Thursday, August 17, 2006

Oriental Cravings at One Utama

Shujin and I went to One Utama for the Miss Dragon-i event. The event turned out to be at 8 pm. So, we thought of having something for dinner. We walked and walked as I could not decide what to eat. Finnaly, we are at the Oriental Cravings.

We have a try there as the restaurant was packed with people. Their fried vegetables looked good. We sat there and the waitress gave us the menu. I was looking at the menu for less than few minutes and the waitress asked us what would we like to have. I asked her could I have a look at it for a few minutes more. Not even a minute pass, she was back and asked us. I was totally speechless as I was still looking at the menu...hahaha. She then recommended me the "fried tung hoon special" which was fried glass noodle.

I must agree and thank her for the recommendation as it was really nice. It has the "wok" taste. I first thought that okay, this is all I have for a plate of fried tung hoon at RM11.90? It has shredded cabbages, bean sprouts, shredded carrots,shredded onions, shredded chilli, shredded chives, dried prawns, eggs, decorated with one slice of cucumber and tomato, chopped spring onions and that's it?

Later did I notice, there were two big prawns hiding under the noodles. Slices of mushrooms were found too. :) Hmm, the only thing that disappointed me was the prawns. They were tasteless, not even the taste of the prawns..hmm.

Shujin had their "Laksa". It came at RM12.90 with three big pieces of aubergine a.k.a brinjal/eggplant, three big pork balls, slices of roast porks, long beans, bean sprouts, tofu pieces (toufu pok in cantonese), and decorated with coriander a.k.a chinese parsley.

The laksa has roast pork inside too. There were okay cause when you eat them with the noodles you don't really get to taste the roast pork.

Look at the pork balls~ =) It was nice. My only complain was the aubergine was a little too raw and the soup was a little too oily. The sauce was quite thick. The first spoon of the curry soup into my mouth made me think that it was satay's dipping sauce. The sambal chilli wasn't my favourite type as it was sweet and has no belacan taste.

I will surely re-visit this restaurant one day if I happen to go to One Utama as I find the food was not bad. Most of the customers ordered their fried vegetables. The waitress too recommend the restaurant's specialty "special toufu"/"jiu pai toufu in cantonese" to all the customers and most of them ordered.

Oriental Cravings
Tel: +603-77272581


Kris said...

Om gosh! i wanted to fry tong-fun this morning but thought too much of work for b/fast. After seeing this, i must make it tomorrow ;)

Neo said...

The laksa looks good!

cookies_cream said...

kris - haha, do let me know when you fry "tong hun". ;)

neo - Looks good, ain't them? =) But too much oil though.

fragrantharbour said...

one of their specialties - mee suah with chicken in chinese wine.. something like that. i thought that was particularly nourishing and heartening! but portion too small, i thought :)