Saturday, August 05, 2006

Pizza Hut Latest Promotion - Cheesy Bites

I just finished rushing a project today. I was very very hungry, and I was finding a place to dine in because my mom didn't cook dinner today. As my college was situated at Bukit Jalil's TPM,there's only a few selections that you can have at Bukit Jalil's neighbour Sri Petaling. I was thinking of going to the Rabbit Cafe which I've been there once. Rabbit Cafe is near the Ajimal Mamak Corner. This cafe serves local and some Hong Kong style Cafe food.

It was when one of my friend told me that they've been to Pizza Hut not long ago and tried out their latest promotion that changed my mind. The latest promotion Cheesy Bites pizza which she said that it was very yummy.

The moment we went there, the staffs greeted us. Their services have improved compared to the last time when we went there to try out the (Hawaii/Waikiki?) promotion. I must admit that the environment at Sri Petaling's branch is always freezing! haha..but then later on they switched off the air-cond.... @_@

So, what have I ordered? The "Combo Bites 1" as it is for 2 person priced at RM27.90. Let's start with the food journey, shall we? What does the combo comes with?

As usual, two glasses of Pepsi.

Of course, as usual as well two bowls of soup of the day. It's always cream of mushroom soup. I don't fancy Pizza Hut's soup as I find Shakey's one tasted better. I even make better Campbell's soup which I used to add in cheese, milk, chicken stock, black pepper, sliced button mushrooms, and sometimes chicken meat. :) This method is taught by my lovely cousin sister. It is very nice to add it into your rice and eat them! ~yummy yummy~ Oppsy, out of topic. Let's get back to the journey of Cheesy Bites. (paiseh~)

Breadstixs. It came with 4 pieces of the breadstix. I actually forgot that the staff who takes our order did not ask what flavour we want for our Breadstix as it stated that they have either sesame cinnamon or parmesan flavour. We got the parmesan flavour. Sorry about one of the half looking breadstix as I was really hungry..hehehe. I straight away grab one of the stix and start eating...until I realised that my partner forgotten to take the photo of it. It was okay but I prefer their garlic bread.

Tadda~The main course! A Regular Cheesy Bites pizza with Chicken Supreme flavour, and 18 cheese-filled bites. The motto was "Pick it, Pull it, and Pop it!". Well, I did it..hahaha. The bites were filled with Parmesan, Mozzarella, and Cheddar cheese. It does taste nice, inside soft and outside little bit of crusty.

The Chicken Supreme was a nice one as the pizza was topped with capsicums, a hint of sliced onions, chicken sausage (which tasted awesome!), chicken stripes/ham, chicken slices, with lots of tomato puree, and melted cheese.

Overall, do give it a try as I think that it was delicious. They are having a "Snap it, Sign it, Sent it" contest. What you do is simply take fun photo moments with your Cheesy Bites Pizza. The contest will end on the 09th of August 2006 though. I was kinda late to review this promotion. :P


Jason said...

How come my blog is put under Photography/Gallery/Photography one?

My blog is about my personal life, eat, shit, sleep, class and etc. one woh.

My photos sucks and I don't know nything bout photography. ;) Hehe.

Thanks for linking anyway.

Elrohir Telperien said...

Yummy yummy!

Garrett said...

Wow, awesome photography! Bravo!

cookies_cream said...

Thanks for your compliment...hehe. But I'm not the photographer here as I don't have a camera...Elrohir_Telperien is the photographer for my food blog photos. :P Sometimes I do use his camera to take some photos. ;)