Saturday, August 12, 2006

Thailand's Snacks

My parent went to Bangkok while my aunt went to Chiang Mai for a trip on the same week. @_@ They brought back souveniers, and of course snacks~! =) Hmm, when talk about Thailand I will think about the mango and glutinous rice. It's my all time favourite~ Of course, very very nice Thai style fried rice and Tom Yam. The first two snacks was brought back by my aunt from Chiang Mai.

This is called fried "dried meat". My aunt said it was like our local's dried meat, but the only difference is they fry them, not grill them. It was actually in big pieces but to allow them to be stored into containers, my aunt crushed them into pieces. :P

Next, the pork floss black sesame roll. Inside was pork floss. I must say that these are very very delicious~!

Okay, lets see what snacks did my mom bought from Bangkok, shall we? The above was called chicken floss rice crackers. Sorry that you couldn't see them in pieces as they were arranged badly on the plate. It was flavourful and crispy.

This is another version of rice cracker with dried prawns topping. It tasted okay but you could smell the dried should I explain them? :D

Last but not least, fried pig's skin~!!! Yummy yum~ Actually I don't like any pig's skin or lard thingy but this was very very nice. Very crunchy and smells superb~! At first I was kinda doubted about their looks and knowing what are they...but in the end I can't seem to stop stuffing them into my mouth! hahaha...silly me.


boo_licious said...

Yum! I just love Thai snacks. If you have an urge for all this, try the Thai fairs which roam the shopping centres for your fix.

p/s they have chicken floss? I thought it's only pork floss.

cookies_cream said...

boo_licious - oppsy, the sesame roll was supposed to be pork floss. Sorry. :P But my mom said the seller of the rice crackers told her that it was chicken floss, whether it's true or not..I'm not sure.

J said...

Everything looks so yummy!
(The pork skin thingy strikes me as a little cholesterol-ific though)


cookies_cream said...

j - haha, was very yummy and my dad loves pork skin~! My mom actually stopped him from munching all of them because of cholesterol :P