Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Blog!

Dear all, I've finally shifted food-cookies to a new environment. Upgraded it a little, so do pay a visit to Food Cookies. Remember to change your bookmark.

See you guys there~! :)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Hard disk Corrupted

Dear all, so sorry for leaving this blog untouched for so long. Just wanted to say that my hdd got corrupted last week. I was so sad...knowing that all my food pics, friends pics, songs, and all my other files will be gone but can't do anything.

Went to Imbi Plaza to fix my hdd *fingers crossing* hoping that they could fix it...but NO! They said some files in my D drive was corrupted. So cannot safe anything from my hdd. The only choice is, to reformat it. Haih...so there goes all my pics and songs and other files.

Luckily Shujin did backup my food pics. It's a lesson to be learn from me...always backup all your things!!! =( I'll need to wait for Shujin to send me food pics before I could start back my blog. Anyway, just wanna write down this incident...so guys remember to backup your files or pics or whatever thing that's important k.

Have a nice day everyone. ;)