Monday, August 07, 2006

Thousands of Apologies To Those Who Have Commented~

I'm so so sorry to all of you who have leave a comment on my blog~ :'( I was just too STUPID to have not check my e-mail account until today...and I saw there are people who posted comments on my blog! I'm sooooo HAPPY~ :D

I was just so STUPID to did not realise that in order for my blog's comments to be published I need to verify them. I did not change the setting...(duh-nya~). I'm really sorry about please don't misunderstood and think that I'm the kinda "Sombong" and "malas" person who do not want to reply... :P You know what, each time I post one food blog I kept on waiting for someone to leave a comment on my blog. I was kinda disappointed that there's no one who write a comment to me...maybe it's because no one reads my lousy blog. *sigh* But there are!~~~ :)

Replies to comments:

30th July 2006 on Fried Dumplings and China's Hamburger
Lin Peh - See you? You also stay in Taman Midah as well ar? :P

Boo-licious - Oh, the night market at Taman Midah is on every Saturday. I've seen some same stalls running business at Taman Connaught's night market too but am not sure right now. Quite long never visit to Connaught's night market already. :)

1st August 2006 on Fish Head Noodle Soup
J - Yeah, it's irritating because it's about fish head noodle...I don't like bones! hahaha. Imagine if you get a bowl of prawn noodle but they put in tiny prawns that people used to put into fried rice...and broth is not prawn flavour..yeww~~

Gary@Sandy - My dad tried at the Adai Fish Head Village before but he said it wasn't really that good...hmm. Maybe he went there at the wrong time? :( Btw, are you the Sandy I know? :)

babe-kl - Oh, I know you say which one..there got 2 pan mien stalls right? Opposite got stationery shop and next to it got coffee shop? Last time (years ago) their pan mein were very nice, but now it's standard just dropped down the hill. Don't know what happened to them.

5th August 2006 on Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites
Jason - Oppsy, sorry about that. What made me to put your link into that category? @_@ Hmm, I corrected it already...hehe. Sorry about that. :)

Elrohir_Telperien - haha, the pizza was indeed yummy..aren't they? ;)


Jason said...

Haha. Not bad what, at least you make up by posting an try to reply all the comments. ;)

Keep it up.

fei said...

Hey, nice photos! i have to say, the food looks much nicer in your photos then they taste..can i eat your photos instead? haha..keep up the good work..:)

cookies_cream said...

Jason - hehe, of course I need to apologies for my sooo silly action. =) Thanks for the support~ *wink wink*

Fei - haha, are you S.Fei? :) Thanks for visiting my food blog~ Yeah, the photos do looked better cause I edited them! :P Thanks again for the support.