Thursday, January 25, 2007

Station Kopitiam at Times Square

Each time when I'm at Times Square I have no idea at all what to eat. We've been walking around the floors which consists most of the restaurants and cafes to have a glimpse of what to eat. We saw a quite new restaurant just opposite The Chicken Rice Shop on the 4th floor. We decided to give them a try since the place was filled with quite a lot of patrons. So, let's see what we've ordered.

The one on the left was Honey Dew Juice while the one on the right was Nescafe Ice. The honeydew juice tasted ok. Priced at RM3.90, at first I thought it tasted a little weirdy but Shujin said it was nice and fresh. After a while, I think it's a pretty refreshing drink too. Shujin's Nescafe Ice was nice too. The Nescafe Ice is priced at RM2.50.

Shujin ordered the Pattaya Fried Rice. Priced at RM5.90, the fried rice consisted of some bite sized chicken meat, some shrimps, mixed vegetables (carrots, peas, and corns), and egg where it's all wrapped in an omelette. The rice was delicious~ I thought it would be normal but it was yummy.

I ordered BBQ Grilled Chicken which is priced at RM11.90. The grilled chicken was accompanied with fried rice, fries and boiled vegetables (a mix of carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower).

I was happy to see that the fried rice they've given me was the same with Shujin's Pattaya fried rice....but not for long. I wasn't happy at all. I ended up complaining to Shujin that the chicken's BBQ sauce was like some bottled uncooked/unheated sauce, and the boiled vegetables were over-boiled~! Last but not least the fried rice wasn't the same with Shujin's Pattaya Fried Rice. The fried rice I got wasn't that tasty. If I'm not so FUSSY, overall I would say it's still ok. @_@

But at least Shujin's Pattaya Fried Rice was nice. Maybe I ordered the wrong item. But the fried rice was supposed to be the same, isn't it? Oh well...

Monday, January 22, 2007

DOME Cafe at Suria KLCC

Wow...I'm back to the blogging world~!!! It's been so long since I last updated my posts. I've been working for one month and I'm tad too busy with my working life and yum cha life, therefore there's no time for me to sleep or make post for my blog. I'm so sad cause I can't sit down and read my favourite food blogs as I miss them so so much~! I missed posting for my blog too~!

Well, now that I've finished my one month contract I shall start my blogging again. Mei Yen jie, pablopabla, jackson & etc etc miss you guys soo soo much!!! =) Now, back to food shall we? :D

I've been to DOME last month with Shujin at KLCC branch. To be honest, it's the first time I'm dining at DOME cause I only went there a few times for some coffee. We went to DOME this time cause we don't know where to dine in as we've been to KLCC's food court the other time and I've been to California Kitchen twice. Shujin suggested to dine in at many different places but I'm still very indecisive. At last I decided that we dine in at DOME cause we've been standing in front of DOME for a few minutes looking as if we're lost.

Since it's the first time dining at DOME I really don't know what's nice there. But I know that their breakfast are recommended by Mei Yen jie. Shujin ordered their Fish & Chips and Iced Lemon Tea (He always order Iced Lemon Tea whenever he sees it on the menu.) I've been looking at the menu for quite some time, at last I ordered a Spicy Olio Chicken Ham Spaghetti and a glass of Iced Peach Tea.

Both the Iced Lemon Tea and Iced Peach Tea costs RM7.95 per glass. We didn't order any coffee cause we afraid that we can't sleep after drinking them. Therefore, we opted for tea instead. (Lemon Tea and Peach Tea won't kill us). LOL

Shujin's Fish & Chips came and I saw that the fish were quite over fried. It cost RM22.50. There were fries, salad, and mayonnaise as sidelines. Overall it was okay. I think the fish are common. But fish & chips are common anywhere. DOME's fish & chips are fried until they were really crunchy on the outside. I wonder if they over fried them on purpose or what...

My plate of pasta came. It looked quite normal to me. Costing RM18.95, you can see in the picture that there's ham slices, chilli flakes, some bell peppers, and thin pieces of cheese. I don't know what's the leave decoration thingy. Was it mint? I really have no idea. This simple dish actually got my vote. I find it very simple, light and yet so delicious. It's so easy to eat them and I find the mixture between the ham and chilli flakes to be quite mouthwatering to me too. =}

Some other time I should try out their breakfast items as per mentioned by Mei Yen jie. :)