Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Golden Bread at Sri Petaling

I've always wanted to try out at this restaurant. The restaurant have a very nice signboard with a pair of the "yau tiu". :) The environment was not bad. The wall were full of large printings of the food pictures. They serves snacks, set lunches, and desserts.

There was a paper printing the set lunches available. It was quite a wide choice that they had. I didn't know what to order too. The waitress recommended me this one, Chicken in Garlic sauce with Rice. Priced at RM8.99, it includes one drink. I had iced lemon tea.

The rice was okay. The chicken meat was quite tender. They deep fried the chicken strips first, then only add in the garlic sauce. Garlic were fried too. The garlic sauce was not too salty nor too plain. It was just nice. But I would prefer it to be more flavorful. The sauce was too watery though.

Shujin and my friend both had the Cheese Chicken with Rice. Priced at RM8.99, it also includes one drink. At the first look, I was a little worried about it cause the cheese rice looked quite different from other restaurants that serves it. The cheese were a little burnt. But, I was wrong! It turned out to be quite delicious. There were some vegetables ingredients in it. Chicken meat, and I forgot what's inside. There were some tomato sauce underneath the cheese too. Mix it up together with the cheese, I find the Cheese Chicken with Rice quite yummy. :)

My another friend had the Yong Chow Fried Rice which was priced at RM6.99. The set lunch also includes one drink. There's nothing to shout about the fried rice. The rice have only some diced "lap cheong" waxed meat, and little fried egg pieces. The rice were topped with some shredded vege which were already turned into yellow, and one sunny side up. I don't think it's worth it.

Other than the set lunches, we also ordered the "Char Kui Combo" which the waitress claimed to be one of the most popular item on the menu. Priced at RM8.80, the combo came with Hong Kong "Char Kui" rolls, Salad Golden Treasure, and also one huge plain "char kui".

The "Char Kui" rolls were nice. The "Char Kui" were wrapped with "cheung fun" and sprinkled with some spring onions, black sesame, and some soya sauce.I really liked it as the crunchy "yau tiu/char kui" wrapped with the soft and tender "cheung fun" gives it a unique combination. The sambal/chili sauce given was yummy too.

Salad Golden Treasure, inside were some fish paste. I supposed outside were the "Char kui". The side of the "char kui" were being dipped with sesame. Black sesame and mayonnaise were drizzled all over the "Golden Treasure". I must say that this is delicious too. It was very aromatic. The combination of the mayonnaise with the fish paste and sesame were totally perfect. :)

Next was the huge plain "char kui". I was so happy to see such a huge "char kui" but wasn't very happy when I eat them. It wasn't really that crunchy although it looked like they are crunchy. It's ok but I'll prefer the one selling "yau char kui" at Yulek's "Wai Sik Kai".

I was already very full and guess what...We were also given a plate of complimentary fried chicken wings stuffed with glutinous rice. The waitress suddenly came and said that this was given to us by the chef. I guess it's because they saw Shujin taking photos of the food?? Hmm, they thought that Shujin was some kind of food reviewer for magazines? LOL :P

Well, although I'm very full but the fried chicken wings were really crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. They make it to become like, chicken must be crunchy and the glutionous rice inside must be pipping hot and soft and aromatic. There were diced waxed meat inside the rice too. :)

No.48, Jalan Radin Anum 1,
Sri Petaling
Tel : +603-90591998


KampungboyCitygal said...

it used to exists in ss2 rite??

boo_licious said...

tutup kedai in SS2 already - now A Little Dim Sum Place has opened there. I love the yau char kuai wrapped in chee cheong fun a lot - it's called Char Leong as we ate so much of it in HK. However, we tried it in SS2 and it wasn't nice at all. Looks like the Seri Petaling outlet is doing better than the SS2 one.

dwayne foong said...

the fried chicken with glutinous rice also very nice..

everything also nice! except for the fried rice

PabloPabla said...

Wah! You girls can really eat ar! LOL!

Meiyen said...

i tried once before da "char kui" combo @ Ss2 and it was really bad! da "yau char kui" so sooooooo oily and da drinks, thumb down too! i am not surprise at all that da outlet in ss2 tutup kedai already.. lucky thing that they are still surviving @ sri petaling...

Jackson said...

ohhhh....the char kuey look good! How to go ar?

blurblur said...

jackson, hmm if not mistaken it's in sri petaling opposite the store.

cher. eh wanna ask hor.. how come u can eat so much 1 ar.... everytime oso so many dishes 1!

cookies_cream said...

kampunboycitygal - I didn't know they had one branch in SS2.

boo_licious - I find it quite tasty and aromatic. Perhaps they've improved?

dwayne foong - Yeah, the fried rice wasn't that nice.

pablopabla - Haha, the photographer is a guy though. :P

meiyen - Ooo, looks like Golden Bread was doing really bad.

jackson - Eh, how to say leh. When you see Endah Parade mall on your right, you go straight and will pass by a petrol station on your left. Go straight until you reach the traffic light. You will be able to see the back of Golden Bread on your left. Go straight some more and turn left into the first junction. After turning, turn left again on the first junction. You'll see King's Confectionary on your left. Go straight and you'll see 'Golden Bread'. Let me know if you try them k. I want to know if they keep the standard or not. :)

blurblur - Haha, cause I go makan with friends ma. How to eat so much when only got me and Dwayne. LOL

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

I've tried you cha kueh with rice rolls before and I found the combination quite good! It's a large difference from common ones with roast pork or chicken fillings.

Cute Little Piggy said...

it is not nice at all
i was walking pasar malam at sri petaling that night
then i went into the golden bread shop for snack
had their golden bread with ice cream
so expensive, oiiily and smaaaaaalll
won't go there again