Sunday, April 22, 2007

Jogoya Session at Starhill KL - PART IV

Well, this is the last part for my Jogoya Session. I didn't try all of their desserts there and was kinda regretted that I had so little desserts, but I'm still happy during the eating session. I really had fun with all the experiences at Jogoya. =)

Well, after tasting their incredibly aromatic cute little fresh coconuts (photos not taken), my friend and I was looking for something else to drink. We walked around the beverage section and saw one of the a staff making ice blended. There were different kinds of shakes and smoothies.

I took a very nice blue-ish colored lime shake. I tell you, it's very nice for those who love sour drinks. Their lime shake was so so nice and refreshing! The lime's aromatic with the sourish and sweet taste was just so cool.

We then ventured again to the beverage section. This time, I decided to try out their mango smoothie. You can really taste the richness of the mango flavor. Very very aromatic.

Someone ordered grilled mochi a.k.a Japanese sticky rice cake. It's the same like "chinese muachi" that we can get at the pasar malam (night market) here, but they grill them. To be honest, I prefer our chinese version cause I think I'm used to the soft version (tasted more delicate) versus the grilled (a little hard) one.

I don't know who took this Cheese Cake also as I remembered I only took 2 things from the dessert section, but it doesn't matter cause I'll eat it anyway, desserts leh!!! LOL. Ok, their cheese cake is not the best for me. I would say that their cheese cake was cheesy enough but not tasty enough. Don't know how to describe it. Just that the texture wasn't moist and firm enough.

Another dessert is the Tiramisu. Ermm, I would say that their Tiramisu was very ordinary. After trying out Italiannies' Tiramisu, I would say that there's nothing to comment much about this.

The 2 items that I took were the Mini Blueberry Cheese Tart and Chocolate Balls.

After trying their cakes, I wasn't giving much hope for the tarts and chooclate balls. But I was wrong! I took the chocolate balls cause one of my friend told me they were yummy. I tried and I do agree that they were chocolate-y. It wasn't too sweet, there were chocolate rice outside and the chocolate texture inside was very firm and moist. :)

This is my favourite dessert for the night. I tell you, their blueberry cheese tart was very delish!!! The cheese was soo cheesylicious and creamy, the blueberry wasn't too sour, and their tart's texture was very very crunchy and not hard~ I loved it!!! ^.^

Well, it was a thrill experience at Jogoya. It would be better if they could serves more Japanese desserts. A dessert lover here. :)


blurblur said...

blueberry cheese tart... yummy. i like it alot too. If you happen to be in old town. Do drop by JiaLeong's shop and try the blueberry cheese tart. It's Cherry cake shop located few shops beside his parents shop.

Very good cheese and filled with real blueberry.

tankiasu said...

Kakaka...what a gluttony. Need 4 episodes to blog about your Jogoya expedition. :-P And wow, tax and service charge alone is about RM300 liau.

MeiyeN said...

finally, da last episode!!! :p aikss... no cookies for a cookies-lover?

Tummythoz said...

Phew. My 'torture trip' is finally over. But forseeable new ones are just round d corner, right?

jason said...

Yo. Finally can post comment here! :P Been following ur blog for sometime leh.

teckiee said...

the first picture looks so blue lagoon... so relaxing just seeing it

Someone who is constantly craving said...

thats one very expensive meal..i cant imagine spending 2k on 1 meal..aiks..must b for a whole troop of hungry ppl

Precious Pea said...

Wow....nice food...and spreaded out in 4 posts! Nice nice nice. Who paid the bill?

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Unrelated: Sorry about the fact that we lost you today on the way to The Attic. We were stupid not to exchange phone numbers before getting into our respective cars. Hope you found your way out safely. Guess we'll just have to fix another day to meet up for cake. :-) It was very nice meeting you today. :-)

tankiasu said...

Enchantée! A la prochaine. :-)

wmw said...

Yeah, sorry that we lost you...Got your hp no. from Boo_licious but I could not get through to you. Yes, there will be a next time! :o)

cookies_cream said...

blurblur - I asked Jia Leong adi. See when free then I go have a look cause not familiar with the place. :)

tankiasu - yeah man! 19 ppl, the tax and service charge sure banyak lu. Niways, nice meeting you on the gathering. :)

meiyen - Haha, I was too busy. Didn't notice if there's cookies or not.

tummythoz - Haha, nice meeting you during the gathering. :)

jason - I'll try my best to post more next time~ Haha, and finally can meet you.

teckiee - It's very nice to drink too! Btw, nice to meet you. ;)

swicc - It's a total of 19 ppl~! :) Nice to meet you. ;)

precious pea - Everyone paid for their own bill. Hehe...and finally I know who you are. :D

lyrical lemongrass & wmw - I'm so sorry that I could not turn to the other road on time too! My hp was dead during the gathering. I only had Jackson's hp no but it's not save into my sim card but hp. Could not on my hp until I recharge it. So got no choice but to go home. :'( Sad, but hopefully next time we can go out and have fun again! :) It's so nice meeting both of you~! =)

Jackson said...

Alamak! RM 2000+ for Jogoya!!! Gosh....empat episod somemore!! Finally , i met u, the young little beautiful, when can we go for our 1st date a? shhh......dun tell yr bf a!! Hahaha....just kidding!

Honey Star said...

OMG wat a food journey!!!! Im drooling look at the pics. I want to check out Jogoya too!!

Dwayne Foong said...

ahem ahem jackson..