Friday, February 02, 2007

Korea Kyung Joo Restaurant at Mid Valley

I'm hunger for Korean food one fine evening. I'm thinking of going to Korean restaurant at Amcorp Mall where it was recommended by my friend and many of other food bloggers. But, Shujin just came all the way from PJ after work. It's impossible if I ask him to drive to Amcorp Mall again.

So, we ended up at Mid Valley. The Korean restaurant that I used to see everytime I pass by the GSC (Golden Screen Cinema) there. It's on top of the Bubble Tea kinda taiwanese cafe. So, up we went.

They gave us the menu. It wasn't much to choose from. I remembered last time where I used to dine in a Korean Restaurant ran by a Korean woman near KLCC. Their stone pot rice was delicious~! And their omelette and grilled chicken was superb.

I'm craving for the stone pot rice actually. But apparently Shujin wanted to order the stone pot rice too. So, I have to order something else (So that I can taste different food). I turn out to order Kim Chi soup with rice.

After taking the order, the appetisers arrived. They only provided us 5 types of appetisers. And some of them don't look appetising at all. I'm curious, normally korean restaurants would serves 7 plates of appetisers, isn't it? Or it's up to the restaurant to serves the number of appetisers they want to? I think I saw some who served 9 types of appetisers?

This was the mung bean sprouts with carrots. It tasted ok.

The next appetiser was kimchi preserved salted vege? It's called "ham choi" in cantonese. Forgot what it's called in english. It tasted not bad. A little salty, spicy and sour.

This is what I've always love, Kim Chi cabbage. It's nice. I loved them so much.

Spicy slice cucumber? Not sure if it's kim chi cucumber or what, but it tasted ok only.

Last but not least, is it called spinach? Gosh, I'm so bad in remembering different kinds of vegetables or fish. It tasted bland though. Is it supposed to be like that?

I ordered the peach with red tea. I actually forgotten what it's called. It costs RM5.50. I loved it soo much. It's hot and it's so aromatic. It's just my cup of tea. :P Sorry that I didn't take the pic with the tea. Only took how the mug looked like. LOL

And as usual, Shujin's Iced Lemon Tea. Priced at RM3.90, it tasted different from other lemon tea. It's not those Nestea drinks, but it's something like plum tea or something. Not sure if it's lemon tea or plum tea...hahaha. But it tasted not bad though.

Shujin's order, "Dolsot Bee Beem Bab" (Stone Pot rice with Chicken) priced at RM16. With a glance at the photo, you'll be able to see sliced carrots and cucumbers, shredded chicken meat, seaweed, and an raw egg. They added sesame seeds on top of the rice too. I forgot what's the item in between the shredded chicken and carrots.

The stone pot came with a bowl of soup and the sauce. I don't know what's the sauce, but I know it's used to add them into the stone pot rice. You can add the sauce into your rice according to your own preference.

After it's been mixed up. I don't know why I love stone pot rice, maybe because I feel healthy everytime I eat them. Add with the sauce was just prefect. Yummy yummy.

My order, "Kim Chee Jjikeh" priced at RM18. Kim Chi soup with rice. There's clams, crabsticks, kim chi, seaweed, "dong fun", tofu cubes, and other ingredients in the soup. I loved the soup very much. It warmed my heart.

Haha, I've never tasted any kim chi soup but I find it nice though to drink it up like that. Or to eat them with rice.

Overall I find the food was okay but not very happy with the appetisers. Should go Amcorp Mall's Korean restaurant to have a try one day.

Korea Hyung Joo Restaurant
3rd Floor, T049,
Mid Valley Megamall

Tel: +603-2282 1112


-Princess Shin- said...

Hey.. nice pictures you have there! I just went to a korean restaurant in SS2 behind the police station. Not bad. Quite nice. The one is MV not that nice. Great job you're doing here! =) Take care!

Jackson said...

hmm...many of my frends says that this restaurant was not a good one. Coz they didnt served the real Korean cuisine....but u did a great job in photo shooting! Im hungry at 12.20am now

MeiyeN said...

i'd been to this rest ages ago and find their food quite expensive compare to others and they are so stingy to serve only 7 appetizers.... :p

cookies_cream said...

-princess shin- SS2 ? Hmm, behind police station ar...not sure where it is. You know the restaurant's name?

jackson - Haha, better don't go MV one...I missed the one at KLCC there!

meiyen - You mean where? Mid Valley there one? They only serve 5 appeitsers leh... :(

jason said...

If you say it's nearby GSC and located at upstairs.. i think i went there b4 but i dont remember the name. the food just ok le but not those real korean cuisine :)

MeiyeN said...

yeah..da one jackson mentioned? 5 only?? i thought 7... so stingy!!!!!

PabloPabla said...

I haven't actually tried authentic korean cuisine. I heard it's expensive...

p/s: You've been tagged by me!

team BSG said...

aiyoyo ! so much food here v r putting on good weight !

very nice pixs.

cookies_cream said...

jason - Yeah, they don't looked like Korean original.

meiyen - Haha, I think Jackson was refering to the restaurant I posted. I guess. :P

pablopabla - Argh~ For the second time being tagged. Soo happy. But need time to think about it. :)

team bsg - Thanks for the compliment(pics). ;)

malaysianfoodguide said...

In my opinion, I think the best Korean Food (in Malaysia) is the one in Amcorp Mall. Seo Gung in SS2 also not bad.

Anonymous said...

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