Friday, July 07, 2006

Secret Recipe - Cheras Leisure Mall

I've visited Secret Recipe many (uncountable) times because I think they have lovely cakes that makes you go "mmm" everytime you eat them. :) Other than that, their iced lemon tea and smoothies are also very yummy. I've been to Cheras Leisure Mall once to have lunch at Secret Recipe. The restaurant was located next to the McDonald's. I totally made a mistake as I had their chicken kebab rice. It was horrible! The kebab looked like they kept there for years...(oppsy, over exaggerated) maybe months? It was super dry, over grilled and tasted like.......Oh well, let's forget about it.

I've never been to Leisure Mall's Secret Recipe since that time. Now, after Leisure Mall had renovated and had lots of new restaurants and shops (It is at the GSC cinema's side) they had another branch at that side too. For those who did not really know about Leisure Mall, they have two buildings with a connecting bridge . Well, now both sides of the buildings have Secret Recipe. It was just next to the Starbucks cafe and also Wong Kok Char Chan Teng cafe. I decided to give it another try, not thinking about what happened last time when I was at the McDonald's branch. This place was looking quite fresh with nice lighting and the design was kinda cute. :) Below is what I had for dinner...

I chose the chicken spaghetti cause I was having a sorethroat (no spicy, fried stuffs). Well, as usual the spaghetti gives a nice aroma from the cheese, sauce...yummy! But would love it more if they remove the carrot cubes and add in capsicums a.k.a bell peppers instead~

This is chicken lasagne. It is also one of the favourites. :) Smelling sooo good, cheese again!!! It's so yummy....

For dessert, this is the very sinful but delicious chocolate walnut brownie. It has lotsa walnut pieces in it. The chocolate syrup was warm....ahhh... =)

Another dessert, banana split anyone? haha...nothing special about it. Just felt like eating ice cream top with some fruit (banana). Well, they put too much of the cream though...Note that in the photo, both side of the plate was full of cream being sprinkled with chocolate rice...and in the middle was a whole lot more of cream with a cherrie on top.

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