Saturday, July 29, 2006

Fried Sweet Potato Balls - Petaling Street KL

Anyone who have been to Petaling Street will surely come across this famous stall. This stall is famous for their deep fried sweet potato balls.The business is run by a couple and they have been working there for the past 20 years. A bag of 10 sweet potato balls are selling at RM2.00.

Besides selling the fried sweet potato balls, they also sell other snacks like fried spring rolls with chicken floss or dried shrimps,and pineapple tarts. They also sell cookies during Chinese New Year festival. They were really busy selling cookies when Chinese New Year festival is around the corner. When Chinese New Year is reaching, they are always being surrounded by a huge crowd.

This stall is located in front of the Tang City Food Court. You will be walking on a street whereby the Popular Bookstore is on the corner lot. There are a few popular dried meat (bak kwa in hokkien) stores there too. Foong Wong bakery shop is just next to the Tang City Food Court. Tang City Food Court is at the end of the row. Next to this stall, there is another stall who sells curry puffs and also mini peanut puffs.

Do give this a try as I think the sweet potato balls are delicious, especially when they are freshly fried! Crunchy on the outside...smells nice and soft on the inside. The couple make the sweet potato balls continuously and fry them continously to make sure that they are fresh.

They will be available around 8.30am to 2-3pm. Not sure when is their off day.

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