Wednesday, June 27, 2007

La Manila Cafe at Mid Valley Megamall

Hohoho, although my sick marathon wasn't over yet (Yes! I know! I'm sick for more than 1 week and I not yet recover~!) but I really think I should continue to blog again now. I'll post all of my previous eating sessions as they're pilling up more and more in my food folder.

Well, some time ago don't know when went to La Manila one day at Mid Valley as I heard from my friend saying that they are somewhat sister/brother of Secret Recipe. I forgot to ask Shujin to bring camera that day..but luckily I borrowed mom's handphone. Again, although I pinjam mom's handphone but I don't know how to capture the photos properly. I guess it's because i faced the handphone too near to the food, that's why the food pics all ended up looking blur blur. How stupid I am. @_@

Shujin had their "Char Kuey Teow". They had some promotion, RM9.90 to choose from some limited main and free one glass of drink. Tell you the truth, their "Char Kuey Teow" is as good as some of the fried kuey teow stalls outside. There's enough "wok hei" and their cockles aren't not fresh. Their prawns were very springy but not very tasty. Overall, not bad. :)

I don't know what to eat....was looking through the menu for quite some time. So, ended up ordering two types of pies. First was the vegetable pie which priced at RM5.50. The taste was not bad but their pastry was soft and not crunchy. It doesn't really taste fresh. There were chunks of broccolis, cauliflowers, other veges and if I'm not mistaken there were also some capsicum chunks in it.

This is cornish pie (RM5.00). Again the pastry is not nice. The filling tasted like some curry puff fillings. I thought those chunks of potato-look-a-like were potatoes but, it's not. I can taste pumpkin! It's quite sweet I think it's because of the pumpkin, making it quite aromatic too.

We also ordered some side dish which is their fried tofu (RM7.00). On the menu they named it "ignots" something? I was curious and asked the waitress what it is. She told us that it was fried tofu. I thought it will be something unique as like what the name is. Hmm, nothing much to comment about it. It was like some kind of home made tofu being fried into crunchy skin. The outside was crunchy while inside was tofu with little of fillings making it quite soft and tender.

When we were leaving, I took a peep at their cake counter but all the cakes looked soggy and not fresh. Hmm, I'm not sure if they haven't upload any new cakes or was it because it's not weekend that day.

La Manila Cafe
Mid Valley Megamall
Tel: +603-22832122

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sick Marathon~!

Monday was my exam day, I was so excited as this will be the last paper that I need to sit for (no exams next semester!) and yet worried that I will not do well cause don't really know what will come out and was kinda blur about the subject that I'm studying thanks to someone (lecturer who do not really give lectures).

Worries about exam was finally over at 4.40pm, I was filled with joy~! There's so many things I wanna do...women shopping, supermarket shopping, karaoke, steamboat, movie marathon, cooking, baking, and of course blogging!!! But, I got a briefing on Tuesday cause I'm going to work on Wednesday! Well, after the briefing I went home...feeling a little weird. Weird = Sick! @_@

I'm having a slight fever, cough, sorethroat on Wednesday morning but still headed for work at KL Convention Centre. During work I felt even weaker as there wasn't time for water when you're thirsty, no food when it's lunch time, and even no washroom when you need to "pee pee"! I lost my voice, lost what hungry means, lost my "conciousness" on how my body feels. But at least I still remember to smile to the customers. Phew~! After work I was so so sick, my back feels like breaking apart and I could not even walk properly. I can feel the heat within me..I'm feeling so so freakin hot! High fever? The feeling of sick while working and also after work was totally unbearable. Finally down and could not work for the next 2 days.

Ok, long story cut short...mild fever on day 1, high fever on day 2, nose bleed (all of a sudden, it's on and off for few hours!) on day 3, serious cough on day 4 and day 5. Can this be called as sick marathon?

Now, I'm still not fully recovered. Still have serious cough, flu, and little bit of sorethroat. I'm going to post a short and simple cake recipe that I got from the Internet. I was searching for some recipes and then I discovered this, Banana Walnut Upside Down Cake Recipe at

This recipe is easy. But based on what I baked, it's not a success or rather a failure. It's actually cake on top, slices of banana in the middle, chunks of walnuts and sugar-butter combination at the bottom before you bake it. When the cake is baked you need to invert it. It'll be sugar-butter combination and walnuts on top, slices of banana in the middle, and cake at the bottom. I do not know if I shouldn't put grease paper onto the pan before pouring the butter and sugar combination. It turned out that the sugar were all sticked onto the grease paper. I'm not sure if it wouldn't stick if it's pour straight onto the pan or not. I have to scratch out the sugar mixture from the grease paper.

Well, the cake do not look pretty but it does taste nice though. I would say it's a pretty decent cake to be eaten. I did not add in maple syrup as said from the recipe. I also cut almost half of the sugar from what was indicated from the recipe and it still tastes sweet enough. I would give it another try as it's a simple recipe. You can get the recipe from the above link.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Have a Break, Have Some Cadbury Chocolates!

Chocolates anyone? Yeah, I know it's Wednesday and what am I posting??? Snacks!!! Come on people, it's snacks time~!!! Woohoo...LOL. So sorry that I got totally carried away. Was watching "28 Weeks Later" few days ago, and I found it to be a "yummylicious" movie..if you guys know what I meant. Thinking about yummy, I decided that I wanted to post some chocolates. (Hmm, don't sound like making sense don't they?)

I bought 5 packets of mini Cadbury chocolates when there were people at my college doing promotion about it. At first I was thinking about which one should I get. There was a lady who offered us some samples of these chocolates. I tried a few and they were all yummy~ Being a chocolate person, I was thinking...getting each packet of these chocolates from the Cadbury promo isn't very much isn't it? After all, it's only 5 small packets of mini chocolates in total. :P

The first will be the Cadbury's Sesame Chocettes. I was actually very curious about the combination of the "two main characters". With sesame partnering with chocolates, I find it quite special. The sweetness of the chocolates combines well with the aromatic sesame seeds. If you're a sesame person, do give it a try.

Ok, here comes my favourite one...Cadbury's TimeOut Chocettes. The light wafer with smooth milky chocolates just melts in my mouth~ :)

Another favourite of mine was the Cadbury's Dairy Milk Chocettes. The outer layers of the crispy shells were soo crispy while the inner of the milky chocolates just makes me go yumm yumm.

For those who love caramel, do try this one. Cadbury's Picnic Chocettes contains some peanuts, wafer, cereal, and caramel. It's nice crunching down cereal, wafer together with peanuts and just enough caramel to make it sticky. I just love caramel...very aromatic. Yummy~

Last but not least, Cadbury's P-Nutz Chocettes. This is for peanuts lover. Contains full of peanuts pieces with a little touch of caramel. I find this to be okay. Nothing much to write about it. Keke...

Haha, well...
I better continue with my revision for my upcoming exam. (I am sick with sorethroat and cough) So do take care everyone and have a nice day!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Pun Chun Restaurant at Bidor, Perak

Finally!!! After weeks of waiting, I can have the time to blog again. I've been going through tough times last month, with all the assignment and final year project. Phew, now I'm free!!! (For the time being only, still got exam) This is the first time I can see more than 10 files of food photos, there were some very OLD food photos which I should have posted it months ago. So, without wasting so much time...I'll start with my visit to Bidor's Pun Chun Restaurant "品 珍". They are famous for their Chicken Biscuits "鸡 仔 饼".

I saw lots of diners standing behind the cashier place. They seemed to be busy with something. Full of curiosity, I decided to walk over there to have a look. Pun Chun also got sell some fried snacks too. There were "wu kok" (yam paste with fillings) and "siew pau" too. I bought 3 of the "wu kok" cause it's one of my favourite. :) The "wu kok" was very tasty, crispy on the outside and aromatic fillings of meat and vege on the inside. These small little "wu kok" tasted good!

Firstly, I'm not a fan for wantan mee. But my mom kept on telling me to try out Pun Chun's wantan mee. So, we visited Pun Chun when we were at Bidor. I ordered the normal Wantan Mee with "wantan" and "char siew". Costed RM4.50 for a plate of normal wantan mee and char siew, I find the noodle very springy. Only thing is the char siew wasn't really great.

The wantan's soup was not bad and the wantan was quite aromatic. The wantan was full of meat and prawn filling.

I'm actually more interested in Shujin's duck soup. My oh my, there was one huge duck drumstick in the soup. :P The soup was very sweet, aromatic with some kind of herbs. The duck meat, tender and nice! Slurrppy! If I'm not mistaken the duck soup with dry noodle costs RM6. I bought a few packets of the Chicken Biscuits before heading back to home. ;)

Pun chun Restaurant

38 & 40, Jalan Besar,
35500 Bidor, Perak

Tel: +605-4341554/+605-4341562
Fax: +605-4346191

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