Friday, February 09, 2007

Madam Kwan's at Bangsar

Went to shopping at Bangsar one fine afternoon with my friends about last 2 weeks ago. We were so hungry that day and had a late lunch. We were finding for parking for few minutes and managed to get a parking space opposite the Bangsar Village II (If I'm not mistaken, it's a new shopping mall). The moment we walked past a mamak stall I saw Mdm Kwan's. I was very excited as I've never dine in before. I told my friends about how popular Mdm Kwan's is with their nasi bojari and acar. Since they don't know what to eat either, they accepted my idea to have lunch there. Weee~~~ :)

At first we thought of sharing, whereby each person orders a different dish. But, it turned out to be 2 people ordering nasi lemak and 2 people ordering nasi bojari in the end. Hmm, although I won't be able to taste different item in Mdm Kwan but nevermind cause I wanted to try out their nasi bojari so badly after hearing about how great they are (and I really don't know what else to order).

We've been chatting along while waiting for the food to arrive. Finally, the food came. This is the nasi lemak which was priced at RM13.80. From left bottom (clockwise) they're sambal ikan bilis, cucumbers, curry chicken, hard boiled egg, and some powdery dried prawn thingy? I liked their sambal ikan bilis very much. Overall, the curry chicken was nice and aromatic.

Nasi Bojari was priced at RM19.90. From left bottom (clockwise), there are sambal prawns, one freshly fried chicken drumstick layed ontop of half boiled eggs and cucumbers, curry chicken (which I opted from beef to chicken), and of course the nasi itself. The nasi bojari also comes with a side dish which is acar. So sorry that the acar dish wasn't taken cause the pic was too blur. (Don't know how to use my friend's Olympus digi cam, and too lazy to adjust their settings.)

The curry chicken that I got was the same with the nasi lemak. I personally liked the curry chicken sauce and also the sambal prawns. The acar was delicious too! But, the fried drumstick was kinda common to me. Other than the drumstick being crunchy and fresh from the oil (freshly deep fried), the meat tasted kinda bland. I was expecting the drumstick to be very flavorful and aromatic, but it wasn't.

Overall, the meal was fine. We were all way too full to shop. But, we must make it! LOL I'm wondering what other popular dishes are there in Mdm Kwan's.

Madam Kwan's Restaurant

No.65, Jalan Telawi Tiga,
Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603-2284 2297

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    MeiyeN said...

    i am always amazed with their superbly fast services and of course da quality of food at each branch! :D

    Lyrical Lemongrass said...

    The nasi bojari is great, and so is their rendang. Unfortunately, I've experienced yo-yo quality when it comes to their asam laksa and curry laksa. Besides, their curry laksa doesn't have cockles, and what's laksa without cockles, eh? :-)

    malaysianfoodguide said...

    Tried once the Nasi Bojari and sambal petai in MegaMall outlet...I always wondering why so many people like Mdm Kwan's food...For me,the food taste so so only...

    Xiu Long Bao said...

    mdm kwan is making alot of money from her nasi lemak n nasi bojari! i luv her assam fish giv it a try!

    Tummythoz said...

    Used to be quite a regular at the KLCC lot because a good friend just can't get enuf of its Nasi Lemak. To me, I prefer those served on the roadsides in the mornings. I'm one of those who can't understand why it is such a popular restaurant charging such high prices for so-so food.

    teckiee said...

    I have eaten in madam kwan for many time.. but honestly, i just dont find the food good enough.

    Jackson said...

    Mdm Kuan alwiz served the best Nasi Lemak in town!!! Love it!

    jeewang said...

    hey juz dropping by :)

    Your site really wet my appetite!

    cookies_cream said...

    meiyen - The one I had at Bangsar didn't really give fast services. In fact, some of the waiters/waitresses looked sleepy. @_@

    lyrical lemongrass - Haha, I love curry laksa with cockles~! :)

    malaysianfoodguide - The food there are okay to me. I was curious about it since sooo many ppl are so in love with Mdm Kwan's that's why went to try it out. =)

    xiu long bao - Assam fish head? I'll give it a try if I go back there. :) Thanks for sharing!

    tummythoz - Haha, you made me wanna eat those yummy malay nasi lemak rendang ayam~! Yummy~ Too bad I've been sick for days..CNY is coming! :'(

    teckiee - Well, different people different tastes. :) For me, good but not the best.

    jackson - Haha, I didn't try out their Nasi Lemak, as in their it almost the same with the nasi used in bojari or it got more of the santan fragrant?

    jeewang - Thanks for stopping by~! :) Welcome and hope you enjoy your stay here~ Happy CNY to you!