Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hong Kong Food Culture, Low Yat Plaza

Ok, I know this is a night post. I have no idea why I suddenly want to make a post tonight. I told myself not to see/read any food blog (+pics) or post anything during night time cause it will make me hungry!!! And, my parent just got back around 10pm...They're back home with...durians!!! In conclusion, I'm really starving right now....ARGH~~!!! :'(

Anyway, just wanted to tell you guys that I've always wanted to try the snacks out at this restaurant. The small snack stall is just outside Low Yat's entrance (The one near Times Square's bridge that links us to Low Yat/Sg Wang) as my friends told me that there were some snacks which were delish. So, there we were to try out some of their snacks.

There were only 3 or 4 small tables placed next to this snack stall which can merely fit about 10-12 ppl? So do prepare to wait for tables if you wanna makan the snacks there, else you can "tapao". As all the tables were crowded with customers, we thought we could sit inside the restaurant. We asked the waitress if we could order the snacks and have them inside the restaurant on Lower Ground Floor. The waitress told us that we could sit down there if only we order the restaurant's drinks or food. Hmm, but I only want to eat some snacks. So we have no choice but to wait for place and luckily we got ourselves seated in just a while.

We ordered the black pepper fish balls. At first bite, the aromatic pepper smell lingered through my nose. Then, as the biting continues I found it to be a little too soft on the texture. But, overall the taste was ok. There were some chopped onions and stuff inside the fish balls too.

Next was the Fried Calamari. They've cleansed and kept the ready-to-fry raw calamari in a big tub/container and keep in their fridge. When you want 1 they'll simply take out a portion and dip those raw calamari into batter...then "zaaaa!!!" them into the hot oil. Minutes later, you'll be served a plate of freshly deep fried calamari. I find the texture to be super crunchy. Dip them into some chilli sauce, yummy~!

This is er..'Mah Latt' fish ball I think (If I'm not mistaken). They were soaked boiled into a hot pot of 'Mah Latt' sauce. I love this. Why? Cause it's spicy and the fish balls were tasty. :)

There were also other snacks like deep fried Seafood Tofu (Bright yellow rectangular tofu with a white layer in the middle), deep fried whole small crab, and others. My another friend told me that their deep fried pork intestines were lovely too, but I didn't try them out. :(

Hong Kong Food Culture
Low Yat Plaza,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur


wmw said...

I always wanted to try this place too each time I drive pass it going into the carpark area....mmm...seems interesting!

teckiee said...

ohh another one to try after the chee cheong fun from the Bee post WMW talked about.

jason said...

uh oh.. Black Pepper Fish Ball sounds interesting.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

freshly made? thats good stuff..

Jackson said...

Hmmm... is this a new shop? i seldom explore this place coz very jam!!!

God of Food's said...

ohh...I should hop in and give a try if i am around low yat.

tankiasu said...

Yea I love their fried pork intestines too. But quite pricey, RM4 or RM5 for just a handful.

KampungboyCitygal said...

looks good eh..another choice when im around low yat..thanks a lot

Jasonmumbles said...

Looks yummy!

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WoW! that looks pretty tasty.=D