Sunday, August 27, 2006

Rabbit Cafe at Sri Petaling

This cafe opened a few months ago in Sri Petaling area. I went there once and think that there are worth to visit again. I decided to go there again with Shujin as he did not try that cafe out yet.

There are set lunches at the cafe which are quite attracting. All the set lunches are prices at RM10.90 and they are only available from Monday til Friday. I decided to order their set lunch which come with Nestea green tea, black pepper chicken rice, and fruits. Shujin ordered their set lunch too. His set comes with Nestea green tea, special nasi lemak, and fruit rojak.

I must say that rojak was nice. The rojak consisted slices of water pink guavas a.k.a jambu lilin merah, pineapples, cucumbers, water chestnut, raw papaya, and mango I think. Then it has prawn crackers and rojak sauce with crusted peanuts and sesame seeds. I like the rojak except for one thing, which are the prawn crackers. They are not crunchy. :(

Well, let's move on to the main course, the nasi lemak special and black pepper chicken rice. The nasi lemak is quite nice. The chicken is flavourful and the peanuts were nice and crunchy. It has achar too which was nice. One thing was, where are the anchovies?? The sambal was a little too sweet for me though. But overall, it was quite nice.

The black pepper chicken rice. First of all, the pros are that the chicken meat was tender in the inside and the flavour was nice. The cons are the black pepper sauce was too sweet for my liking. I prefer black pepper to be full of black pepper taste. I can taste that the chicken are being marinated with honey, I think as it was very nice. =)

The fuit platter comes with slices of mango, dragon fruit, and watermelon.

Overall, the cafe have a simple environment but comfortable. There are free wireless online access at the cafe. Besides that, there are also unplug singing at every Wednesday and Saturday from 9pm til 12am.

If you are coming from the Bukit Jalil lrt station's road, go straight and you'll see a traffic light. Turn right and go straight. You will pass by the IMU university and Sri Petaling lrt station. Go straight and you'll see a traffic light. Go straight until you see the second traffic light and turn left. You will then see a school on your left. There are rows of houses and also a few rows of shops on the left after you see the school. Turn into the road that leads you to the shops. The road sign is Jalan 16/149L.

When you turn in you'll be seeing the Nasi Ayam Ipoh Restaurant in front of you and the Restaurant Ajimal Razim at the end of the row. Don't try the nasi ayam ipoh as I think that it's horrible. After the turning don't go anywhere but straight and you'll see the 83 Food Court "Pat Yeh Tin in cantonese" which is just behind the Nasi Ayam Ipoh Restaurant. Turn left and you will be able to see the Rabbit Cafe. :)

Rabbit Cafe
No. 12G & 14G, Jalan 14/149L, Zone P,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur


CincauHangus said...

wow.. i study in TPM, just beside Sri Petaling.. and i totally missed this place.. but looks kinda expensive...

cincauhangus said...

ehh.. u're from apiit... *paiseh* u still studying in apiit? what level?

cookies_cream said...

haha, you also studying in APIIT? You graduated already? I'm in level 2 right now. =) You should visit the rabbit cafe as I think it's not bad. =)

CincauHangus said...

Im in level 1 now.. 3rd sem already.. hmm.. but RM10 for lunch.. abit expensive la..

anymore recommended makan places around here? hehe

btw, i've yet to try the mee jawa in cafeteria..

cookies_cream said...

Recommend ar..ermm.. @_@ You can try out at OUG near the market there for the pork noodle but now price mark up already. Small bowl for RM4 and big for RM4.50.

Another place would be the one beside "Alisan" (I guess it's beside or is it Alisan?) at Sri Petaling which sells the claypot chicken rice. This stall is run by a non Chinese. =)