Monday, September 25, 2006

Nando's at One Utama

I was at One Utama cause Shujin wanted to go there to shoot some photos. There's some events going on there. It was actually a great opportunity for me to try out at Italiannies but I had pasta that morning (The Macaroni in carbonara sauce) I don't think I'll be wanting to eat pasta and stuff. :(

Well, since I wanted something different...I suddenly thought of Nando's. It's been quite a while I last visited Nando's and I missed their coleslaw and Mediterranean rice. So up we went to Nando's.

Shujin and I both ordered the 1/4 chicken set that comes with two sidelines. Mine was the Mild Peri-peri chicken with chips and the Mediterranean rice as sidelines.

Shujin had the Lemon and Herb chicken with Peri chips and coleslaw as sidelines. Priced at RM11.90 per 1/4 meal with 2 sidelines is worth it, or is it not? Haha, I thought it's a pretty nice catch.

The coleslaw was as tasty as before. Very nice. =) The chicken is flavorful too.

The Peri chips was nothing special though. It was just like the normal chips, the only thing is that they sprinkled some chilli/peri (or whatever) powder on the chips and that's all.

But the Mediterranean rice was a little lacking too. It wasn't as tasty as the last time I dine in at Nando's.

I forgot to order their Milk shake. The last time I tried their chocolate milk shake thingy, it was fabulous~!

Something not related to this post, I had lunch at Times Square's Kenny Rogers this afternoon. Ewww....their food was soo sooo not nice! I did not take any pictures (cause I don't have a camera and my hp's screen "kong" adi) and I don't think I wanna take any pics too. The sidelines, mashed potatoes was aweful. The mashed potato's gravy was very watery. The gravy for the chicken was not tasty also. The chicken was okay, the other sidelines (graden salad, and macaroni and cheese) was okay. What happened to them? I think I won't visit them for a longgg time already.


Meiyen said...

i've never been to nando's before but heard from friends that they serves pretty good food.. wey, i'd once been to da times square's kenny rogers few years ago and absolutely agree with u, it was aweful, really bad!

Tummythoz said...

Luvs Nando's but only its most fiery chicken. Somehow, I find the portion small (not filling enuf) for the price they charge.

evan said...

the pics are beautiful!! and oh, the food looks so yummilicious. thx for sharing :)

fatboybakes said...

wow, your pictures are fantastic. is it the camera, or is it talent?

Jeanne said...

There's a Nando's in KL?!?!? Woo hoo! Makes me proud to be a South African, as it's originally a South African chain. Whenever I feel homseick in London, a lemon & herb chicken from Nando's usually helps ;-) Do they also serve nata in KL? They are little mini custard pies for dessert and are just divine.

PabloPabla said...

Give me Nando's extra hot peri peri anytime :) Love it!

Shame on Kenny Rogers though. Standard dropped liao.

cookies_cream said...

mei yen - haha, Mei Yen..Nando's are way better than Kenny when compared it with the Times Square branch. I don't know if Kenny has dropped or what..

tummythoz - haha, pricey ar...hmm. I don't know wor. :) I think it's still okay.

evan - No probs ;)

fatboybakes - Can I say it's both camera and talent? :) A biggg thanks to my photographer, again. =)

jeanne - Yeap, there's Nando's in KL. :) The lemon and herb chicken was nice. Nata, err..I don't recall seeing them in the menu.

pablopabla - Extra hot~! You're a spicy lover don't you. :) Yeah, I really missed those nice Kenny days.