Thursday, February 15, 2007

5 Things You Do Not Know About Me

Well, this is another very interesting meme to do~! I've been tagged by Pablopabla when I was reading the comment I got in my post. I'm surely is surprised that I got tagged and am very excited about it. :) Today, when I was reading Mei Yen's blog I saw that I got tagged by her too for the same meme~! =)

Well, so I guess I should start posting this now...haha. I was at college just now and am writing this while waiting for my class which will be ended at 6pm. Sob sob~! :'(

5 Things Which You Don't Know About Me:

1) I hate bitter gourd, and cockles when I was a little kid. I think it's because bitter gourd tasted bitter while cockles tasted very funny to me. Well, it changed my mind for bitter gourd and cockles now. I've eaten a very nice chicken fried with bitter gourd by my mom and it tasted soo yummylicious! Bitter gourd fried with egg was heaven too.

And as for cockles, it's because I eaten once at a Thai restaurant once where they actually grill the cockles and you dip them into special spicy Thai sauce before popping into your mouth. That's when I actually loved cockles so much and got hooked to it.

2) I came to dislike papaya. I have no idea why cause I used to eat them last time. I guess it's the moment when I heard someone said that if I eat a lot of papaya my breast will grow big. Therefore, I'm afraid to touch them. :P (Don't know how true is that...but now I don't like to consume them)

3) I love singing just so so much~!!! I love to sing, whether it's going out with friends to sing k or singing at home. I used to turn on the music so loud in my room and started to sing and sing. I sing too when I'm having my shower. (I know I'm silly~but hey, I love to sing!)

4) I'm actually a very careless person (As in walking). Since I was a kid until now, I will be banging into doors, cupboards, chairs, or whatever furniture or things whenever I'm walking. I'll end up wondering why I got so much blue blacks on my knees/arms/thigh/etc...I'm such a clumsy person. Sometimes I woke up from my sleep and felt that there's a pain on my leg and only to notice that there's a blue black on it. @_@ I did watch my steps and look when I'm walking but...I just couldn't help it!

5) I'll be learning hip hop dance on March soon with my best friend. I think I'll want to learn it because it's something new and I think it'll be interesting and good to exercise a little since I'm lazy in doing excercise. :P

Ok, I've finished mine. :) Who should I tag now?

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  • Sleeper's Couch

    Tze Lun said...

    Oh.. this is what you meant by tagged.. sorry a bit sakai with this 'tagging' thing :P

    Ivan said...

    Wow..I've been tagged. Anyway, those 5 things I know 3 things because I dunno wat u like to eat and it seems that u can eat anything in this world :P

    MeiyeN said...

    clumsy gal? now i know! :D anyways, happy chinese new year to you & your family and have a prosperous new year! :D

    Tummythoz said...

    Lol abt ur papaya comment. Actually I dun eat it anymore too. When I was young, my father planted a lot of papaya trees and they always ripen together! Even our neighbours got 'jelak' from our 'gifts'!

    jason said...

    I dont like bitter gourd and cockles too... now still the same!

    Lyrical Lemongrass said...

    Gotta love them cockles. Nice, juicy and dripping with blood. Mmmmm.
    I'm very much like u when it comes to singing. My friends tell me to shut up all the time, tho. :-P I'm sure you have nicer friends. :-D

    Honey Star said...

    I know what you mean bout bumping into everything. For CNY I have 2 big blue&black bruises to go with my outfits. :D

    Before I 4get, Gong Xi Fa Chai.
    Have a prosperous year of the boar. Wishing you and your family lots of happiness, wealth and great health!

    Xiu Long Bao said...

    haha...4get bout the papayas...i had so much of 'em since i was young but im no 'pamela'.

    Jackson said...

    bitter gourd? Hahha...u hate it!!! Now only i know we hv he same enemy !

    cookies_cream said...

    tzelun - Haha, so cute la you.

    ivan - LOL, you knew about me cause I'm your "onesan". :P

    meiyen - Haha, paiseh leh. Now you know i'm a clumsy gal liao...

    tummythoz - Haha, so now you jelak with papaya adi? Hmm, but good leh your dad knows to plant fruits. Ask him to plant other fruits so you can makan. :D

    jason - Haha, why still same? They're so delish leh.

    lyrical lemongrass - Haha, then next time we go karaoke sing songs together~!

    honey star - Haha, now i got another blue black on my left thigh...

    xiu long bao - Haha, really? But it still won't make me eat them if you're telling me that too. I think I anti-papaya adi? @_@ But I drink papaya chicken soup. LOL

    jackson - Haha, I don't hate them anymore leh jackson. I love them now~ ^^

    Beau Lotus said...

    Sorry sorry, very mountain tortoise. Still caught no ball about this tagging business. What is it? And what does meme mean? In France, meme is a grandmother...

    My mother eats papayas all the time how come she's still so flat?

    pablopabla said...

    I don't like bitter gourd :P