Saturday, May 05, 2007

A Scent Meme On What Perfumes I Love and Wear

I know that I've been dragging for a very long time to do a meme on this. A Whiff of Lemongrass tagged me on this. I know I've been tagged years a month ago, I finally got Shujin to help me to take some photos of my perfumes. I know I'm not rich still a student, therefore could only afford to buy a few. I only have very few bottles of perfumes and I was amazed when reading Lyrical's one as she has over 20 bottles of perfumes! I still have a long long way to catch up in order to be like her. :)

Well, here are a few of the photos that Shujin and I have experimented on how to take bottle photos. He said we should try to off the lights (room's light) and asked for a torchlight and an empty white paper. We then placed the paper on a chair and then put the a bottle of perfume on the paper. He asked me to hold the paper so that it can become a background for the bottle of perfume. Place the torchlight (switched on) behind the paper that I was holding. Well, we did adjust here and there. Trying to find the correct angle of the perfume for the correct angle of light. I was quite happy with this experiment and am happy about the photos too. Thanks Shujin!

Well, I remember that I started to like Truth from Calvin Klein when me and my cousin sis saw a mini bottle of Truth sample from a magazine. We bought that magazine because there was a free sample of perfume! =) After that, I bought 1 big bottle of Truth. Haha, funny or not? So, giving out samples of products in a mag or something works for me. :P

Then came one time when my aunt gave me a cute bottle of Dazzling Gold from Estee Lauder for one of my birthday. I really really like it very much!!! The scent makes me feel so elegant (although I'm not). :P This scent made me felt very comfortable everytime I put them on. Then, when I finished using it I became very sad cause I can't put them on anymore! Haha, but then I bought a bottle of Dazzling Gold months ago cause I really miss this scent very very much. Up til now, I'm still very in love with this scent. ;)

Then, on my 21st birthday I got a bottle of True Star perfume from Shujin. I'm so happy cause at that time True Star was just being released, I guess? I've gotten the sample before and it smelled wonderful! Erm, I like True Star because of the scent not because of Beyonce. Haha, although I love Beyonce but I certainly like the scent of True Star.

Two more perfume that I forgot to ask Shujin to take photos are Moschino's Couture and Body Shop's The Spirit of Moonflower. I loved Moschino's Couture cause everytime when I spray it onto my body I can feel the sexiness of this perfume! LOL. And as for the Spirit of Moonflower, it was very light and refreshing. It's very suitable if you just want to apply something that has some light flowery kinda scent to go out for yumcha session or just a normal "girls meet up".

Well, I know that I'm like an old lady who loves perfumes that are existed years ago. But I still love the scent very much. Maybe when I go work in future I will dare to go to those fragrance counters to try out all the new ones and buy them~! Hohoho, I'm not going to tag anyone for this cause I don't know who to tag about this topic. =)


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Such professional looking photos! Shujin is very talented.

I like Calvin Klein's Truth too. :-) Haven't tried True Star yet...must check it out.

jason said...

Woah... The session at Sandias and this... Is Shujin a photographer actually?

Timothy said...

Yes. I am definitely off my head on Shujin's shots. Incredible lighting and composition. Bravo !

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

nicely done nicely done..u do hav a quite a number of bottles dont u??..

cookies_cream said...

lyrical lemongrass - Yeah, Truth is nice eh. :) True Star got another new version quite long time ago actually after the first release...I think it's called something like True Star Gold? Not sure though.

jason - Err, anyone who loves to take photographs is a photographer? Haha...He's very interested in photography now, thanks to one of our college assignments that we did. =)

timothy - Thanks!

joe - Err, very limited only leh. If you baca Lyrical's'll know who is the real sifu of fragrance owner~! ;)

jason said...

He did a really nice job on the shots. I like the Martell chocolate shot ;)