Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Taman Cheras a.k.a Yulek Food Stalls (Wai Sek Kai)

I was actually going there to have dinner. There's a stall there that sells prawn noodles which are good. I was there on a Saturday and was surprised to see them (the prawn noodle stall) having a day off. Hmm, well it was I decided to eat other food. I decided to have the fish ball noodle soup. I have actually tried them a couple of times and they were not bad. The stall ran by two men, I forgotten one of them is Teo Chew or both of them are Teo Chew people. It wasn't nice, not the soup and not even the fish ball! What happened??? Last time their standards wasn't that bad. The fish ball was very soft (not bouncy at all) and tasteless. The soup was...*sigh*.

Shujin had pan mein. For me, it was aweful. They are a stall who sells pan mein, how can their broth be like clear water? The noodles were okay, enchovies not crispy...lazy to complain. I was totally disappointed again throughout the meal.

What saved the day was the "yau char kuai" that I bought. :D The stall was run by two Indian men with the help of a woman. They make very nice yau char kuai. They also sell other stuff that you usually get to see when you are at a yau char kuai stall. It was very crispy on the outside. The ones I get from other place usually wasn't that crispy.

I ate it with sweet soup. The sweet soup stall had been there for very long. When my dad was young, the owner (uncle) used to ride a bicycle and sell sweet soup around Cheras. Now, I don't know who take over the business.

The red bean was not bad, with a dash of coconut milk. It was nice to accompany with yau char kuai. :)

This is "mak chok" sweet soup. I forgot what is it called in English, malt or raw barley? @_@ haha...inside was some beans, but not sure if it's raw barley or not.

Taman Cheras a.k.a Yulek is just opposite Taman Midah and next to Leisure Mall's side. If you come from Loke Yew highway and go straight to Cheras, you need to avoid the highway (don't go up to the highway to Leisure Mall) and turn left when you see a round-a-bout. You will come accross a traffic light. Turn right (Go straight will lead you to Pandan Indah, Setapak) and go straight. You will see a petrol station on your left and 7-11 shop on your right. In front of the 7-11 and King's Confectionary is the "Wai Sek Kai" food stalls. The road is called Jalan Kaskas 2.


marias23 said...

*Droolz* Noodle soups! You're making me jealous! I'm an Indon student stuck in Chicago. I haven't been home in 2 years and I miss South-East Asian food sooo much!

cookies_cream said...

haha...looks can deceive~ :P Looked nice but the stalls here don't serve nice noodle soup. There are other place who have very delicious food.. :) Wow, you're from Indonesia, then you can teach me some Indon recipe...can? =)

Puspha said...

The prawn mee soup is a killer. Haven't had it for the past 4 yrs. :(

cookies_cream said...

Haha, when prawn noodles are good, there are really really good. I can easily finish up the noodles with clean shinning bowl left on the table. ;)