Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fish & Co at One Utama

Been to One Utama for lunch one day. It was quite long ago. Anyways, at first my friends thought of having lunch at Manhattan Fish Market but couldn't find any. So we went to ask at the information counter, only to know that there isn't any Manhattan in One Utama. @_@ How blur are we. So the restaurant that serves food closest to Manhattan was of course Fish & Co. Since I've never try Fish & Co before, so why not.

I had the Pink Passion. It was a mixture of pineapple, orange, cranberry, and honey. It's priced at RM5.90. I felt weird when drinking it at first. But, after that it was all ok. Quite nice and refreshing drink.

Another friend of mine ordered Insomnia. It was actually coffee with milk, honey, and salt. It's then topped with a swirl of whipped cream. Priced at RM5.90 also, I thought it was not bad. But I prefer those with strong caffeine ones.

One of my friend had the "so called BEST" Best Fish & Chips in Town. Priced at RM15.90, I think it was ok. Crunchy, but the batter was too heavy. The batter overpowered the fish. You can merely taste the fish but batter~!

Another friend of mine ordered the Sweet & Sour Fish. Priced at RM16.90. I think that those "dai chow" Chinese restaurant serves much more better sweet & sour fish than them. But, how come they have this in their menu? I felt so strange. I think the rice tasted SUPER weird to me. I don't know why but I don't like them.

As I normally order platter for two at Manhattan, this time I decided to order it also at Fish & Co. Me and my friend ordered the Seafood Platter for two. It consists of seasonal fish, calamari, prawns, and mussels in creamy garlic and lemon butter sauce. It's priced at RM48.90. It was really huge. Hard for 2 people to finish this whole lot!

Here are the close up pic of the calamari, mussels, prawn, and the rice. Seriously, I thought it was ok only. And guess what!!! There were bones in the calamari....why they didn't clean them properly! I really didn't like it. I was a little bit pissed off actually. If I were to compare them with Manhattan, Manhattan was much much more better than them.

To be honest, the prawns weren't fresh. I didn't really like the rice. I don't know what rice was that. I think the rice was the same with the side dish from sweet and sour fish. Is it some rice with herbs or don't know what thing..How I wonder. I prefer butter garlic rice. The sauce was ok only, not flavorful and creamy enough for me. Ok, I should stop now cause I complaint way too much.

I didn't even know my Pink Passion had a cherry at the bottom of the glass! Hidden treasure huh...luckily I like cherries. Lol, the cherry thingy did cheer me up a bit cause of the food served there.


jason said...

Sorry to hear that your meal was a disappointing one. But frankly, I don't like the dish presentation as well. Looks like western "rojak"!

KY said...

I think you can get better and fresher fish at your local tai chau stalls. Fish and Co (and Manhattan fish market) doesn't have the luxury of having fresh or live fish served. Hence most items are battered and deep fried.

Tze Lun said...

Too bad.. I was hoping for another good seafood-serving alternative to Manhattan (which I like). Maybe I'll stick to Manhattan for now..

KampungboyCitygal said...

fish n co is not doing really well in one u..wonder how can they sustain the business?

Tummythoz said...

Bones in calamari? Odd-nya. Never tried it before. Now, guess I'll never will.

teckiee said...

thats a lot of unfresh prawns... boo to the restaurant

cookies_cream said...

jason - Haha, it's really not nice. If the food was nice I actually don't really care about the presentation. But... :(

ky - Some of the "dai chow" stalls/restaurants do serves fresh seafood, but not all. As for Manhattan, cause they did it the other way. It's different from what was being served at "dai chow" stalls/restaurants. Manhattan/Fish & Co do serves grilled items too. ;)

tze lun - Don't bother going Fish & Co (my opinion), stick to Manhattan~!

kampungboycitygal - Hmm, I really wonder how.

tummythoz - They didn't clean out the transparent bones from the squids a.k.a calamari properly. Hence, there were bones left after the cooking too. @_@

teckiee - Yeah man, they actually gave 10 prawns to us~!

jason said...

cookies_cream: You certainly can make better one yourself :p

Xiu Long Bao said...

the seafood platter looks gud but too bad the prawns were not fresh.Nvr tried fish & co before n dun think i will ever try it after reading ur review, hehe...

blurblur said...

1Utama has no Manhattan Fish Market Kay... Remember that! LoL :P