Sunday, August 27, 2006

Rabbit Cafe at Sri Petaling

This cafe opened a few months ago in Sri Petaling area. I went there once and think that there are worth to visit again. I decided to go there again with Shujin as he did not try that cafe out yet.

There are set lunches at the cafe which are quite attracting. All the set lunches are prices at RM10.90 and they are only available from Monday til Friday. I decided to order their set lunch which come with Nestea green tea, black pepper chicken rice, and fruits. Shujin ordered their set lunch too. His set comes with Nestea green tea, special nasi lemak, and fruit rojak.

I must say that rojak was nice. The rojak consisted slices of water pink guavas a.k.a jambu lilin merah, pineapples, cucumbers, water chestnut, raw papaya, and mango I think. Then it has prawn crackers and rojak sauce with crusted peanuts and sesame seeds. I like the rojak except for one thing, which are the prawn crackers. They are not crunchy. :(

Well, let's move on to the main course, the nasi lemak special and black pepper chicken rice. The nasi lemak is quite nice. The chicken is flavourful and the peanuts were nice and crunchy. It has achar too which was nice. One thing was, where are the anchovies?? The sambal was a little too sweet for me though. But overall, it was quite nice.

The black pepper chicken rice. First of all, the pros are that the chicken meat was tender in the inside and the flavour was nice. The cons are the black pepper sauce was too sweet for my liking. I prefer black pepper to be full of black pepper taste. I can taste that the chicken are being marinated with honey, I think as it was very nice. =)

The fuit platter comes with slices of mango, dragon fruit, and watermelon.

Overall, the cafe have a simple environment but comfortable. There are free wireless online access at the cafe. Besides that, there are also unplug singing at every Wednesday and Saturday from 9pm til 12am.

If you are coming from the Bukit Jalil lrt station's road, go straight and you'll see a traffic light. Turn right and go straight. You will pass by the IMU university and Sri Petaling lrt station. Go straight and you'll see a traffic light. Go straight until you see the second traffic light and turn left. You will then see a school on your left. There are rows of houses and also a few rows of shops on the left after you see the school. Turn into the road that leads you to the shops. The road sign is Jalan 16/149L.

When you turn in you'll be seeing the Nasi Ayam Ipoh Restaurant in front of you and the Restaurant Ajimal Razim at the end of the row. Don't try the nasi ayam ipoh as I think that it's horrible. After the turning don't go anywhere but straight and you'll see the 83 Food Court "Pat Yeh Tin in cantonese" which is just behind the Nasi Ayam Ipoh Restaurant. Turn left and you will be able to see the Rabbit Cafe. :)

Rabbit Cafe
No. 12G & 14G, Jalan 14/149L, Zone P,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Indian Fried Snacks

This little snack was one of my favourite when I was young. If I'm not mistaken, it is called "Vadai". So sorry that it was half bitten as I couldn't control myself from eating them~ haha. It was really nice..... :P

The texture was soft inside, the aroma was so nice. I just love eating this. :)

This is another kind of the snack. I don't know what is this Indian fried snack called. It was sort of like the vadai but this one is harder than the vadai. I think the taste is a little stronger too. It had some yellow (dhal) beans, chillies, and other ingredients. It's aroma was nice too.

I bought them at the Bukit Jalil's lrt station. There is a stall outside where the Indian lady that sells newspapers and also these fried snacks. RM1.00 for any of the 3, you can mix them. =)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Oriental Cravings at One Utama

Shujin and I went to One Utama for the Miss Dragon-i event. The event turned out to be at 8 pm. So, we thought of having something for dinner. We walked and walked as I could not decide what to eat. Finnaly, we are at the Oriental Cravings.

We have a try there as the restaurant was packed with people. Their fried vegetables looked good. We sat there and the waitress gave us the menu. I was looking at the menu for less than few minutes and the waitress asked us what would we like to have. I asked her could I have a look at it for a few minutes more. Not even a minute pass, she was back and asked us. I was totally speechless as I was still looking at the menu...hahaha. She then recommended me the "fried tung hoon special" which was fried glass noodle.

I must agree and thank her for the recommendation as it was really nice. It has the "wok" taste. I first thought that okay, this is all I have for a plate of fried tung hoon at RM11.90? It has shredded cabbages, bean sprouts, shredded carrots,shredded onions, shredded chilli, shredded chives, dried prawns, eggs, decorated with one slice of cucumber and tomato, chopped spring onions and that's it?

Later did I notice, there were two big prawns hiding under the noodles. Slices of mushrooms were found too. :) Hmm, the only thing that disappointed me was the prawns. They were tasteless, not even the taste of the prawns..hmm.

Shujin had their "Laksa". It came at RM12.90 with three big pieces of aubergine a.k.a brinjal/eggplant, three big pork balls, slices of roast porks, long beans, bean sprouts, tofu pieces (toufu pok in cantonese), and decorated with coriander a.k.a chinese parsley.

The laksa has roast pork inside too. There were okay cause when you eat them with the noodles you don't really get to taste the roast pork.

Look at the pork balls~ =) It was nice. My only complain was the aubergine was a little too raw and the soup was a little too oily. The sauce was quite thick. The first spoon of the curry soup into my mouth made me think that it was satay's dipping sauce. The sambal chilli wasn't my favourite type as it was sweet and has no belacan taste.

I will surely re-visit this restaurant one day if I happen to go to One Utama as I find the food was not bad. Most of the customers ordered their fried vegetables. The waitress too recommend the restaurant's specialty "special toufu"/"jiu pai toufu in cantonese" to all the customers and most of them ordered.

Oriental Cravings
Tel: +603-77272581

Monday, August 14, 2006

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

Went out for a drink with friends at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, Leisure Mall. The first one was Chocolate Lava.

The outer layer of the cup was decorated with peanuts. It was not bad, but it was kinda too sweet for me.

Next up, the Ice Honey Peach Passion Fruit Tea. It was fruity and refreshing. The tea was topped with some fresh cream (which I thought it was kinda weird).

The photo was kinda blur. It was Mango Honey Dew...forgot what's the name as well. It was kinda nice too. All of the drinks are priced at RM5.90 each.

No food photos cause wasn't having dinner there that night. I've been there a few times and their food was not bad, especially their special chilli sauce.

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng
L2-26-03, Cheras Leisure Mall
Jalan Manis 6, Taman Segar,
Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-91328611

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Thailand's Snacks

My parent went to Bangkok while my aunt went to Chiang Mai for a trip on the same week. @_@ They brought back souveniers, and of course snacks~! =) Hmm, when talk about Thailand I will think about the mango and glutinous rice. It's my all time favourite~ Of course, very very nice Thai style fried rice and Tom Yam. The first two snacks was brought back by my aunt from Chiang Mai.

This is called fried "dried meat". My aunt said it was like our local's dried meat, but the only difference is they fry them, not grill them. It was actually in big pieces but to allow them to be stored into containers, my aunt crushed them into pieces. :P

Next, the pork floss black sesame roll. Inside was pork floss. I must say that these are very very delicious~!

Okay, lets see what snacks did my mom bought from Bangkok, shall we? The above was called chicken floss rice crackers. Sorry that you couldn't see them in pieces as they were arranged badly on the plate. It was flavourful and crispy.

This is another version of rice cracker with dried prawns topping. It tasted okay but you could smell the dried should I explain them? :D

Last but not least, fried pig's skin~!!! Yummy yum~ Actually I don't like any pig's skin or lard thingy but this was very very nice. Very crunchy and smells superb~! At first I was kinda doubted about their looks and knowing what are they...but in the end I can't seem to stop stuffing them into my mouth! hahaha...silly me.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mee Jawa - APIIT, Bukit Jalil

What you get to eat in a college's cafeteria? Well, what my college's cafeteria normally sells are mixed rice, economy fried noodles, fried rice, chicken rice, noodle soup, bread, chee cheung fun, curry puff, western food, kuih-muih, etc etc. What I like was that they do sell other types of noodles beside fish ball noodle soup or curry noodles. The cafe also serves "Lam Mee", Assam Laksa, Thai Laksa, and also Mee Jawa according to different days.

It was Wednesday and they are selling Mee Jawa. The Mee Jawa was the most worthy noodle dish among the others. Pricing at RM3.60 a plate, the below photo showed what they had inside the noodle.

The noodle comes with bean sprouts, shredded cabbages, slices of fried tofu, mamak stall's fried flour paste, half-boiled egg, baby squids, slices of steamed/boiled potatoes, and being decorated with green chilies and fried shallots. Not to forget, a squeeze of lime.

My plate of Mee Jawa was the usual ones with ingredients, sauce but the yellow noodle was substituted with bee hoon. This is simply because I can't take the yellow noodle as I have gastric. I'm not into the yellow noodle too as it always have one kind of taste. Tasted nice as I love the sauce that has the sour, spicy, little bit sweet and salty taste. Yummy~ :D

APIIT College is situated inside Teknologi Park Malaysia (TPM) at Bukit Jalil.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Taman Cheras a.k.a Yulek Food Stalls (Wai Sek Kai)

I was actually going there to have dinner. There's a stall there that sells prawn noodles which are good. I was there on a Saturday and was surprised to see them (the prawn noodle stall) having a day off. Hmm, well it was I decided to eat other food. I decided to have the fish ball noodle soup. I have actually tried them a couple of times and they were not bad. The stall ran by two men, I forgotten one of them is Teo Chew or both of them are Teo Chew people. It wasn't nice, not the soup and not even the fish ball! What happened??? Last time their standards wasn't that bad. The fish ball was very soft (not bouncy at all) and tasteless. The soup was...*sigh*.

Shujin had pan mein. For me, it was aweful. They are a stall who sells pan mein, how can their broth be like clear water? The noodles were okay, enchovies not crispy...lazy to complain. I was totally disappointed again throughout the meal.

What saved the day was the "yau char kuai" that I bought. :D The stall was run by two Indian men with the help of a woman. They make very nice yau char kuai. They also sell other stuff that you usually get to see when you are at a yau char kuai stall. It was very crispy on the outside. The ones I get from other place usually wasn't that crispy.

I ate it with sweet soup. The sweet soup stall had been there for very long. When my dad was young, the owner (uncle) used to ride a bicycle and sell sweet soup around Cheras. Now, I don't know who take over the business.

The red bean was not bad, with a dash of coconut milk. It was nice to accompany with yau char kuai. :)

This is "mak chok" sweet soup. I forgot what is it called in English, malt or raw barley? @_@ haha...inside was some beans, but not sure if it's raw barley or not.

Taman Cheras a.k.a Yulek is just opposite Taman Midah and next to Leisure Mall's side. If you come from Loke Yew highway and go straight to Cheras, you need to avoid the highway (don't go up to the highway to Leisure Mall) and turn left when you see a round-a-bout. You will come accross a traffic light. Turn right (Go straight will lead you to Pandan Indah, Setapak) and go straight. You will see a petrol station on your left and 7-11 shop on your right. In front of the 7-11 and King's Confectionary is the "Wai Sek Kai" food stalls. The road is called Jalan Kaskas 2.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Waffle Stop - Outside of Lot 10 Shopping Centre

I actually wanted to try out the waffles from this (kiosk?) shop when I saw it few weeks ago or so. I finally had a chance to do so when my mom asked me to buy her a cap for her trip to Bangkok. This kiosk was located outside Lot 10 Shopping Centre (Opposite of Sungei Wang Shopping Centre). If you are at Lot 10, just walk out from the main enterance where Guess shop is on your left. Turn left and you will be able to see Samsung and New Straits Time booth/kiosk. Keep on walking and Waffle Stop will be there.

They have differet categories of waffles for you to choose from. Four categories which are Classic, Chocolate Galore, Ice Cream and Fruit, and Savoury Special. Waffles can be served in two type. One is the normal type which is "Belgian" (circular shaped waffle with toppings) and the other is "stick" where the smaller size of a square shaped waffle comes with a stick for you to hold. Other than waffles, they also sell brownies.

This is what I've ordered. The Cookie Double Chocolate Belgian priced at RM10.90. The stick one is priced at RM6.90. I was so happy to see it but ended up disappointed when I eat them. Well, there's nothing for me to shout about this particular (stall/kiosk?) as I don't really fancy their waffle.

The waffle does not taste that nice as I can still taste the flour (Not golden brown enough). No nice smell of the waffle, crispiness okay only. The ice cream wasn't that nice, but the cookies, peanuts and chocolate syrup was okay....but my main concern was the waffle.*sigh*

I would prefer Waffle World or A&W rather than this. I used to go to the Waffle World's branch at Sri Petaling but now they have closed down.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Thousands of Apologies To Those Who Have Commented~

I'm so so sorry to all of you who have leave a comment on my blog~ :'( I was just too STUPID to have not check my e-mail account until today...and I saw there are people who posted comments on my blog! I'm sooooo HAPPY~ :D

I was just so STUPID to did not realise that in order for my blog's comments to be published I need to verify them. I did not change the setting...(duh-nya~). I'm really sorry about please don't misunderstood and think that I'm the kinda "Sombong" and "malas" person who do not want to reply... :P You know what, each time I post one food blog I kept on waiting for someone to leave a comment on my blog. I was kinda disappointed that there's no one who write a comment to me...maybe it's because no one reads my lousy blog. *sigh* But there are!~~~ :)

Replies to comments:

30th July 2006 on Fried Dumplings and China's Hamburger
Lin Peh - See you? You also stay in Taman Midah as well ar? :P

Boo-licious - Oh, the night market at Taman Midah is on every Saturday. I've seen some same stalls running business at Taman Connaught's night market too but am not sure right now. Quite long never visit to Connaught's night market already. :)

1st August 2006 on Fish Head Noodle Soup
J - Yeah, it's irritating because it's about fish head noodle...I don't like bones! hahaha. Imagine if you get a bowl of prawn noodle but they put in tiny prawns that people used to put into fried rice...and broth is not prawn flavour..yeww~~

Gary@Sandy - My dad tried at the Adai Fish Head Village before but he said it wasn't really that good...hmm. Maybe he went there at the wrong time? :( Btw, are you the Sandy I know? :)

babe-kl - Oh, I know you say which one..there got 2 pan mien stalls right? Opposite got stationery shop and next to it got coffee shop? Last time (years ago) their pan mein were very nice, but now it's standard just dropped down the hill. Don't know what happened to them.

5th August 2006 on Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites
Jason - Oppsy, sorry about that. What made me to put your link into that category? @_@ Hmm, I corrected it already...hehe. Sorry about that. :)

Elrohir_Telperien - haha, the pizza was indeed yummy..aren't they? ;)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Pizza Hut Latest Promotion - Cheesy Bites

I just finished rushing a project today. I was very very hungry, and I was finding a place to dine in because my mom didn't cook dinner today. As my college was situated at Bukit Jalil's TPM,there's only a few selections that you can have at Bukit Jalil's neighbour Sri Petaling. I was thinking of going to the Rabbit Cafe which I've been there once. Rabbit Cafe is near the Ajimal Mamak Corner. This cafe serves local and some Hong Kong style Cafe food.

It was when one of my friend told me that they've been to Pizza Hut not long ago and tried out their latest promotion that changed my mind. The latest promotion Cheesy Bites pizza which she said that it was very yummy.

The moment we went there, the staffs greeted us. Their services have improved compared to the last time when we went there to try out the (Hawaii/Waikiki?) promotion. I must admit that the environment at Sri Petaling's branch is always freezing! haha..but then later on they switched off the air-cond.... @_@

So, what have I ordered? The "Combo Bites 1" as it is for 2 person priced at RM27.90. Let's start with the food journey, shall we? What does the combo comes with?

As usual, two glasses of Pepsi.

Of course, as usual as well two bowls of soup of the day. It's always cream of mushroom soup. I don't fancy Pizza Hut's soup as I find Shakey's one tasted better. I even make better Campbell's soup which I used to add in cheese, milk, chicken stock, black pepper, sliced button mushrooms, and sometimes chicken meat. :) This method is taught by my lovely cousin sister. It is very nice to add it into your rice and eat them! ~yummy yummy~ Oppsy, out of topic. Let's get back to the journey of Cheesy Bites. (paiseh~)

Breadstixs. It came with 4 pieces of the breadstix. I actually forgot that the staff who takes our order did not ask what flavour we want for our Breadstix as it stated that they have either sesame cinnamon or parmesan flavour. We got the parmesan flavour. Sorry about one of the half looking breadstix as I was really hungry..hehehe. I straight away grab one of the stix and start eating...until I realised that my partner forgotten to take the photo of it. It was okay but I prefer their garlic bread.

Tadda~The main course! A Regular Cheesy Bites pizza with Chicken Supreme flavour, and 18 cheese-filled bites. The motto was "Pick it, Pull it, and Pop it!". Well, I did it..hahaha. The bites were filled with Parmesan, Mozzarella, and Cheddar cheese. It does taste nice, inside soft and outside little bit of crusty.

The Chicken Supreme was a nice one as the pizza was topped with capsicums, a hint of sliced onions, chicken sausage (which tasted awesome!), chicken stripes/ham, chicken slices, with lots of tomato puree, and melted cheese.

Overall, do give it a try as I think that it was delicious. They are having a "Snap it, Sign it, Sent it" contest. What you do is simply take fun photo moments with your Cheesy Bites Pizza. The contest will end on the 09th of August 2006 though. I was kinda late to review this promotion. :P

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Fish Head Noodle Soup - Taman Midah Food Stall, Cheras

The popular fish head noodle soup for me is always the famous one that you can get at the Taman Desa area which have branches at Pudu, or near Salak Selatan area. My mom though claims that the fish head noodle soup that caught her heart was the one near Cheras Leisure Mall. The shop was called Kaki Bola (not sure which road). I have not yet try it out and would like to try it one day.

Surprisingly, I found two stalls selling fish head noodle soup on the same row at the main road of Taman Midah, Cheras. Last time there were only one. My friend decided to try it out from one of the stalls (the older stall). This stall is situated just in front of the Magnum 4D shop. This stall not only sell fish head noodle soup but also Tom Yam noodle soup and char kueh teow.

The soup was not bad. This stall put lots of ginger into the soup which makes it full of ginger flavour. I find it not bad as I love ginger. :) Overall, I would say that the fish head noodle soup was just okay. What spoil the bowl of noodle was the fish. I don't really like the fish they put in. The fish was meatless and not crunchy. Only one piece of the fish was with meat and the rest were bones. I think fish plays quite an important role in the fish head noodle soup, don't you think?

On the other hand, the other stall sells only fish head noodle soup. A few bottles of the "siu heng" wine, evaporated milk, and rice vermicelli was displayed on the stall's shelf. This stall looks more "professional" I would say because they only focus in selling fish head noodle soup. I didn't try that stall because was too full to try them.