Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sek Yuen Restaurant at Pudu

Went for a dinner with my family during CNY. Forgot which day, but it isn't important. The most important are the food. Wahaha..I'm so happy that I get to eat at Sek Yuen cause it's one of my favourite restaurant. So, let's get on to the food!!!

First to arrive was of course the famous "Yee Sang"! The Yee Sang was full of blasting flavors, every bite of it was just so good. From the raw fish, crunchy bites, to fresh shredded veges, tasty sauce. It was just so amazing. I don't know how to say it but they got extra unique flavors than the others. This is absolutely the best Yee Sang that I've ever tasted since last time until now.

My dad had pre-ordered two dishes as there were some dishes that need to be book a few days earlier (I think) upon your actual dining date. The two dishes are known as (杏花鸡) Almond Chicken with fish paste and (八宝鸭) Eight Treasure Duck. So, here they are.

Almond Chicken. This dish was a little different from the one I had from another stall. At Sek Yuen, they only have the chicken skin on top, and the bottom was fish paste with almonds. Where as the other stall I tried was chicken skin, with half chicken meat and fish paste. The other one is called (白花鸡). Back to the Almond Chicken. The skin was really crunchy and the fish paste was flavourful. At one bite, you could taste the soft and spongy fish paste with crunchy skin and aromatic almonds at the same time. I like it. :)

Next was (八宝鸭) Eight Treasure Duck. At first look, it was a normal cooked duck being presented on the plate. After a while.

Voila! The duck was stuffed with many different ingredients such as (白果) "bak guo", (连子) "lin ji", mushrooms, and many more. The meat were tender, the ingredients inside were soft and flavorful too. Plus the soup was so nice to drink as it was kind of sweet with rich duck flavor and other ingredient's fragrant. Yummy.

Next up was stir fry fish with spring onions and ginger. This is another nice dish as the sauce was prefect with the fresh fish. It has the "wok hei" too~! I love stir fry with enough wok hei. Very nice, another delish sauce to go with your rice.

This dish is called "蟹 jou". I don't quite remember but I think there were crab meat inside since the name of this dish has "". :P I think inside there were some vege too. Sorry for the "I think" cause I actually don't quite remember, it tasted like some hand made meat balls but delicately it was tasty and delightful. It's crunchy on the outside, inside was hot and a bit soft too.

Prawns!!! This prawn dish got another vote from me. I think it's called "gon jin ha lok". The prawns were covered with enough garlics and aromatic sauce. It was very nice as the prawns absorb the sauce and you could taste the freshness of the prawns too. We brought over the prawns for dinner and asked them to cook for us. (My mom bought these prawns for CNY~!).

Last but not least, it is the (排骨皇) Pork Ribs King. My dad ordered this specially for my cousin bro cause he loves this very much. The taste was again, it was savory. But, some of the meat were tender and some are not. I think it's because the differnet size of the meat pieces, hence some were overcooked and some were just nice. But, overall it was still ok. Again!!! This dish is a very nice dish to go with your white rice. The meat were very well marinated too. Yummy-licious.

Sek Yuen Restaurant

313 and 315, Jalan Pudu
Kuala Lumpur

Tel No: +603 - 9222 9457/+603 -
9222 0903

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    boo_licious said...

    Ate the Almond Chicken last Sat and it was really very good. I like the sourish sauce they gave with it too.

    wyejon said...

    Their hai jou (crab balls) are the best! Always must order that when I go there.

    MeiyeN said...

    oh my god....... everything look so good and yummy!!!!!!!!! *drool, drool, drool*

    sc said...

    hi, nice of u to pop over to my blog :). miss the pat poh ngap, so hungry just looking at it..hehe..have not tried the almond chicken before but it looks oh-so-good!

    jason said...

    *salivatin'* Pat Poh Ngap - that looks really tempting with plenty hidden ingredients!

    Lyrical Lemongrass said...

    Have been there several times but I haven't tried a number of the dishes that you ordered. The Pat Poh Ngap is very good. Next time, I'll order the almond chicken.

    Tummythoz said...

    Like sc, that almond chicken is new to me. Didn't even know they do a mean 'pai-kuat-wong' as the uncle & aunties there always recommend 'gu-lou-yok'.

    Tze Lun said...

    Your blog is torturous.

    All the food so tempting.
    Can see but cannot eat T_T

    tekko said...

    he he... please review more, I want to collect more dishes to be ordered before I revisit.

    KampungboyCitygal said...

    whoa..the almond chicken look so good..wonder where they throw the chicken meat ya..

    Lannae said...

    That special duck dish with ginko nuts (those little oval white things) look just amazing! I want to try that! I do not believe I have ever seen such a dish anywhere in the USA.

    Coketai said...

    Can you tell me how much was the damage for the night???


    cookies_cream said...

    boo_licious - The almond chicken was very delish. But I don't quite like the sauce though.

    wyejon - Hey! Long time no see, you're back~ :)

    meiyen - Haha, then ask your boy to bring you & your family go makan makan. =)

    sc - Order the almond chicken the next time you visit them. It's worth ordering it!

    jason - All the ingredients inside were awesome! The sauce too were so delish.

    lyrical lemongrass - Hehe, remember to order them the next time you go!

    tummythoz - "Gu Lou Yuk" ar. Never try that before in Sek Yuen. Do give "pai guat wong" a try. ^^

    tze lun - LOL, next time your bday we go there makan? But you belanja. :P

    tekko - I wish I could visit them often but unfortunately I can't. I only go there on special occasions. Hmm...hope will visit them soon. :(

    kampungboycitygal - The chicken meat went into other dishes as side ingredients? Hehe..I too have no idea.

    lannae - Do try them out when you visit M'sia lannae! :)

    coketai - Aikss, I don't really remember exactly how much was it. I took a glance at the bill that night but couldn't really remember. But it should be around RM280-RM350? @_@