Tuesday, September 19, 2006

T.G.I Friday's at One Utama

Ahh, finally I'm back to my blog. It's been a week I'm away from my blog. Miss my blog soo soo much~! Well, this time I've "travelled" to T.G.I Friday's at One Utama.

First time going to T.G.I Friday's for my friend's celebration. I've always wanted to try out their food. :) My poor friend was being tricked by the T.G.I crews...haha. With all the crews asking him to stand on top of the table, and using a straw to blow the candles on the cake which was quite far away from him~!(Sorry friend, I didn't know that T.G.I will do that to you. If I knew, I wouldn't have asked for 21 candles but 3 candles instead~!). The crews even sang a mix-rap kinda thingy birthday song for the birthday boy. It was fun~ =)

Well, I do not know what to order there but I know their Buffalo Chicken Wings were popular. They have a three course meal which cost at RM39.90. Without hesitating, I ordered the three course meal. I ordered the Buffalo Chicken Strips for the appetizer, BBQ Chicken for the main course, and Double Chocolate Brownie for the dessert.

The appetizer, the Buffalo Chicken Strips. It was actually fried chicken strips with Buffalo sauce served with celery with the dipping sauce (what was it? sour cream? cheese?). At first I tasted one piece of the chicken and...so sour! Ewww...Then I dip the chicken into the dipping sauce, and they tasted quite well actually. Silly me.

One of my friend ordered the course meal and ordered the 3 Chillies Fiery fried calamari for appetizer. It tasted okay. Nice and crunchy.

Another friend of mine ordered the chicken burger thingy. I thought it was okay but doesn't really fancy the caramelised onions inside the burger though.

My main course, BBQ chicken. Two grilled chicken drumsticks, served with the BBQ sauce. The sidelines were mashed potatoes,and two grilled corns. I thought it was yucky~! I do not know why but the chicken were a little over grilled, the BBQ sauce was tooo sweet! The grilled corn, yucks! Tasted like some kinda medicine and raw. I did not touch the corn at all. The mashed potato was sweet. Everything was just sooo sweet. Maybe this dish was meant to be sweet? Oh well, I wonder why....

I was kinda dissapointed with the meal I had as I've expected high quality of their food as many have reviewed T.G.I as a nice place to eat. Perhaps I ordered the wrong thing then or the chef mistakenly pour in sugar instead of salt.

Hahaha, but everything was finally forgiven when my dessert came~! The double chocolate brownie. Yummy-licious~! ;) I know their mud pie was popular as well, but maybe next time cause there weren't any mud pie in the 3 course meal category. 3 layer of brownie stacked together. Chocolate and caramel sauce were drizzled all over the plate...and finally one scoop of Vanilla ice cream topped with crushed nuts. Super duper yummy~ I love the vanilla ice cream as they doesn't taste like other vanilla ice cream that you get outside. Really nice dessert.

I was soo bloated with the meal. I shared the 3 course meal with Shujin and yet I am soo full~! Maybe next time I'll visit T.G.I to try out their mud pie.

Another nice dessert that one of my friend ordered. I forgot the name of this dessert but I know there's one word the dessert was called, "turtle"~! Don't know what turtle. Ermm, note that there's a piece of brownie being placed onto of the dessert. It's actually one of my friend who place the brownie there..haha. Not from the dessert itself. But, the dessert also contains brownies with chocolate and caramel sauce I think.


Dwayne Foong said...

The brownie is yummy yummy. more yummy yummy than secret recipe's oh. i like the calamari ring also but the chicken is so so. maybe nando's chicken nicer

Jackson said...

personally im not a TGIF person, i found the food was just OK and nothing special except everybody like their "birthday singing services". Im so suprised that u actually took a good photo of food even the environemnt is so dark!

PabloPabla said...

Wah...the photos look very good. Gua hungry liao :)

boo_licious said...

Brownie looks really yummy!

Meiyen said...

i love their Fried Mushrooms and Brownie... da Jack's Daniel Salmon used to be quite good too..

Dwayne Foong said...

yeah jackson, the food is just ok - nothing so special.

i prefer victoria station (for the same price).

cookies_cream said...

dwayne foong - haha, the brownie yummy leh. Next time we go try out their mud pie. ;)

jackson - Hmm, well to be honest I was really disappointed with T.G.I when I went there as I have high hopes on them. The next time I go I think will only order their desserts. :) Haha, I have a photographer with a new K100D...sure the photos are nice! :P

pablopabla - haha, thanks to my photographer with his very good skills even though he just became a photographer months ago. =)

boo_licious - The brownie is a must try! ;)

meiyen - Ooo, fried mushrooms ar. The Jack's Daniel sauce was pretty good. =}

Meiyen said...

cookies, yeah da sauce is yummy!