Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Baskin 31 Robbins (BR)

Finally, I'm free from my assignment and presentation. I can finally relax for a while...but not long cause I need to prepare for my exam which is in 12 days time. Now, I can post for my blog again. I missed the blogging world so much!

Well, it's time to post for ice cream. I had Baskin 31 Robbins last month. I had a waffle berry sundae with Shujin where you can choose any two flavors. It costs RM15.54 including government tax of 5%. They had the "Flavor of the Month" which was 'Chocolate Escape'. It was a mixture of chocolate and also swiss chocolate with pieces of chocolate ganache cake and chocolate flavored chunks. I got one scoop of that. Need not to say, it tasted extremely chocolate-y! It was very very nice. It was just prefect for chocolate lover out there!

The second scoop that I got was 'Swiss Mix'. It was a mixture of chocolate covered with peanuts, raisins, and banana chips. There's also shredded coconut and peanut butter pieces. I loved the banana chips very much! I've never eaten any banana chips before and it was extremely delicious! With all the ingredients that mixed together, it was just too good to be true. I love peanuts and the peanut butter pieces..added together with the aromatic shredded coconuts and chocolate + banana chips...mmmm mmmm~! ;)

Forgot to mention that the waffle was extremely crunchy and nice! With the chunky peanuts and cream on top of the ice cream plus the chocolate sauce topping were just lovely.

So sorry cause Can't see the ice cream at a closer look from the photo. I was too busy eating, Shujin only managed to take the overall look of the waffle ice cream.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Pancakes with Pillsbury

This is the first time I'm making pancakes, and it was with Pillsbury! I was shopping in a supermarket and suddenly thought of wanting to make pancakes. I straight away grabbed one box. It was a One-Step Pancake Mix with Buttermilk. there are two packets of the flour mixture in the box.

So what do you need? One packet of the Pillsbury pancake mix, and 240ml water/milk. Adding milk will make the pancakes creamier but I used water as I ran out of milk. Only these two ingredients, it's as simple as that!

Just mix one packet of the flour mixture and water until the flour mix well with the water.

You then drop one spoonful (for each pancake) of the mixture onto a pan and fry them. Once there's some bubbles seen on top and they breaks, you can then flip over to the next side.

Well, I must admit that I did not pan fry the pancake nicely as it does not look flat and looked a little uneven. My non-stick pan had gone a little "koo-koo" so I couldn't really lift the pancake up nicely.

After frying the pancake, I placed them nicely on a plate and put a few pieces of butter on top of the pancakes. I then drizzle honey all over the pancakes and onto the plate. :) I do like the pancakes as they were fluffy and soft. It was wonderful to have pancakes with melting butter and honey. Totally yummylicious. Although the pancakes don't looked nice but it does make a wonderful breakfast for my day~ :)

I shall make real (not with pancake mix) pancakes myself the next time I hunger for pancakes at home. :)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Blue Zone Cafe

Hi's been a while since I last posted. I've been busy, there's pain and I felt a little tired. Just finished one test, and I'm in pain because of chiropractic. I've a neck and shoulder pain for a long long time. I've twisted my leg a few months ago and it's not cure yet. I know I should go see those chinese traditional "tit-da" but there's one that I used to frequent have closed down (I think). I don't know where else to go, so...hmm. I had the most painful treatment few days ago in my entire life! Chiropractic, with needling. :'( It's really painful, but I'm thinking that I'll get better. It's been 4 days now but my shoulder is still painful and I need to go back for needling next Wednesday! Argghh!!! I need to ice my leg twice everyday for at least one week.

Okay, enough about my story. Back to food, shall we? I've not been eating outside this whole week except in my college's cafe cause of test. I went to Cheras Leisure Mall few weeks ago. I had lunch at their 'food court'. I've got no idea what to eat there, so we decided to pick the one with the most customers. I've been to this Blue Zone Cafe once but forgotten how their food tasted like.

So, up we went there to find a spot to sit, place order at their counter, pay, and wait for your food. It's a self-service basis.

I ordered their claypot chicken rice priced at RM4.50. It tasted very normal. Not the best, nor the worst. It's just very okay only. They gave a quite big piece of the salted fish though. I prefer them to have the sauce to be a little darker, and with more aroma. I love rice to be in great taste with the sauce. The sauce wasn't enough, and the chicken was okay but not as smooth and tasty as those pro claypot chicken rice stalls.

Shujin ordered kuey teow soup which is priced at RM3.50. First of all, the soup was quite nice. Secondly, the shredded chicken was given in a generous portion. There's sliced fishcakes, and I loved fried shallots. The only complain for me was their shredded chicken meat. The meat texture was quite hard..hmm.

Overall, this is the cheapest food I think I can get at this mall. There's also a shop selling some economy noodles and rice near the arcade place.

Blue Zone Cafe
Cheras Leisure Mall


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Shi Zen Green Tea

Well, I got free drinks from college again~ =) Happy-nya. Well, this time it was Shi Zen tea. I got one can and Shujin got another can with different flavors.

Shi Zen green tea with Jasmine flavor. It has a light taste of the jasmine and green tea. It's not sweet and is suitable for people who love refreshing with light taste.

This one was Shi Zen green tea with Calamansi Lime flavor. The can stated that it has been added with Vitamin C too. Well, this one was sweeter than the Jasmine flavor. It has the sweet with little sour taste. For those who love stronger taste, this is definitely the choice.