Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Flydance Cafe at Taman Cheras a.k.a Yulek

I do not know what to have for dinner so decided to try out a small sushi house at Taman Cheras. I do not want to go into details about that sushi house but their services were just...psffff~!!! Okay, so we stepped out of the sushi house and went on to search for food.

I suddenly thought of Flydance cafe. So off we went to the cafe. I've been there twice. Their food weren't bad and the price was reasonable.
I was soo hungry.

Without hesitating, I ordered the Wasabi Mayo Crispy Chicken priced at RM12.90. My friend ordered that before on our last dinner there and he said it was nice.

There were two pieces of chicken (was is chicken breast?), sidelines were fries and coleslaw lay on top of lettuce and topped with slices of cucumbers. The chicken were deep fried and being drizzled with tomato sauce and mayonnaise. It was nice. the first mouth of the chicken bite you can taste wasabi. Haha, it's not much but you can taste that there's wasabi. The wasabi have already being mixed with the mayonnaise.

Shujin ordered chicken sausage spaghetti in creamy sauce. But they ran out of creamy sauce, so the spaghetti came with tomato sauce instead. Nothing special. The spaghetti sauce was not flavourful enough. Not enough tomatoes, not enough herbs..lack of something. Priced at RM7.90, the plate of spaghetti was quite generous though.

The last time I went I tasted their spaghetti aglio oglio and it was nice. There's green mussels, squids, prawns, and fish bites. It was cheap too.

On the left is Chocolate Banana milk shake priced at RM5.50. It was nice. Reminds me of Secret Recipe's chocolate banana cake...hahaha. :P On the right was Ice Lemon Tea priced at RM3.00. Shujin claimed that it was too sour, but I kinda liked it. =)

I will go back there..but will not pick during peak hours. As, their food quality are not very standard. When there are a huge crowd on weekends, the food seemed to be out of quality. This cafe does food catering as well.

About the direction, Flydance Cafe is just behind the shop lots like Janbo Restaurant, Coffee and Ice Cream House, Blue Dragon Cafe, One Pandan Leaf, and etc. When you are behind, you'll be able to see Restaurant Pattaya Thai Seafood at the corner lot. Flydance Cafe is in between the Restaurant Sornamm Curry House and Zex Salon.

Flydance Cafe
27, Jalan 3/101C,
Cheras Business Centre,
56100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-91317131
H/P: +6012-3143086


Dwayne Foong said...

The wasabi chicken is very nice oh..

wasabi taste is not very strong, just mild :)

The spaghetti is not recommended, maybe because it doesn't have 3 thumbs up in the menu (i.e. chef recommendation) :)

cookies_cream said...

dwayne foong - Yup, the wasabi taste was just nice. :)