Thursday, April 05, 2007

Jogoya Session at Starhill KL - PART I

Sorry guys, this is another "long-time-ago" post. Went to Jogoya after working for SRG. It's like a after-work eating session to us. Yes, it's a very expensive eating session indeed. But, despite the $$$ we get for and the fact that I really really wanted to go Jogoya so badly, it's something that I can't miss isn't it? ;)

Well, we reached there about approximately 5.45pm? My friends were waiting at the Jogoya's entrance. And we are still waiting for others' arrival. When everyone reached, we were given two big round tables that are available inside those see through bamboo look-a-like walls. It's like we're being isolated from the outside world a.k.a others customers in Jogoya and those food sections.

We were the earliest group to reach there that day. I assume that's because it's a weekday? Without wasting any time, we looked through the items being displayed on the table.

Some Jogoya bloggers will mention about this, bull shaped metal clips. Number of your table is attached on the metal clips. What do you do with these metal clips thingy? Bring it along with you when you're visiting those different food sections. Most of the food sections have something that will be cook by the chefs there on the spot. So, if you want something to be cook, simply throw put the metal clip onto the respective bowl available. The chefs there will collect and cook the items you asked for. Your food will be serve to you and the metal clip will be given back to you so that you could continue making orders.

Since we have a total of 21 people going there, they gave my friend (the one who booked for the dinner) a VIP membership card. Therefore, we got the chance to try out the VIP items from any of the section. I can't wait to venture into their food sections at that time. Why? Cause it costs RM88++ per person leh, not cheap you know. Plus, I get to try their VIP items~! =)

So, which shall I start first??? I'm so into going back to Jogoya right now as I think that there's a wide selection of food, and they're all fresh!!! I got loads of items that I didn't get to try on that day too. I think I will divide this Jogoya post into 4 different sections. Part I will be appetisers, Part II will be random items, Part III will be the VIP items, and last but not least Part IV for drinks and desserts. Was kinda sad cause did not take many other food photos. But, never mind. @_@

Due to CNY is coming that time, we got ourselves a complimentary Yee Sang~!!! (Yeah~!) The plate of Yee Sang looked rather colorful to me. I did not any good feeling on that plate of Yee Sang. As usual, all the good wishes and bla bla bla are being thrown during the "lou sang" session.

After the "Lou Sang" session, each of use took some of the Yee Sang and, oh my goodness~! Their Yee Sang were delicious~ Trust me, I did not expect their Yee Sang to be yummy. Really! LOL, but their Yee Sang did give me a good sign that their good are delish.

So, took 4 bowls of appetisers to try out as they looked cute and refreshing. First was the Kimchi Tako. Basically, there were octopus mixed with some kimchi. If you ask me I really don't know how it tasted. I think it's pretty much common hence couldn't remember if it's tasty or not.

Next, King Crab Mushroom. I must say that the mixture of the king crab with the mushroom pieces, with some nuts were actually quite nice. The aromatic mushroom and nuts helps to bring out more flavor to it. :)

We also took a bowl of the Mynmar King Crab. Well, it's nothing special. Just that there were some pineapples with crab meat in the mini bowl. Nothing spectacular about it.

Last but not least, Sweet and sour Clams. Although they sliced the clams into quite thin slices, but I find the overall of it was quite nice. A little bit of sweet and sour mixed with the thinly sliced clams were actually quite refreshing and yummy. Definitely a good appetiser. :)

Now, my all time favourite and a "can't miss it" item whenever I'm in a Japanese buffet restaurant, Sashimi!!! I tell you, their sashimi were really FRESH and tasty~! Dip them into the wasabi, yummylicious~ I'm in heaven.

I also took some prawns as they do looked tempting and fresh to me. No doubt, they were really really sweet, succulent, and crunchy. Oishii~!

...To Be Continue...

UP NEXT -- Part II of Jogoya Session at Starhill KL

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dwayne foong said...

yum yum! very delicious

tankiasu said...

The Yee Sang looks very nice indeed. I've never been to Jogoya before, as I don't really fancy sushi. :-P

cookies_cream said...

dwayne foong - Yummy, feel like going to Jogoya again~!

tankiasu - LOL, they didn't have a wide selection of sushi actually. Only a small amount. In fact, you got lots of other choices to choose from. ;)

MeiyeN said...

awww.... now miss jogoya! slurpyyyyy

Ellone said...

I prefer Shogun more than Jogoya =)

boo_licious said...

cookies_cream, trying to contact you, can you email me at Thxs.

cookies_cream said...

meiyen - Haha, come come..we go there again!

ellone - I prefer Jogoya, Saisaki, and any other nice Japanese restaurant more than Shogun. :) Cause went there once and their food were really really bad.

boo_licious - Hey boo, sent a mail to you.

Anonymous said...

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