It warmed my heart.

    Haha, I've never tasted any kim chi soup but I find it nice though to drink it up like that. Or to eat them with rice.

    Overall I find the food was okay but not very happy with the appetisers. Should go Amcorp Mall's Korean restaurant to have a try one day.

    Korea Hyung Joo Restaurant
    3rd Floor, T049,
    Mid Valley Megamall

    Tel: +603-2282 1112