Sunday, July 30, 2006

Fried Dumplings and China's Hamburger - Taman Midah Night Market

It was quite some time I did not visit my area's night market. As usual, the street of the night market was full of people selling food, snacks, fruits, clothes, and the list goes on. But I do see some new faces who sell new things (haha, at least to me cause I've not been visiting night market for some time).

I saw a stall which sells fried dumplings ("woh tip" in cantonese). I saw a man was frying them and it looks good.

This stall sells three different kinds of fried dumplings. There is a smaller version of fried dumplings. The small version has cabbage with chicken fillings. The bigger version has two types. The first type is chicken, tofu, with celery. The other type comes with pork with chives. The smaller version selling 4 for RM2.50. The bigger version selling 4 for RM2.70, 6 for RM4.00, and 10 for RM6.50.

I bought the 4 pieces of the bigger version ones. I had two for each of the type. I must say that it was yummy. One side of the skin is crunchy and the other side is soft. It was stuffed full with ingredients. I love celery and chives, so.. :)

On the other side, I found another new stall. This stall was owned by a woman from China. She sells a snack from China which she calls it "China's style hamburger". It was kinda strange because I don't see her grilling any meat and put it into any burger.

Well, this hamburger is actually made from flour mixture and egg. Inside of the flour mixture consists of mince meat, chopped "choi pou" in cantonese..what do you call them? She first ladle one spoonful of the flour mixture into the heated circular mold pans. She then flips the flour mixture until it is half cooked, take it out and crack an egg into the mould and place the flour mixture back on top of the egg. Grill them until the outer layer turns brown, there goes your hamburger~

I find it a little over-grilled for me. It smells very nice, but the egg was tasteless. The flour mixture was okay, but I find it hard to spot any ingredients when you bite them. Overall, so-so for me.

For those who are not familiar, Taman Midah is located at Cheras. It is opposite Taman Cheras a.k.a Yulek, and near the Makro Cheras. The night market is just next to the main road (You can see the night market when you reach the taman.) The night market opens on Saturdays.


Lin Peh said...

Lin Peh was there ! How cum no see you ? LOL!

boo_licious said...

I've never been to the night mkt there on Sunday! Looks good. Are the stalls the same as the ones on Wednesday's night mkt in Taman Connaught?