Wednesday, June 27, 2007

La Manila Cafe at Mid Valley Megamall

Hohoho, although my sick marathon wasn't over yet (Yes! I know! I'm sick for more than 1 week and I not yet recover~!) but I really think I should continue to blog again now. I'll post all of my previous eating sessions as they're pilling up more and more in my food folder.

Well, some time ago don't know when went to La Manila one day at Mid Valley as I heard from my friend saying that they are somewhat sister/brother of Secret Recipe. I forgot to ask Shujin to bring camera that day..but luckily I borrowed mom's handphone. Again, although I pinjam mom's handphone but I don't know how to capture the photos properly. I guess it's because i faced the handphone too near to the food, that's why the food pics all ended up looking blur blur. How stupid I am. @_@

Shujin had their "Char Kuey Teow". They had some promotion, RM9.90 to choose from some limited main and free one glass of drink. Tell you the truth, their "Char Kuey Teow" is as good as some of the fried kuey teow stalls outside. There's enough "wok hei" and their cockles aren't not fresh. Their prawns were very springy but not very tasty. Overall, not bad. :)

I don't know what to eat....was looking through the menu for quite some time. So, ended up ordering two types of pies. First was the vegetable pie which priced at RM5.50. The taste was not bad but their pastry was soft and not crunchy. It doesn't really taste fresh. There were chunks of broccolis, cauliflowers, other veges and if I'm not mistaken there were also some capsicum chunks in it.

This is cornish pie (RM5.00). Again the pastry is not nice. The filling tasted like some curry puff fillings. I thought those chunks of potato-look-a-like were potatoes but, it's not. I can taste pumpkin! It's quite sweet I think it's because of the pumpkin, making it quite aromatic too.

We also ordered some side dish which is their fried tofu (RM7.00). On the menu they named it "ignots" something? I was curious and asked the waitress what it is. She told us that it was fried tofu. I thought it will be something unique as like what the name is. Hmm, nothing much to comment about it. It was like some kind of home made tofu being fried into crunchy skin. The outside was crunchy while inside was tofu with little of fillings making it quite soft and tender.

When we were leaving, I took a peep at their cake counter but all the cakes looked soggy and not fresh. Hmm, I'm not sure if they haven't upload any new cakes or was it because it's not weekend that day.

La Manila Cafe
Mid Valley Megamall
Tel: +603-22832122


babe_kl said...

always loved CKT at la manila yumyum

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

there are quite famous for their ckt..but never try b4 though..

hope u get well soon then!

wmw said...

Hope you are must better and fully recovered by now. I usually order the CKT or the Curry Laksa here.

tankiasu said...

Oh must try their Shanghai Noodle as well, delish!!!

xiu long bao said...

I got to know that La Manilla is Secret Recipe's sifu, so they have same recipe for cheesecake gua. I hav only tried la manilla's shepherd pie and marble cheese cake...the cake was veli goody!

teckiee said...

"La Manilla is Secret Recipe's sifu" ... both owners are related actually. Always find La Manilla's cakes slightly better than Secret Recipe.

Jun said...

hi there! hav to agree w teckiee that la manilla is better than secret recipe. my fav's the toffee banana since primary school days-- do they still have it? :)

Jackson said...

they famous for CKT ? Is it? never try before ler...

jason said...

The jakun me belum pernah makan at La Manila leh. Somehow, it doesn't attract me to go in.

KampungboyCitygal said...

used to love their cakes..but ever since it tasted bad i never went back again

MeiyeN said...

oh yes, their ckt not bad at all!

cookies_cream said...

babe_kl - yeah, their char kuey teow not bad :)

Joe.wicc - i wished i'm getting well but..but~!! *Sigh*

wmw - ooo, curry laksa? I'm almost recovered until yesterday (5th Jul 07) where I suddenly got sorethroat..this morning got little bit cough!!?!??! WTH!!! :'(

tankiasu - Shanghai noodle? Haha, wait til I'm back from my mini trip then we can go food crawl ya..sorry for the "lateness" :)

xiu long bao - ooo...cheese cake huh..haha I don't know is actually La Manila is sifu of Secret Recipe or vice versa.

teckiee - Hmm, now that so many ppl said La Manila's cake was good I guess I need to try it.

jun - Toffee banana, sounds new to me~! I'll go and find it out when I'm at Mid Valley some day.

jackson - Hmm, maybe some other day go makan? :)

jason - I too last time don't think what's special about La Manila. But my friends told me they're related to Secret Recipe that's why try them out. :)

kampungboycitygal - Ooo, they dropped their quality standard?

meiyen - :) Meiyen jie, when can I go out with you? hahaha...miss you suddenly..long time didn't chat in msn.